Monday, September 02, 2013


I am still nursing Mio full time and when it comes to dressing to be able to nurse without opening up or pulling up my clothes I like to have nursing clothes on. Just ordered myself two new items from PROUD and I chose leopard pattern since I love that;=)

One lovely dress and one top, perfect for autumn:


Unknown said...

Anette ... do not like it do gymnastics, but walking outdoors. Here in Brazil the winter is very dry, ponds, dams and rivers are drying up and the air is hard to breathe. This dress is very pretty and looks good in various styles. Kisses hugs!

Yanna said...

The dress is so beautiful, I love it !
Everytime I go on your blog I just want to buy everything ^o^

Unknown said...

Wow that dress is BEAUTIFUL!
I really love that you have your very own style and also different styles combined. As a metal singer some people might imagine you always wearing black and stuff like that... I wore a lot of black when I started listening to Metal music years ago and with the time and growing up I've changed my style and now I earn strange looks and sometimes almost insulting comments on metal festivals ;/ but I think it's really important to be true to yourself, otherwise it's not honest. Thank you for sharing so much with your fans!
Love, Michelle <3