Thursday, September 19, 2013

NW documentary

Hi all,

I get so many comments and questions about why I´m not participating in the upcoming NW dvd and as I´ve stated in the comments before it´s a decision I took due to me not being a part of the band anymore and therefore not having a way of controlling how my input would be in the documentary. This documentary was also not asked of me to be a part of until AFTER we split up. 

Then whatever my other reasons for this decision, how things ended and so on, is nothing I´m going to talk about at this moment. 

I respect your opinions in this matter but I ask of you all to respect mine too. 

Thanks and enjoy the day now;=)


Eleonore Saiga said...

Hi Anette !

I do respect your opinion, however the ones who will be the most disappointed and hurt are your real fans. There hasn't been a dvd live with you and NW and now it feels like you've never been touring with NW during the Imaginaerum tour.
Also, with that book about your experience with NW (and all the other things you did of course), it feels paradoxal not to be on NW dvd but been ok to write about them.

Anyway, have a nice day ! :)


migi said...

Hi anette, how are you? :)

of course i respect your decision and your privacy. And i don't think anybody here wanted to accuse you because of this. The hardest part for me is just the belief that the four nice boys (like fans know them) can hurt their singer so much that it ended like this. I still can't imagine this. To tell the truth, yes, i was sad, shocked and speechless when you left. But then you told us about mio and i thought, ok that's probably the best reason to left, although there were other reasons. And i was happy when you posted some videos here or pictures with the band, because i thought, ok then the divide between them and you can't be that deep. But i got the feeling now the more time passes, the worse it gets. Maybe i'm wrong, but it seems like. And that hurts me. But like you said, this is just my opinion and my feelings.

I wish you a sunny day. Big hugs as always :)

Unknown said...

Hi Weronika: well the book isn't out yet so neither u or anyone knows if and about what I will write in it nor if I will talk about nw so that's quite irrelevant to me being in a documentary with them or not. Again- if this topic could come to a rest now I would appreciate it. Take care!

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
well I totally respect your decision and I understand the reasons you mentioned.
There are so many very good video uploads in Youtube with you and NW and of course the Imaginaerum movie so for me that's enough to admire you. ;-)

Have a nice day, my dear. :-*
Steffi <3

Mads Bjerre Henriksen said...

Hi dear Anette :)

I totally get why you made this decision, and I just wanted to say that I completely respect it, and you. After all, you're a human being who should be treated as well as any of us :)
I hope other fans will understand and not hammer you with questions!

Have a wonderful day, and take care :)


Unknown said...

Oh my god, you total liar!

Ville has just posted a reply in the English forum and it contradicts everything you just said.

You've hurt so many fans doing this. Just stop posting useless crap trying to cause drama (which you seem to love the attention from).

How your management are not screaming at you telling you to shut up, I have no idea.

All your lies have made me lose the last bit of respect I had for you.

Lucinda said...

I definitely understand why you're not participating now, it would be weird to give interviews or anything AFTER you & NW parted ways. But I thought that, since you did half of the Imaginaerum tour (and so many dates + the album!), you would appear here and there in the documentary, you know, in backstage stuff.At least it would be completely fair, you deserve to be in it after all.

Unknown said...

Jenny Barber; Ok, well how do YOU know that he speaks the truth? If you have nothing better to say, you should just be quiet. It annoys me that people say they KNOW things when no one knows except the people involved. And yes, I would LOVE to shut up about these things but how can I when people like you constantly bring false things up?
Enjoy your day!

Unknown said...

How about the fact that you were FILMED and saw all the camera around proves you to be the liar?

What did you think you were interviewed for? Or why did you think there were camera around for?
Seriously? You expect us to believe the camera were magically invisible so you didn't know about them?

As for shutting up about it? It's your own fault! You were the one who threw the hissy fit over being on the DVD when it's been stated a few times you WOULD of been allowed to see it therefore cutting out what you didn't want to see.

Unknown said...

Jenny: Oh my, you are really aggressive, do you know these people yourself? I am sure they do not need you to take their "side" and defend them and I for sure do not need your advices or comments about this matter, so please move on and get out in the fresh air;=) Life is lovely, nice and fun! Hugs and take care now!

Estelindis said...

Jenny, if you want to disagree with Anette, please be respectful. You are behaving with disgraceful rudeness.

Anette, of course I respect your decision. I am sad because I feel like your time in Nightwish is being plastered over and not recognised, so I would have liked to see a section from you on the DVD, to commemorate the special time and role you had in the band, but it's your choice.

Unknown said...

Anette, of course many fans (myself included) were expecting to see some videos of you on the DVD and got shocked when they saw that you were out.
Knowing that's it your decision not to appear, I truly understand and respect it. It's your life and your image. And only you can decide what to do with it.
From now on, I just expect to see some NEW material of you. New songs, new videos with this beautiful and powerful voice!

Have a nice day =)

Estelindis said...

PS: Jenny, it says on the official English site of Nightwish, "The Wacken Open Air appearance was the first of the three final shows of the band's `Imaginaerum World Tour´ 2013, which saw the Norsemen and their Dutch amazon Floor Jansen (REVAMP) playing of 104 concerts in 34 different countries with total audience of over 1,5 million fans around the globe." On the official release it lies, claiming that Floor sang with Nighwish for 100+ concerts, when we know Anette sang the majority! So let's not claim that something simply being on the official English site means it's true. Here is a clear example where something is false.

Even so, Ville says that Anette (or someone on her behalf) insisted that no footage of her be used, but makes no comment about whether she would have been allowed any input into what would be used or how it would be used if it had been permitted. So actually I cannot see any clash between what she says here and what he says there, only two sides of the same story. You inter that she would have been allowed to cut out what she didn't want to see, but you actually have no way of knowing it.

Anette, sorry for going on and on what you want this to be dropped. It just seemed like an appropriate detail to mention. Now I agree: let's all have a good day. ;)

Unknown said...

I have to agree that there's no need to attack Anette so aggressively. I also feel these explanations really don't make any sense and I'm not sure who is telling the truth and who isn't, but on the other hand I don't see why people are making such a big deal about Anette not wanting to appear on the documentary. She tried to step out of this situation gracefully, but people just have to keep on insisting why even though she said herself she doesn't want to talk about the reasons behind this. I understand people who loved Anette are disappointed, but still. If I would've been in her shoes I would've made the same decision. I love Nightwish and its male members to pieces, but let's get real: we've seen what they're capable of. They can insist all they want that everybody could have had a say but I just don't believe it. So I think Anette made a good choice and I'm glad they respected her request. Let's all do that, shall we?

Diego Muniz said...

Anette, I know it 's none of our business, but I think you should stop answering to these comments.

And also, even though I wanted to see you live in some material, I did not want to see you image the same way as we saw Tarja's in the documentary for the End of an era DVD.

Bes regards, stop giving your attention to that.

Océane said...

To Jenny, the idea of the DVD came out at the beginning of the Imaginaerum tour, when Anette was still in the band. So of course she knew the dvd was being recorded. She never said she didnt know she was filmed!!
At the beginning of the tour she had no reason (as far as I know) to refuse being on the dvd.
But things changed as you know and she now have good reasons to stay away from that project.
You never changed your mind?!
Be respectful or keep your advices for you. We dont need that agressivity here.

Much love Anette!

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

@Jenny: Sry, but Anette treats you really respectful so there is really no need to attack her that way. There were so many people who were mean to Anette in her life so I don't think anyone needs you to do so too. I think everyone will accept when you are disappointed but please: be quietly disappointed, ok? Every opinion is ok but attacking people is not. And Anette's true fans (like me) won't accept her to be attacked because of lies in the www and a statement she posted relating to it.

Unknown said...

Diego: You are so right, but sometimes I need to set things straight and yes, it´s exactly due to how Tarja was viewed in EoE that I don´t want to be in that dvd. But now I drop it and everyone can rest assure things will come out in the open one day. Take care now and thanks Diego;=)

Karin said...

Argh ! Will this issue never end ! :) Our lovely Anette was in Nw, now she is not there anymore. Period.
We don't need any dvd. As someone said: there are a lot of videos on youtube, where we can enjoy her singing , and the good times with Nw.

Anette :We respect you , and your decisions. And , as you said : we don't know the whole truth. Do we need to know it ?
Your true fans are still here , we love you : your personality, your professionality, your looks, your wonderful voice. We love you for who you are, as a person. Not as "the former singer in Nw" , if you know what I mean.
A lot of us " found" you when you joined the band. And at least I am really happy you did that !
So happy you were in Nw , but also happy you left :) Things are what they are , and maybe they happen for a reason ? :)

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi dear !

I confess that since you Anette you are part of NW I'm not their news they interest me more in fact I loved your presence in this group ... I'm not even sure to buy the DVD.

But I listen Tarja solo and I follow you on your blog and Instigram ;) lol



lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Anette, you and Diego are absolutely right in my opinion. In EoaE there was so much sadness and although I still love the NW-boys they let Tarja look like she was an egoistic bitch which she truly isn't. It would be hurting to see you in a similar way. Because of that I think your decision is very clever. You are the first one in the history of NW who is able to say "we can't work together any more so we go different ways" instead of acting totally childish.
Well I think it's good that you won't answer such comments any longer.

I don't want to add so much. So I just want to say that I agree with what Océane and Karin said because this is so true.

Wish you all the best, sweet Nettie.
Kisses and hugs,

Unknown said...

Who are we to tell her what she have to do or not, is her life and she know what she want to do, now i believe all the Tarja's words when she talk about that band..
People, live and let live.
Anette thanks for all the nice moment in NW. You are a great artist girl, keep rocking

Serafim said...

Dear Anette!

For me, of course, it's sad, too, that you won't be the part of the documentary. But I understand you. It's your personal decision and I truly respect it. Really THANK YOU SO MUCH that you were in NW. In my opinion, NW with you was the real.

Also, I agree with Diego to stop answering these stupid comments. You've already explained everything.
I'm happy that you and your family are alright and you are happy! It's the main!
I really like your blog. You are so kind, clever and cute girl :-) Every day I admire you more and more ;-)

Have a good evening, dear, and then sleep well!:-)

Unknown said...

I think you're absolutely right. And, anyways, it's your choice, Anette, and like you said, we have to respect that.

Have an amazing day and best of luck with all your projects C:

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

Sweetie, you DONT need to
give us an explanation!!
even if some stupid & annoying
fans wants you to do....

That's an issue where we
dont have to be involved...

and agree with you,
why keep supporting a band
where do you dont belong anymore?!

just dont care about
those negative comments...

:) You have the support
from us, your fans!

for all those negative ppl :
''Respect & You'll Be
Respected as well''

Katy Marie said...

Hey everyone,

This is none of our business, and has nothing to do with us. Nightwish & Anette are doing their jobs as entertainers to entertain us with music. We don't write their paychecks, and we don't have any invested interest in their decisions. We are not stock holders in a company, and we are not their bosses. This sense of ownership that fans have- like they have a right to and are entitled to something (in this case, dvd footage)-is sickeningly unhealthy. You don't write their paychecks, you aren't their managers, and you have zero right to judge based on the little information you actually.

Anette is a human being, as are Nightwish, Lady GaGa or any other musical artist or group you happen to like. They have the capacity to decide for themselves. You don't own them, and you aren't giving them the respect they deserve as human beings by acting all offended when their choices are against what You want.

Many of these comments are immature and disrespectful, and quite frankly, none of our business. Anette, I hope you realize that REAL Nightwish fans are fans of the music, and there are many of us out here that you may not know about, because we have the tact to respect the artist.

Haters gonna hate. Keep making beautiful music, Anette!

Anonymous said...

well I remember the DVD with tarja and they let her like the diva who talks bad of her fans like ooh that girl has bad breath or something -.- I'm waiting for the new DVD because I know they not going to show us the true just "the happy family and perfect floor" and when you go to her facebook's like where is the big picture of her and NW?, there is only blood and a nice picture of her so for me it was just for the tour maybe in the DVD she is like the best person in the world or something ha ha xD ,everybody has a different opinion of the DVD but I don't like how people are treating you =( they are so mean and you are just answering their questions :/ so.. bravo! I respect you as a person, singer and mom even more than before, I love the people like you =) and I agree with the fans...Don’t answer their comments because the true fans don't judge you, we support you, take care anette.

Roberto Kurosaki said...

i really love your voice in imaginaerum, but i respect your choice from no appear at the NW dvd.

i really hope that you can bring us more of your talent and your amazing voice, regards for you and your family, be cool and just remember "this internet worlds are full of trolls and haters, just ignore them"

best wishes from Argentina :D

Babsy_NW said...

My dear and lovely Anette,

You don't need to give us any explanation at all. As long as you keep making music, that's all that matters to me :).

Much love from Portugal,

Anonymous said...

It's a shame you won't be on dvd but still we have your videos on youtube when we can see you - some of them are in very good quality so we can relax with the view we see there and with what we here :) and some shows (like Jezz Festival or others) were broadcasted on youtube :) that's ok!
but the material from JAzz Festival would include whole matrial :(

still with you, by your side. I understand you ;) take care!

Unknown said...

If you don't mind my asking on this topic, any plans to release anymore demos soon? "Floating" and "Falling" are both wonderful, did you write them yourself?

Also, the song has been out for quite awhile now, but since you introduced me to her on your blog, have you heard "Snow Glass Apples" by full of keys? It's really awesome and I am surprised you never linked it on here.

nodoubtaholic said...

So glad you have the platform to address this in some way! I was so disappointed about you not being in the DVD, but I knew immediately why. Everyone (myself included I shamefully admit!) would've been going over it with a fine toothed comb trying to find any indications of your coming departure! And if they chose to edit in certain ways... well! And had you not had ANY control whatsoever over that, well that's that. If I put myself in your shoes, I would do absolutely the same thing.
I just hate that it feels like you are being erased.
Much respect and love, keep fighting that bug going around your home, and I hope Nemo is feeling better!!
Love and Hugs from Missouri USA

Lucinda said...

Anette, I think you're very brave to face these haters, even though they don't deserve the attention. Let them bother whoever they want to bother in real life (if they're brave enough), but don't let them reach you ;)

Nana: I don't see why changing her profile picture and header would turn Floor Jansen into an hypocrite... She has her own band to promote so that's probably why she decided to change the pics, but anyway she does what she wants with her FB account. As far as I'm concerned, not every singer from a band needs to customize their FB / Twitter / whatever account with their band pics, so I don't think she lost interest in NW or anything ^^ But anyway, I don't see why you need to talk about Floor here, you don't know anything about her plans after all ;)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !
You're so kind to created this topic about the DVD !
For answers to you're question: YES, I respect you're decision !
there are now about 1 month I send a mail to Ewo on issues Tuomas! its response was very dry and disrespectful limit! So I talk to friends! This is where I start asking me questions! given the content of his reply, Tarja's interviews, Marcelo's and start your own ...
So I thought all I had read regardless of what the fans say and that thought! and then surprise! I overview than Tarja, you seemed to have had some problems with thé Guys ! And start finding its weird!
of course I do not know what it is and I do not go pretend to understand everything! but you are staying for several years with NW! even with all that some fans you are subjected!
And I find it quite destabillisant you are part of a blow as his, but given your response to my last time commentary and interviews, I began to understand that you have to live some difficult moments with the boys! I don't If I'm right or not ...
Concerning the messages of Jenny ! You have my all support ! She is not agreed with is her problem and She don't havé the right to be disrespectful !
Have a great Day Anette,
With love

griefshire said...

Don't need a DVD, I saw you perform in Ohio and it was awesome so I'll keep the memory instead :)

Betty Blue said...

What you do or do not about NW is none of our business. I respect that you don´t want to talk about it. To be honest, I don´t care about NW anyhow. There is Tarja, and there is you, and there is still NW but well, it seems to be broken. I don´t care, NW will never be the same. I stopped liking the music when the men fired Tarja. I don´t understand why all people are fussing about NW - NW being the first to fuss, though. It should be about the music and not about the money/media/business/whatever. I know that I can´t know what really happened - and if you decide to tell us, I would still want to know how NW talk about it because there´s always two sides. But as long as you don´t want to talk about it, I don´t see any problems with this...
Enjoy your day!

Unknown said...

What ever Happend, Happend. I'm Happy That She's (Anette Olzon) Not Included on the Forthcomin' Dvd "Showtime, Storyime". She didn't fit and wasn't the right voice for Nightwish their music anyway. Specailly Live!!! Her voice is too damn Poppy/A.O.R.!(Listen to Alyson Avenue!! Great albums BTW) And that's what Nightwish is NOT all about. She's Out, and Floor is asked in. This is what Anette wants this is what Anette gets... And The Nightwishistory goes on.... Sorry,... Anette Olzon, Who? NEXT!!

THK said...

Oisann, so is Ville lying then? 8-/ Are they so disrespectful that they come to fan forum to "explain" things and lie to us...?

Unknown said...

Joussef: Hi and exactly! NW who?;=)
take care!

Unknown said...

Betty Blue: I wish I could stop talking about them, that would be awesome! Take care now;=)

Océane said...

Anette, how can you stay nice when people talk shit about you? Yes im talking about Joussef.

You're too kind! But i have to say lts more clever than saying the same shit back to them.

Love & Hugs

Raquel said...

Hi Anette! Well, it's a little sad you don't appear on this dvd, leaves us with a feeling that you had your work totally devalued. But I think you are right, probably they would show bad things about you and because that you deserve leave the band. They always do this!
Take care and I hope hear news and good things about you soon! :-)

THK said...

In a way I agree with Betty Blue; "It should be about the music and not about the money/media/business/whatever." But ok, how can you say that making music and touring is NOT about the money, media and business...? If you want to earn for living with music, you definitely can't totally ignore this business-side of it... neither the imago-side, how you interact with your fans and so on... Someone here said that we shouldn't comment anything negative, or speculate anything, because it's not us who pay the artist's salary. Well well... who is it then? :D

I also couldn't understand why you Anette said you wouldn't have any influence on final result of editing the dvd...? Why wouldn't you have it just like everyone else who's on that dvd? I would be more worried about how it's turning out to be now when you have given away the opportunity to control the documentary... by making them delete your parts from it. :-/

But yes, I've understood we're not welcome to discuss these things here, so I check out and wish you all the best! Lots of hugs!

Unknown said...

did you see that end of and era? there is actually nothing wrong with the view of Tarja, just a normal band in their normal days in the last tour, maybe distant but it's what it's, why you try to use end of and era to justified your decision? show us which part of that dvd Tarja is see it as you said, the nw past has nothing to do with you, why you try to use Tarja in all this, she is nothing to do with your own responsibilities,like your pregnancy, that make think that you are trying to manipulate all this, you want to make money-attention with.. please try to make music, feel free to be you, and stop use this to manipulate people, specially Tarja, she has nothing to do with this, and she tries to be so far from this for her own respect and career, so please, I am a Tarja fan and I dont want that you use Tarja for your own benefit, I dont like Floor, but you were worst.

Suh Oliveira said...

Dear Anette ,

Given the circumstances , and the numerous comments , I come here for the first time after always write you just watch .
So that I first heard , I confess I was a bit disappointed that his vocals be completely different from tax by the band over the years with Tarja 's vocals forward .
Thereafter , I decided to take a chance to see their work , and do not regret it , because whenever I was inspired by you , because of your courage to get into a band has solid international music market .
Unfortunately , on his first visit to Rio de Janeiro / Brazil , I could not go watch the show because I was in the hospital getting ready to finish my daughter Anna Larah . And after the event last October , I was afraid of not seeing you on stage again. Past all this, the revelation of their pregnancies , many finally told me said that I would rather not comment on my opinion about it . I only ask with all respect and admiration I have for you , that whatever happened between you and the band , do not respond to comments futile and that nothing can add people who just want to attack both you and the band ! People are labeling you as childish , acting with lack of professionalism with reviews and indirect unnecessary after 2 albums worldwide recognition with the front of the NW , and some have the nerve to call you a liar without knowing the real reason of the facts . So if it is to forget what happened , move on , record your album, live your life , because like me, many of his fans, who were conquered after arriving in NW , eagerly await postings about information related to the album exclusively. Responding to comments absurd and worse , they commenting , you are staying with their negative image some fans before you won it. Please be careful with the words as they could be misinterpreted by people. I really really love the work you've done , and what still might do in the future , so here I am writing these words affectionately .

Be careful.

With love ...

Suellenn Rossanna / Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

All I want to say is that my husband and I saw you perform with NW in California, January 2012, at the Gibson Amphitheater, the first performance to kick off the tour, and you were AMAZING!! We're so happy that we got to see you perform. We think Imaginaerum was their best album and that has a lot to do with you!! You brought the songs to life with your unique style and beautiful voice. Best wishes to you and your family. :)

Anonymous said...

luncinda : I'm talking about the DVD obviously floor is there and I don't see what's the problem of talk about her FB because as I said for ME it was just for the tour, now she is talking about her cd or whatever so I'm sorry if you didn't like my comment, I undestand your a fan of her and yeah maybe your are right I don't know her plans but it doesn't mean that I have to change my opinion because that's the impression she is giving me. Take care =)

James Oakes said...

Hi dear, how's life? It's suddenly freezing in the UK and I didn't even get a chance to wear most of the summer clothes I bought! Hope its more pleasant in Sweden.

Thanx for clearing up the info on the new NW DVD; I know for sure not to bother with it now. Of course it would have been nice to have some of your performances on the DVD but I guess we still have youtube for that!

Some of your "fans" are being rather opinionated...I admire the fact you can keep your cool and not respond aggressively yourself.

Anyway I hope you have a lovely weekend, take care! James x

Katie said...

Hi Anette,

I just wanted to reminisce on a nice memory I shared with you in Montreal right after Dark Passion Play was released. I don't know if you remember this but I made an Eva doll and gave it before the show and you brought it onstage while you sang Eva. Definitely the nicest memory I could ask for. Thank you again for that, 6 years later. :)

I can only know you from my interactions with you and I thought you were lovely and very sweet. You made me a fan for life.

Take care,

Kitty said...


I liked you in Nightwish from the start and since Imaginaerum, I grew to absolutely love your voice with the music of Nightwish. I am disappointed that things ended the way they did and I am disappointed you won't be in the documentary. However, I can understand that you may still be feeling personally hurt, so you want to distance yourself from the band, despite what past arrangements or might have been. I can also understand that you want to explain your side of the story, at least briefly, about why you don't wish to appear in the DVD. Again, that is fine, but listen; I am not trying to insult you here, but my advice is just let it go and move on. You've said what you needed to say regarding the issue: you don't want to be in the documentary and that's it, let's all move on. Don't say any more, you're not obliged to explain your self for every little thing, in a manner that is seen as acceptable for everyone who doesn't like your statement.

I know letting go of hurt feelings can be difficult. I know that parting from something as huge as Nightwish can be messy and full of misunderstandings. You're allowed to feel angry and hurt, there's no set time limit to when and how you're supposed to finally bury those feelings. But just keep looking towards your future, towards the things that make you truly happy, like your family, your music. Put your feelings into your music and work towards making something you can really be proud of. To me, you improved a lot during your time in Nightwish and that showed me you cared about the work you did. Put that motivation you have towards your solo work; I'd love to hear more music from you and I know others would too.

You're never going to please everyone, nor should that be your aim. There will always be people who overanalyse everything you say and do, just to use it as proof that you're rude, mean, childish, greedy or whatever. Don't engage them, put your energy towards what you're doing now and let the good things fall into place.

Take care and I wish you all the best.

Unknown said...

Dear Anette,
My name's Nicole and I'm greek.I'm 15 years old and I want to become a professional singer.Since you joined NW many people judged you,but you didn't care at all.You kept moving on and that's what I like about you.You're right when you say that people should respect your opinions and thoughts.You are my inspiration and I'd like to advice you not to be looking at comments that are totaly false.You know who you are.Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Dear Anette,
I'm Nicole from Greece.I'm 15 and I want to become a professional singer.You've been my inspiration for almost a year because even if people judged you,you just didn't care and moved on.I would like to advice you not to care about your haters but care about your fans.We love you as you are.Ignore comments are are written to hurt you or they're totaly false.Keep up the great work.I wish you to succed in everything you try to do...

albert said...

Hey everyone leave the woman alone move on get over it just like she did why don't you ask about her solo her new songs she already said what she had to there are not more questions what All of u want to know is the conflict between anette and nightwish , it's over she enjoyed she suffered and lived so now time to forget about it worry about the new singer lol, I wanted to say that although this is the bad bit about being in nightwish as one of their singers also Anette you might have enjoyed the good things like buying in milane New York Tokyo austrlia etc etx etc and also I don't know how good your marriage was before nightwish but u met your new husband and have 2 nice sons as part of te new anette but also think nightwish somehow have you what u we're looking for which was the opportunity to be a proper singer . I remember when I met in Apollo manchester in 2008 you were so charismatic I hope you have a successful solo carer and that all this people get over the nightwish thing and start seeing you as anette olzon and not as anette olzon ex nightwish

Unknown said...

Wow! Overblown subject here. Let it go people!

Anette...I love ya...always hell with the selfish people who think of no one but themselves. Can't wait for your new album. It will stand above all others. :^)

Anonymous said...

Diana Flawers, what you wrote demonstrates that you didn't even really read what Anette or anyone wrote, because you are on about something that wasn't even written there. Try to at least make any sense and get anything right next time.

AlessandraWilderness said...

Hi Anette, I respect your decision as many others have done =) If a DVD would have been released before you left the band, it would have been ok, but now it makes no sense and I think it's been a mature decision from you; we're always sad about all this because we'd want all this never happened and that you were still in NW, but the fact is that one should face a situation as it is in a determined moment, so, now the situation is this and you've made the right decision... a right decision does not always coincide with the happiest, but in a moment, one must choose the best thing to do. Do not care about those who are agressive, their words are pointless, since they know the facts less than any other. Probably they've nothing to do but annoying. Further, you've contributed so much in NW music, and your voice is much better than many others in've one of the rarest and most versatile voices in the world. Just think about those who love you, the ones who are always ready to insult just show their mediocrity.
Kisses and hugs !!!!! :***

Sephrenya said...

Dear Anette

I totally agree with you on your decision. I would have acted the same way.
I also admire you for being so kind and respectfull to all those who try to affect you with their negative minds and even those comments are being approved to show on your blog. You don't let them bring you down! Chapeux!
And by the way, it's YOU who knows best what happened and what you've reached so far and there are many other more important things in your life as to react to all those negative comments, like your wonderful children and family ;-)

And for all those people who do like see you on a DVD, well, maybe one day there will be a Solo-DVD of you...

Anette, have a nice day and feel being hugged

Unknown said...

Dear Anette, not taking part in this documentary is a very smart decision. Given the precedent, it is the right course of action and I applaud you for it.

Unknown said...

Hey, I'm kinda late on this topic, but this is basically a response to the person who asked "How did they portray Tarja on the DVD, I saw nothing wrong".

Here's how they portrayed it and I'm gonna try my best to make it as short as possible : she was portrayed as a lazy singer who never practices with them, who doesn't show up to warm ups and a singer who doesn't even record songs with them.
Tarja did refute this and said (also was confirmed by her husband) that they used to send her finished songs just for her to do her vocals on as well as she was never invited to practices by her bandmates...'scuse me "by Tuomas".

I respect the fact that you don't want to appear on the DVD Anette, however I don't think NW is gonna exactly resepct that. Tuomas is rather known for wanting to stir drama, so I wont be surprised if you do in fact appear on the DVD without your consent.

Take care now, lookin' forward to see how your future will turn out. :)

Katy said...

I just missed on the DVD. I listen to nightwish since i was 8. I always Support the BAND and the ex singers! You Too!
So we can Talk about things wenn weren't a Part off or we can say Life goes on.
I feel Really sorry for everything That happened between you and the guys of nightwish. But time heals so I'm sure someday you can be friends, Same with tarja and the guys.

Keep your head up!