Monday, September 02, 2013

New amp

Hi all,

Today I ordered a new amp for the studio. This is a great one to a much cheaper price than many others out there. We borrowed a friends amp last studio session and were so happy with it that I ordered us our very own now;=)

Fun with new stuff!

Here in Helsingborg we have a rainy windy kinda autumn day so me and the kids are staying inside today singing songs and just chilling. Later today I´m heading to the gym for the first time in a year and I am longing! On thursday I´m going to meet a new Personal trainer to continue what I started before I got pregnant. I will continue running outdoor 2-3 times a week and then go to the gym 2 times a week. It´s great to exercise at home but now I need more weights and tools to get better in shape and then the gym is perfect!

Do u guys go to the gym or do any other sports?

I would love to start playing tennis once a week too or ride Islandic horses, but let´s see when I have time for that;=)

ENJOY this day now!!


eva fliesaway said...

Hey Anette,

yes, I do sports. I rest one day but am active at all the other ones. I run 4 times a week, 4 times biking and 3 times horseback riding - Dressage :)
Riding is what I have almost loved the most. I started at the age of ten and I really couldn't live without it. It's my passion :) So I can only recommend it to you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!! my mail:

Hugs to you :)

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Well, to be honest: you inspired me to do more sports. ;-) Now I love to do yoga and dancing workouts which is really fun.
Thx for this inspiration, Nettie. ;-)

Have a nice day,
Steffi <3

HGate said...

Hey Anette :-)

You probably wouldn't even believe it existed, but I've played underwater hockey for 3 years :-) Funny as hell, and a bit tiring as well... But I had to drop it for work reasons (ie staying late in the office didn't give me the time to drive to the swimming pool :().

I would SO love to be able to play tennis! I've always loved that sport and have always had great fun playing it (altough I suck at it), but where I live it costs half a fortune to get into a tennis club :(

Take care!

Yokai Sofia said...

Hi Anette,

I used to be anti-sports person, always complaining about sports and now, my "weekly" routine is much more the same as yours( 1 gym with PT, 1hour of body styling, outdoor run twice a week). I am little bit sad, because the weather starts to be cold and I have stupid cold allergy so no more running outside. If I have to be honest, somehow you inspired me to do it, to push myself into doing sports, to start running and do not give up.( Now, I am able to run 6 km without stop and not just 100m). I am addicted to the energy and that feeling that comes from exercising.

Have a nice day and good luck at gym!

Dalma said...

I love that rainy autumn-like weather you are speaking about. Here it’s cloudy but no rain at all. =)

To answer your question, I don’t like sports without a ball, like running and training in a gym. I just like playing. :D So my very own sport is tennis. I started it seven years ago and I had two or three lessons a week. However, recently I haven’t been on the court because of the university and studying... Poor tennis racquet… It is just waiting and waiting next to my desk watching me all day long and begging: “please play with me today”. :D Oh, my dearest.

I choose tennis because I don’t like team sports and when I have to cooperate with others. (Unless you want to play in pairs because then more cooperation is needed than in any other sports.) I’ve never regretted it. This is really my sport. And will be forever. ♥ I couldn’t imagine myself playing with such a big ball as a basketball or something. No, just this dear small green ball. And nobody is around me; I can move freely on a big court. The enemy is far away. That’s fantastic. And I absolutely love using a racquet. So yeah, tennis is very special to me. =)

And I’d like to tell you one more thing. I don’t know if you read my comment about my big exam. Well, I had that on Thursday and guess what! Half of the group failed but not me. I got a five; that’s the best mark here. Not a two, three or four but a five! It was a huge exam and this mark will be in my degree! Now I feel like a pro. :D


TheDeadUnicorn said...

I always feel stunned by how much you love exercising!
I go running because I hate sports/exercising,and I'm terrible at it anyway.But I did want to improve myself a bit,so I started going out for walks,and then runs.I love doing that because I'm where I belong:in the nature.As a Wiccan,it's important for me to have a deep bond with nature,and going out for runs in the wild is perfect.Besides,there's really nothing like sitting down under the trees,with the wind blowing and the countryside all around me,after an extenuating run.
Have a nice day!

Unknown said...

Here in my city is cloudy weather and windy too.
I go to the gym 3 times a week. In the gym during 1,5 hours I do exercises for every group of muscles. I can't imagine my life without sport!
Enjoy this day!

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Nettie!

I am going to the gum on aerobics trainings 6 times per week=)I found that is great. And what do you think about it?

Hope you have a good day!
With Love,

Laetitianne said...


How are you?

I would like to start practising sport but I don't how to do. How to warm up my body and how many times I need to do a sport. I think that running would be good but we don't have any nature place in my city. :-(

Have a nice evening.


AlessandraWilderness said...

Hi Anette :) oh, good for you that you have so much energy to do so many things, gym included!!! I'm so lazy about it!! xD xD but I think I need to go to the gym, to help myself with problems I have with my back, at least (I have scoliosis), so I'll go there someday as soon as possible.
Nice that you're buying a new amp, I can imagine your voice at full volume...yeeeaaah!!! :D

Betty Blue said...

To answer your question - no, I don´t. I work in a hospital as some sort of nurse. No sports needed there :D Plus, there´s not much time to do anything regular - working shifts is kinda hard, and you never know when you will work next month, so pretty hard to do sports, too. But I like my job =)

Jazmine M said...

Now in my city is hot but still is winter haa the weather is crazy.
No Netti I do not any sport because i haven't much time and i'm studing. I played basketball for 5 years and win many championships with the school and the club.
Only I walk to go to the supermarket haha :)

Philippa said...

I've got an Icelandic horse! She's called Flikka, and we've had her for 13 years now. It's great and very different from "normal" horses, I can definitely recommend it :D

I definitely admire your fitness regime. I used to go to the gym but not anymore, but this autumn I'd really like to start running regularly. I hope I can find the discipline to actually do it.

Katy Marie said...

I love to go hiking. It is free and an excellent workout, along with great views of nature that I would otherwise not have access to see. Although I would not recommend hiking with little ones ;)

Mrs said...

Hej Anette!

I don't go to gym. I'm a student so I really don't have money even though as a student I could have discounts. I don't feel comfortable doing excercises among others/in front of other people, so I prefer walking, jogging, lifting light weights at home alone. I guess I'm a typical finn ;)

Yanna said...

Hi Anette :)

I'm not doing any sport, I know it's not good for the health. But I have to walk 20/30 minutes to go to school, so I'm almost walking an hour everyday :) I don't want to take the bus, I feel better when I'm walking :)

I tried tennis one, and, oh... I think I never managed to touch the ball...

Have a nice day ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Yeah, sports are good! :-)

Presently the number 1 sport I'm a little bit addicted to is Volleyball :-) Hehe...Volleyball! The king of sports! :-D It first made an impact on me when I watched it on TV during the London 2012 Olympics last year. I really enjoyed it! :-) Over in this country on Channel 4 in the early hours of every Wednesday morning is a Volleyball programme covering the FIVEB World Volleyball Championship. I've watched every episode for the past 2 months now since I discovered it. I also think about Volleyball when I'm not actually watching it on Channel 4 or Volleyball rallies on Youtube :-)

Hehe...though when I tell people of my addiction to Volleyball most of them seem to say things along the lines of I must really enjoy bikini clad women throwing themselves around on sand! :-D Seriously though that's not the case. I enjoy the sport itself :-) I watch men's and women's Volleyball. Such exciting rallies! :-)

I've never tried Volleyball but I would have a go. Preferably on sand as I don't fancy diving on a wooden gym floor even though that what people seem to do :-)

Another sport that is fun to play rather than watch is Golf :-) Though I've always regarded Golf as a activity that a person seems to naturally take up when they reach a certain financial status.

Have a nice day Anette! :-)