Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Leaving it behind

Another photo from the photo shoot;=)

Photo by Annicka photography, hair by Linda Lindskog ROOTS Helsingborg


Océane said...

Very cool shoot! I want more! :)

Love & Hugs

eskoplja said...

Gorgeous :)

Unknown said...

Very cool this one! :)

Annicka really is a talented photographer, so as the model :)


Unknown said...

"Hello everyone,

We began shooting the Nightwish Imaginaerum - world tour documentary in January 2012. The shootings continued all the way until August 2013, so we ended up having tons of material from the tour. The material included, among other things, concerts, rehearsals and interviews from all the members of the band. The editing process of the documentary started already in early 2012.

However, in the beginning of March 2013 we received a message insisting that no visuals (moving or still) nor any audio featuring Anette Olzon can be used on the dvd, this being her personal request.

This meant that we had to go back to the very beginning of the editing process. We respect her wish, and that`s why Anette will unfortunately not be seen or heard on the "Showtime, Storytime" - dvd.

Ville Lipiäinen

- Director"

Why Anette? :-(

The One Who Should Die said...

I love your outfit and the photo :)

Océane said...

I just read uou asked not to be on the coming nightwish dvd :'(
Im just SO sad ... I was so looking for this dvd to see you on stage :(
Damn :'(

Love and Hugs

emily said...

Does this have anything to do with the news of the Nightwish DVD that will not feature you?

Are you fully leaving behind everything that has happened and moving on?

I wish you'd make a statement about the situation. I'd really like to know why the DVD about Imaginerum is not featuring the singer the album was made for.

Karin said...

Du lämnar det bakom dej .
Läste just om den kommande Dvd:n , och förstår dej. Det är lite sorgligt, men ett beslut du säkert funderat på länge... ? Och jag tycker det är bra. . Är helt på din sida, om man nu kan säga så :)
Framtiden framför dej , Anette ! Och en lysande sådan :)
Stor kram av
Karin , Finland

MusicOfTheNight said...

Tuomas chionis: Guess why.
She busted her ass for doing two albums, singing old songs that are NOT EASY to sing, written for another style of singing; did a lot of touring and had to bear with nasty comments by brainless people over the internet and while being on stage. And then - guess what another surprise: after all this hard work, out of the band.
And last guess: don't forget the financial side and who would get the benefits.
Sorry, Anette, if I had written something that you wouldn't like, feel free to delete my comment.
It's ok with me; I wouldn't be mad.
I really liked the photo - Leaving it behind. :-)
Good luck with your future plans!
We really have to learn to leave things behind in order to move forward. I hope to see soon a moving forward photo :-)
Take care!

sarahsnake said...

I just read what these other people have read. I am also a little sad about this. Fans tend to get a little obsessed to the point where they believe that the people they admire could do no wrong. I really loved you in nightwish, your personality always shone through on stage and in videos, so it would have been nice to maybe get some closure from the DVD by seeing that one last time. But I guess there could have been issues where they might have tried to show you in a negative way etc too, as editing can do that sort of thing.

Unknown said...

To Tuomas, Oceane and Emily:
Regarding the documentary- yes, I decided to not be a part of it since I no longer are in the band and therefore didn´t have any influence on my participation in it which on the other hand the 4 remaining members had. Therefore it´s better for me to not be in it to avoid any disappointments in either direction.
Hugs and sleep well now!

Unknown said...

It's sad to hear that you're not going to part of it, but I understand your reasons :)

Wish you all the best, as usual my dear ;)

Océane said...

Alright i can understand that :(
Still very sad but well you act for your best :)

Lots of hugs to you <3

And thanks for your answer! :)

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Sorry i´m busy with worh at the moment.
I like this pic very much.
It show that you go your nice back in a nice coat.

To the NW DVD.
I understand you really well:). It shows you you know what you want.

But i´m sad too, not to see you on this DVD. Then i think it was not all bad, then you has get unique experience for your way.
And that you has say: No! And the guys accepted it. Shows that the guys respect you:).

Sleep well Anette. Sweet dreams and a happy day with your Familiy:)


Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Anette, you were present at the beginning of the tour. And sang in Imaginaerum. Of course, you have influence.
really sad, but I respect your decision.
Take care

Unknown said...

Very sad, Anette. But I think that everyone should respect your decision.
Take care! :)

Unknown said...

I really REALLY need to ask:
After everything you went through with Nightwish, the criticism, the cheers, the good and bad times and the exit as sudden you had with the band. If you had the opportunity to return to the past, will you do again the audition to be the Nw singer? Because it looks that you really regret it, after all the drama that has been in these last years while you were part of Nightwish.

emily said...

Thanks Anette for replying!

I love you and will keep following your blog. You're the reason why I started following Nightwish so naturally I'm a bit disappointed you won't be on the DVD.

Hugs to you to, and best of luck in your future career! I'll still always follow you on your blog <3

Carol Misokane said...

Anette, I think you're RIGHT!
We don't know the way you left the band but I'm pretty sure you're hurt so I think you did it right. As you are no longer a part of this band, there is no sense in appearing on their new dvd, which will include another vocalist on their show. If I were at your place, I would do the same.
I know many people will tell you bad things, but don't worry, keep doing what your heart tells you and we will respect every decision.

Thank you.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

It's a real shame us fans wont get to see you in the DVD. Was hoping we would at least see a quality live recording showing you at your very best. But anyway it's your decision, all the best for the future, hope to hear from your solo work soon!

Unknown said...

Erin: A hard question to answer since we learn from everything and I´ve learned lots during these years;=) So in a way I wish I didn´t send my application but on the other hand I´ve gotten nice fans that like me for what I did and for that, I am incredibly THANKFUL;=) But friends have been lost along the way and that hurts. Take care now and hugs!

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !
Those pictures are really wonderfull ! I love it !

Just have read you don't want appears on the new NW's DVD ... I'm really sad to see That :( I've read too you're comments up! And I'm not agree with you ! You have made some concert for Imaginaerum ! You're important on this DVD !! I don't think buy this DVD like you're not on ! Flor me Floor is a the singer of NW, just she have Remplace you for the end of the tour ! Sometimes I have the impression That you want Forget these last years with NW...? I'm wrong?
Of course I respect you're decision and I wish the Best !

Unknown said...

I have my reasons for doing this and I understand some fans disappointments, but I need to take decisions from my own perspective and that´s why I said no to this. Why and my feelings and so on are for now, private. Take care;=)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Yes I understand and respect That :)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

P. S: Thank you for answers me :)
Have a great Day !

Ever Dream said...

Hi Annette,

I've been reading all these comments and your responses to the comments and I do respect your decision. Still I must admit that I am a bit sad about it. You did a great job on both albums and tours and it would have been nice to see you on the DVD as well.
We will never really know what exactly happened and who did what or didn't do and I guess it doesn't even matter. But we fans like to speculate or so it seems. And I do admit that I do it myself too. I can't help thinking how the guys may have treated you or how did your pregnancy affected things or the statement you made on your blog about the band not caring about you and how Rihanna (or who it was) wouldn't ask another singer to fill in. I think it's a different thing when you talk about a solo artist than a band and you weren't a solo artist in NW. But anyway, that is only my opinion.
These are private matters and I understand that perfectly and I still am a fan of you and NW. Nothing will change that fact.
I still would like to know that did they really not give you a possibility to have a say on the DVD because they are saying publicly that they did give you a chance and that they really respect you and your work in the band? All the promo is also done by Nuclear Blast and the band is sorry for many misleading facts.

Oh, and wanted to say that your new hair colour is awesome!!

Ever Dream

Unknown said...

Ever dream: Hi and thanks for your feedback:-)
Things ended as it did and there are two sides of this story. Mine is different and I know things about this you don´t but it´s not something I want to ventilate at the moment and I wish everyone can just respect my decision that I made and understand that this matter is something that´s not fun for me to talk about and that I would like to move forward in my life instead of digging in the past. I have a nice solo coming and then everyone can hear and see me again so I won´t in any way be hiding away:-)

migi said...

Hi dear anette.

i was really busy the last weeks, but i always read your blog and i have to say, your haircolor looks really great and the photos are incredible. Will you and annicka do some photos more? And will you post them? ;)

About the dvd, well... I'm just sad. It would be great to have a dvd with you. And yes, i'm also a fan, who is a bit confused about the whole split . But what can i do? i try to handle it. And i understand and respect your decision. I'm looking forward to your album... and to the next nightwish album too. Who ever will be the singer. I will respect her like i respect floor as a singer and give her a chance. But for me you are and will always be the sweetheart. If you have read my mail, you know why ;). Thank you

I have a question, which is a bit off topic, sorry. Were you ever on holidays in north sweden? Lappland and so on? My plan is a scandinavia tour next spring. Maybe you know some places i really have to see?

Wish you a beautiful day. Big hugs as always.

eskoplja said...

I have also just heard the news about the DVD. That really makes me sad, but if that's your desicion, then ok. I respect your wish. You have a whole future in front of you along with your loved ones. :)
The memories I have from the gigs where I saw you will always remain in my heart :)
Wishing you a lovely day

Ena :*

Ever Dream said...

Dear Anette,

Thank you for answering. That is one thing I really respect, that you take the time to answer to your fans.

As a wife and a step mother for 3 kids, I have learned that in life and relations, there are always as many sides to every story that there are persons. And hardly ever there's only one to blame.

I do respect your decision and I am sorry if I offended you with my comment/question.

Some poeple treated you horribly when you joined NW, but there are also people like me, who got to know you as an artist back then and have supported you from day one and never stopped.

I wish you all the best in life and in your solo career.

Past is past.

lehPhotography said...

Hello Anette!!

While I can understand your decision not to want to be on the DVD, I really think you made a mistake.

While you are no longer part of the band, you WERE a part of it during a period of time. To the fans of you and of NW, that is still important. Your contributions still mean something to us. Tarja had her documentaries and DVDs with NW, and you deserved yours as well. Something to forever put your "Imaginaerum" performances on the map.

While it may be too late to include everything on the upcoming release, I hope someday you will change your mind for the sake of your fans. We never got any DVD release of any of your shows, and we had been waiting since DPP for one! ;)


Unknown said...

I respect your decision about the DVD of course, but I admit I was surprised and disappointed when I read it. It must be something really bad that's happened between you and them as you make such a radical move, insist to be deleted from the whole project of making the documentary, which already began for almost two years ago. :-/ Yes, it's a private stuff, I know, but as far as I don't know more than this, I will never understand it. As one of these MANY, MANY people who began to listen to Nightwish and go to their concerts after you joined the band, all I can feel now is a huge disappointment. I was so looking forward to this documentary.