Thursday, September 19, 2013

Last days outfits;=)

Here´s my latest outfits and now it´s for sure autumn here! Really cold and chilly in the mornings, around 3-6 degrees, brrr, so scarf is needed and warmer knits. I´ve been shopping some new autumn clothes for both me and the kids and I love autumn clothes so it´s the best season when it comes to that for me;=) I just LOVE boots and jeans and cool fur vest and jackets and so on;=)

Do you like autumn or not?

White knit Zara, white top Munthe & Simonsen, jeans MiH, bag Gina tricot, boots Novita:

Silver cardigan Zara, cordoroy jeans JBrand. scarf Topshop, boots Novita:

Blazer Dolce & Gabbana, scarf Topshop, cordoroy jeans JBrand, boots Novita:


Meghan H. said...

Middle of spring in Australia and I'm still bloody freezing, unfortunately seems to be partly that I'm just too ill to warm up much, but hopefully next Thursday is a beautiful day for my 21st birthday.

Is it starting to cool down heaps in Sweden?

Have a lovely day Anette xx

The One Who Should Die said...

I like Autumn! It's cosy to wear cardigans and sweaters :)

Unknown said...

Here in my city is cold weather, windy and rainy, so autumn is come!
I love autumn because I was born in November ;) Also I love to walk by the forest in the autumn: trees in a golden foliage, mushrooms, lovely weather, birdsong - what can be better? :)
Enjoy this day!

Lina said...

Good morning! I love fall, it is my favorite season. Right now in New York e weather is perfect, sunny and 70 degrees F. If you ever visit NY again i highly recommend you come in September or October; the weather is perfect in those months and you can walk in the park and see all the leaves turning colors!


Vinga said...

Hi Nettie :)

Yeah I like autumn... but in colors ;) Is really cold and rainy here. Every morning I have a problem with going out with daughter to preschool ;)And she has a problem with getting up ;)

Take care ,hold on nice and warm :)

emily said...

I'm not particularly fond of autumn. It's nice to be able to wear cozy sweaters and boots and stuff but usually when it's colder outside it means inside the university (where I attend) will be super warm. Which makes it uncomfortable to walk between classes! You get so warm and sweaty and by the time you get to class you really regret wearing that cozy sweater :-)

Lucinda said...

I also love autumn most because it's the time when it stops being so damn hot (I live in the south of France...) and that's when you start wearing comfortable sweaters again. Also, it means that Christmas is not so far... :P

But what I like most about this season is the warm colours of the landscape and the trees, they can be so beautiful, so red and orange!

AND, it's the season of mushrooms, and even though I only picked mushrooms once in my life I just loved walking in the forest to find some treasures and eat them afterwards (and of course, they were edible, haha)

Anonymous said...

I love Autumn!! The smells, the colors, the weather...everything. The anticipation of a winter wonderland.


Dalma said...

They say everyone's favorite season is the one they were born in. As my birthday is in September and the weather keeps getting better and better at this time of the year, I like autumn very much. But still, winter is my favorite.

Serafim said...

Hello, dear Anette!

It was so so long since I posted in your blog. The matter is that I worked from 8 till 8 every day without day offs for the whole summer! So now I'm really happy that work is over and I just have a rest and enjoy autumn :-)
As for me, I really like autumn. It's not warm and you can wear different clothes. It's just fun)))

Your outfits are amazing as always ;-) I like them all.

Kisses and hugs,

flyingfree__ said...

Hey Anette!

Omg 3-6 degrees is so cold.:( Here autumn is about 10-15 degrees.
I love your outfits especially the one with the Zara cardigan.:D

Have a great night!

kisses <3

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

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Misi said...

Awesome outfits! I love fall clothing. My favorite season! :)

Anonymous said...

I like autumn the television xD ,colombia doesn't have seasons, we have a tropical weather but I like your outfits especially the scarf maybe when the leaves of the trees fall you can show us pictures I think the colors are beautiful =)

Have a nice weekend.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Well, really liking autumn... no, not really :) I mean, I don´t mind it and anyways, my birthday is in autumn :) But, really liking I only do the winter I think. When everything is white from snow and so on... yeah, I´m looking forward to the winter :)

Anyways, I hope you have a nice time :). I´m at school again since last week and so far it´s all good. My last year now, and after that studying :)

Take always good care of yourself please and have a nice evening :)