Thursday, September 12, 2013

Last days outfits;=)

Coming here! Relaxed since I´ve been out to the playground and walked long walks with the pram;=)

 Leo cardigan Gina Tricot, leo jeans Circle of trust, black top Hunky Dory, boots Mexicana, bracelet Alexander McQueen, cap Gucci

Back top Hunky Dory, jeans Gina Tricot, sun glasses Le Spec, sneakers Gucci, bracelet Alexander McQueen

And camo jacket H&M


Unknown said...

The black top Hunky Dory ... amazing! :)

Unknown said...

Anette ... tell me, what woman does not feel powerful while wearing a clothing feline prints? Here in Brazil, feline prints never go out of style, ranging from hair accessories to their underwear! Their clothes are beautiful! * I keep the pieces I like best and I always end up using again the following year and some people ask me, "where you bought?" (laughs), think it is a new part! Kisses!

eskoplja said...

I love the second one the most :)
The other too are lovely as well.
Wishing you a nice day

Ena :*

Unknown said...

Mmmmm didn´t see if my comment was able to be sent. If yes, please don´t public this one, if no, then I´ll write another one. Have a nice day!

Henk said...

Hi dear Anette!
What do you think about it?
BTW, when i heard first time news about new WT duet I really longed that it will be you or Elise.

Océane said...

The second one is my fav! One day I'll wear jeans ! :)

Love and Hugs

Henk said...