Saturday, February 20, 2016

MORE items added to my sale in the vintage store!

Added more sale on the items in the store so go and take a look now=)


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I was so into shock now when I read what happened to you today... that´s just horrible!!

Drugs are awful and can turn humans into beasts and well, I´m so terribly sorry that this happened to you. But luckily nothing more happened at least and you got some help, sad enough that two people just stood there watching and doing nothing. Sometimes this world can be really cruel.

I send you all my positive thoughts and wish you to recover and get well very soon! When you look at all those comments in your instagram you see that so many think about you and that we are with you in our thoughts.

All the best for now and lots of hugs and light and get well soon!

César said...

Oh my God, Anette. I just read on your Instagram what happened to you hours ago and I was in shock, I was scared by the first words and as I kept reading I felt really bad. Are you feeling better now? How are you???
I can just say that those men who didn't even try to help are simply Disgusting, to say a smooth word... I cannot believe that people can reach such levels of zero humanity. Thank God other good people came to help. I'm still in shock and I felt like crying after reading your post and watching the picture. Just wanted to know how you are now and and I'm sending all my love and thoughts over there, hoping it's all okay now for you and your loved ones.
Much much love and hugs from Spain,