Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hard work always makes way for a little treat in the sun

I went to FNF4Life this morning and had a hard but excellent crossfit WOD with coach Malin and the gang. Great morning!

The great WOD!

Linus and me were so sweaty that we made sweat angels and the big one to the left is Linus, haha! Good job, Linus!

Then in the afternoon after singing, posting packages to my vintage store customers and taking new photos of new stuff soon coming out in the store, I picked up my kids and we sat down in the back yard eating Magnum ice creams. Yummie!

Working hard means a little treat now and then is OK=) 


Karin said...

Those little treats in life are important :)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette! Maybe you didn´t get my comment in there last time, so I try again sending it :). There you go:

Here you are absolutely right - working hard means that we can afford a treat. And magnum ice cream is really yummy, it´s quite a time since I had one last, but they are super good :). A sweat angels is a funny idea :D And the picture with the tree is really summery already and it´s nice that you have good and sunny weather. Here it´s already quite warm, ok, maybe not today, but in the last days we sometimes already had temperatures over 20 degrees.

I wish you good luck for the selling in your vintage store and much sun and a bright time with lots of love and joy :).

Hugs, love and light to you!