Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Same thing but different styling

Yesterday I styled some of my vintage store clothes for you to show how different one can wear a piece of clothes depending on what the mood is. 

This shirt dress from MARNI (click here to view it in my store) the knit from ZARA (click here to view it in my store) and the suede leggings from BRANTING (click here to view them in my vintage store) are all for sale in the vintage store and I can't believe its not sold yet! Suede is totally in now and can be worn with anything, a lovely knit is always perfect for spring when its a bit chilly outside and the shirt dress is so lovely and MARNI known for its patterns here in a soft silk one with lovely golden buttons!

Why not buy the whole set? 

Why not team the shirt dress tucked in to the suede leggings and teaming it up with a statement belt? Perfect for party or even for the office.

Or for warmer days why not style the shirt dress with a cool belt in the waist and bare legs? If a bit chilly put some thin stockings underneath. This is also a great party version!

The dress can be opened up to be a bit more sexy but if you want to look more dressed the golden buttons can be closed all the way up

If you want to dress it more casual and for school or work, do like I did yesterday. Put the suede leggings underneath the dress, the knit over the dress, make a collar out of the shirt dress and then add a poncho or big scarf, shoes (I had ballerinas from LANVIN on) and you´re all ready and look just perfectly preppy=)

Shoes from LANVIN


Unknown said...

beautiful beautiful facets anette no doubt you shine bright life everything is very cute with you

Pascal said...

This things also look really good as those in the previous post and I wish you good luck for selling those that are in the store :).