Saturday, April 18, 2015

Better photos

Hi all!

Oh my week has been so busy with working in the hospital and school and now this weekend we are fixing at home, getting new carpets, a new bench of the living room and so on. Tomorrow we need to go to the garbage dump and drop off some things cause our storage is just to full.

We want to sell our place and find a house since we need more space and a garden for the kids so keep fingers crossed we can sell soon and find a great big house to a good price for us=)

I have decided to get better in my photos here in the blog and my vintage store since I myself find nice photos to be really nice when reading through others blogs. I have my great NIKON D80 so now I´ll use that and take better photos but I need to read the manual so I get all the stuff I need to know so be a bit patient with the photos and I am sure you´ll like them more and more the better I get=)

Close up of my new sunflowers I got yesterday

My favourite belt from PRADA and favorite undies I buy at CUBUS

 Got us a new rug from IKEA and chose a lovely yellow one and its called STOCKHOLM

And got this new bench also from IKEA. We have one in red in Seths room and its perfect for toys, games and shoes and such. Its called PS.

Our new rug under our table. Love the color!

And wanted a rug in the hallway and took a white so I can take photos of my clothes on top of it too=)

My web shop will soon look so much better with my Nikon taking the photos=) 

Stay tuned for lots of new clothes and accessories and of course more photos in here in the blog! 


Karin said...

I've been meaning to ask you about your house-dreams, because you told us about selling your apartment, some while ago.
So it is still on : of course I will keep my fingers crossed :)
I dreamed a long time ago about you and a house :) :
I found myself in the garden, in your garden, in front of a big lovely house. I had fallen asleep in i white garden chair. You took me inside the house, and from there I could see the sea :)
I don' t remember the rest, but it's funny I remember that house, the garden, and that chair :)

Good luck with the house-hunting, and everything else.
Kämpa på med ditt jobb Anette 😊💜👍

Hep-Hep Steff said...

the rugs are nice, but i hope you fixed them with something..... be careful with this, i broke my left pinkie while tripping on a rug that wasn't totally fixed. it was the second time i broke it (first time was against a door), and since then it's painful and i have to wear large shoes to avoid some intense and unbearable pain....

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Seems you really had a stressful week, but I hope that all went well. And I think that your photos are already really great, but I´m curious about more new ones with the camera. Those you already have here are already nice, thanks for sharing :).

I keep my fingers crossed that you can sell your place and will soon find a house that is nice for you and your family! Lots of hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Anette! It seems that you are very busy lately, but who of us isn't? ;)

Anyway, I find the idea of you improving your photography skills amazing! The more you practice the better you will get, I'm sure! Everything takes its time.

Once I read that you want to improve your blog, I thought about how it would be to improve your blog design aswell?

I'm an architecture student and a hobby blog designer, and was wondering if you would like me to give your blog a little make over?

I know it comes all of a sudden, but to make things clear, I would do it for free since it's only a little hobby of mine which I enjoy a lot.

Here are a couple of designs I completed in the past, and I would be more than grateful if I hear from you.

Many hugs and kisses to you from Vienna!

With love, Aleksandra.

Oh, and PS: in case you want to write me, here is my blog e-mail adress:

Hope to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Anette, it's Aleksandra again; I designed a nice clean design for you, and you can see the screenshot under the link below... I hope you like it, and if you wish I can install it for you, or change it how you like it.

much love, Aleksandra.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your Design with us i wanted to see your apartment long time ago and to see how you decorate it i really love the style it looks great. hope you will sell it for a good price and buy yourself some nice house