Tuesday, April 07, 2015

When everything planned changes

Hi all=)

So I have had to pull and fix and stress with school and stuff since I came home from Finland and I can now see that my Finland stay for those weeks have given me lots of things to study in the autumn and catch up with my class mates AND I also changed university and hoped that they would count my points from K-stad but when I came home from Finland they said that NO points would count!!!

I got soooo stressed and decided to therefore NOT start over in Lund but continue in K-stad and try and re-do the things I´ve missed. Luckily the people in K-stad are so nice and helpful so now I´m going out to do my practice for 8 weeks starting in a week and even if I have to go for hours there and so on I am so thankful for all the help I get!

it will be a hard and bumpy road to get myself educated as a nurse but I know when I´m done it will be worth it=)

Love and light


Karin said...

Oh no.... That point-thing I mean... That was not so good news :(
So now you have to re-think ( well, you have done that already) and accept this.
You sure have a bumpy road, but you know : everything has a meaning 😊
At least I hope so 😉

And in the end you will be an excellent nurse,because you have struggled and wanted it so bad.

Lycka till med studierna och din arbetsplats-praktik 💜

Amanda Lopes said...

Dear Anette,

Have you ever considered having an Au Pair? It would help you a lot and give you peace of mind regarding your kids while you are away for so many hours, or even in your trips.

I was an Au Pair myself in the US for almost 2 years, helping out a very busy couple of doctors to take care of their two lovely children. It was an amazing and wonderful experience for both sides. We all learn a lot and help out each other and share lovely memories.

If you would like, I can give you lots of information about it!

Good luck with the studies!

Love and light to you! =D

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I´m sorry to hear that your plans went wrong a bit. But I´m sure you know the saying that where one door is getting closed, another one will be opnened... it´s of course a pity that you can´t go to Lund now as you wished, but who knows, staying in your university might give access to chances and possibilities that will be very good in the end :).

I wish you all the best of luck and lots of power for the studying and all upcoming exams! It might be a hard way as you say, but I´m convinced that you will succeed and then look back on it proudly :).

Lots of love and light also to you!

Unknown said...

Hello Anette, what subject are you studying at univesity ?