Saturday, April 25, 2015

Make up and new cream from BIOTHERM

Its not every day I have time to do a proper make up but since I was home with ill children yesterday I had some time while Mio slept=)

I normally use oil for my face only but I got some samples from BIOTHERM´s skin best and I must say after 2 weeks of using this day cream, night cream and serum my face looks fresh and not so dry so I´ll go and buy these products when they are finished for sure. This new line of skin care has different creams depending on your skin age and I am under 45 so the green one is for me.

Then my make up today: 
using my foundation from CHANEL first and then I work with bronzing powder in the face to sculpt it. I brush under and on my cheek bones, highest spot in my forehead, around the cheek bone and on the side of the eyes. 

Then I use my concealer from YSL to both make the darkness under my eyes disappear and to highlight.

Then on my eyes today I use a dark brown eye shadow to mark around the eye 

Then I added a creamy silver eye shadow on the whole eye lid

I have a bad light in the bath room but will go and get better camera objectives and such today so soon better photos, I promise=)

For the lips I chose my pinky lipstick from Mac´s co-lab with Lady Gaga. Love it!
Mineral powder from BARE MINERALS, bronzing powder from ISADORA, eye shadows and creamy blush from MAKE UP FOREVER, mascara from YSL -dolls eyes


Anonymous said...

Hej Anette,
I'd love to see more of your make-up routine since you always look really nice and fresh and super natural wih make-up on. Would you mind telling me the exact name and colour tone of your Chanel foundation? I'm very fair-skinned myself and currently looking for a good foundation that takes away my paleness and makes me look fresh without looking all "fake-tan". :)
Thanks and many hugs from Vienna!

Unknown said...

Ah awesome your skin looks great ...but WHY DID U CUT YOUR HAIR?? you look great anyway but still i really love you with long hair .

Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, you really look gorgeous!
btw, next time you're doing a pic of your creams, it would be better to have them ordered differently, unless you done it on purpose.... it looks like ssomething very masculine, lol ;)

Mina said...

Beautiful! I like your posts very much, you look so spontaneous and natural! Let me say you Don't really need new objectives for your camera, only a tripod ;),
Wish you all the best!