Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Life´s little treats

Normally we have wednesday and saturdays as our white wine with and anti pasto evenings but since I am working thursday so very early we took it tonight this week=)

Love a sweeter white wine and then some Brie cheese, anti pasto plate with salami, prosciutto, grapes, strawberries and yummie stuff and some lit candles. Watching a nice TVshow, talking about life and just enjoying the evening. One thing I learn working in a hospital is to live NOW and enjoy LIFE while we are here. And these evenings are a really nice feeling=)

Love, live and laugh while living!


Unknown said...

Hi Anette i like your idea of this plate food . I also like boiled eggs .Salaam but in my opinion salaam is meat and meat can put weights on if you count in the calories.I like cheese but i also like strawberry and grapes. I am a non smoke and i don't drink .:) I drink water and i like tea with honey.Or a simply black coffee with honey in the mornings wakes up.;) I know honey is like sugar isn't it ?:D but depend how much you use.^_^.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

This post, your words in it, is something that really touched me – positively of course. I mean, those are really wise words again about life and I appreciate it a lot that you share them with us :). Thanks for being encouraging and giving such positiveness!

Well, I personally prefer red wine, but white wine is ok too. And the food looks really delicious, I am sure you enjoyed it. And your outfit from the previous post was also very beautiful again :).

Lots of love, hugs and light to you and thanks for spreading such beautiful words!