Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Blue leo and blingy nails=)

I just love this blue leopard blouse from By Malene Birger I got years ago. Its one of those items in my closet I don't think I´ll ever sell=)

The skirt is from H&M trend and not bought now but I love the 60s vibe in it=)

The arm candy of the day was: pearl bracelets from Gina Tricot, stone bracelet bought in a new age store in Stockholm, my childhood bracelet and then the gold ring is a heritage from my late grandmother and the silvery one an old one

My hair cut that I LOVE but I want to make the hair a little less golden but has to wait a while and let it rest from bleaching so I´ll get myself a silver shampoo today to get some of the golden off=)

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Karin said...

Oh damn... I hoped to buy that blouse someday ... 😉