Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Leo and stars

Today I´ve been a real star walking my Stella McCartney jeans with star print on and they are so awesome that people ask me where I got them. That always make me happy that others like what I wear and want the same=)

Adding some leopard print is the top of the icing and I love my coat and my loafers. Relaxed but cool at the same time!
Going out I put my lovely knit underneath so I wouldn´t be freezing, still around 14 degrees so not so warm as to only have a tank top and a thin coat but soon=)


Leopard coat from GINA TRICOT

Blue tank top from MYohMY

And loafers from TOD´S

With my lovely knit from SAXX


Karin said...

Wow, you look really cool ! Like it :)
And your hair is just perfect :)
I know I' ve told you before , but I can say it again : it is so cool that you can and dare , change your looks ! It is fun, and inspiring !
So lovely the summer is just around the corner. Life is a little bit easier when we have the light.
Enjoy your days ☀️🌿🌸😘

Pascal said...

And this outfit and the trousers are also really nice! Great that you are asked where you got them, that´s a really nice compliment and it just underlines what I said some time ago, that you really have a great clothing style :).