Sunday, April 12, 2015

Green green and some froggies

My saturday was spent in the best of ways where I hit FNF4LIFE for my first cross fit WOD in weeks and it was great to be back, even if it felt I was gonna die during the wod, haha! But thats cross fit and why I LOVE doing it=)

Felt I wanted to feel my "animal" so I put on all animal print for the WOD=) 

Coach Johan H had a real hard treat for us all, puh!=)

But no matter the sweat and hardship, cross fit make me strong and powerful and thats ALL that matters=)

then after a nice shower me and Johan and our small ones went to the forest for a nice afternoon with a barbecue. first barbecue so spring is finally here and what a weather we had! 19 degrees and it was amazing!

Found this big next of frog babies…yak! A bit disgusting when I see it now…haha! Guess we can come back and chase these frogs soon=)

My smallest little Mio in his lovely cloud cap=) Like a little mushroom walking around..=)

He had his sword and his little dragon with him so he could be the dragon slayer=)

Felt like matching the lovely brown and green forest with my jumpsuit from LINDEX. I love jumpsuits, so comfy (except from when I need to go to the toilet=)

Shoes from TRAMPOLIN, last season=)


Karin said...

I love the forest in spring ! The smells , trees and small plants waking up from their sleep... It gives you a happy feeling, full of hope, and it is so good to be alive 😊

We finally got the lovely spring-weather in Finland , too!
I made myself a city-day : got into Helsinki, walked to the Market-square, sat by the sea, enjoyed the sun on my face and breathed in the seabreeze . It felt so good, and I felt good !
I also sat a long time at the stairs of the Tuomiokirkko/ Domkyrkan , you know ; tbe big white one. And just enjoyed the sun , and looking at people.
I had a nice lunch and some red wine on a warm and sunny terrace in the city.
I just love spring : the people are also waking up : everybody gets more " alive" 😊
I was alone all day, but I realized I didn't feel lonely. I just felt happy, and free . It was a good day.
Let the sun SHINE in our souls ! Life is good 😉💛☀️

Unknown said...

I love you but animal print over animal print? . I don't know to me it doesnt match much :(.. maybe it's me ... it's a matter of opinions :P
Well.. you are looking gorgeous anyway and i love how you look with your blonde hair..

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

You were definitely hardworking, unlike me, I didn´t have enough time to go to the gym as I had planned. Well, hopefully tomorrow then :). And barbecue outside with good and warm weather is a really nice thing, I hope to that soon too.

Those are again really nice pictures, especially those with Mio the Dragonslayer :). Who knows, maybe he can play the main character in the next big fantasy movie :D. I think it´s really a beautiful thing that you share those lovely moments with us. Thanks a lot for giving this warmth!

Have a really nice sunday evening now and tomorrow a good start into the new week :).

Unknown said...

Oh my, little Mio has grown SO much! He's a big boy now :) And can I just say that I love your hair? It looks fantastic. Hope you and your boys have a wonderful week <3

Hep-Hep Steff said...

it seems we both have a lovely weekend. (i had a great time in paris with some friends, and on sunday early evening (starting at 6pm) i saw sylvie vartant live at the olympia. she rocked the stage, i couldn't believe she's 70... 2 hours or even more of great rock 'n' roll music. i loved it!)
i couldn't belive mio is looking so big... when did he grow up like this?
i wish you a lovely week, hugs & love <3