Tuesday, April 07, 2015

A little sneak peek of me in David Hasselhoff show=)

And yes, I am talking about Nightwish again=) Haters, beware!=)

The show will be aired this thursday in finnish channel SubTV at 21.30!

I LOVE the Hoff and so happy I got to be in his awesome show!


Karin said...

Oh yes, I watched it. Let' s see what people have to say after that 😉 The Nightwish-issue is always a trigger to hot and strong opinions and discussions 😊
It is so good you talk about it.
You are a strong , independent, brave, lovely, nice and a quite funny person with a good sense of humour😘💜

Vinga said...

It is possible to find all show with you? :) hugs :*

Magia Gelada said...

I'm looking forward to this interview. You have every right to speak about your time at Nightwish. Afterall it's part of your career. Stay cool.

Ruhnu said...

I watched the episode... Nightwish meetings :D so funny.

Hope to see you soon in some tv show again... And hear your voice.

I voted you every episode in "Tähdet Tähdet". I don't watch the show anymore, stupid concept, cause talent doesn't count, I'm sure that Krista wins because she is so popular here. So was last years winner.