Tuesday, October 28, 2014

To dare and challenge yourself=)

Hi all!

As you know I love crossfit and my gym Fnf4life so much that its like a second home. Since I started there last year in november (almost a year ago) my life and myself has developed increcibly, not only physically but more so mentally.

When I was a young girl I loved gymastics and always were more or less up side down in a hand stand or a flic flac. I stood on my head, I was totally fearless and loved it!

Then after I got older I stopped exercising gymnastics and only did dance classes and with time I got more and more scared over acrobatics and things like doing hand stand and so on.

When I started at Fnf I was so scared of many things, like doing box jumps, doing hand stand and I didnt dare to challenge myself to try.

Then after some months as I got stronger in my body and with wonderful coaches who pushes me a little bit every time, I now box jump, I do hand stand against the wall and even freely on the floor and I know I will master it perfectly soon.

Cause one thing I have learned about myself this year is that I CAN do it, I AM STRONG enough and I do NOT need to be afraid!!!

Thank God that I challenged myself and dared to enter the door step to Fnf4life one year ago! It has given me SO much and most of all-getting to know wonderful strong, talented and caring people who always lean a hand if you need one. Who asks you where you´ve been if you´ve been away, who cheers on you when you have a tired day, who motivates you to progress and get better!

I love my gym! I love crossfit! I love FNF4LIFE=)

Thanks expecially to my coaches: Carl Axel, Johan K, Johan H, Oscar, Tobbe, Malin, Nogge, Pierre who help me every single wod and make me get better! Love to you all!



Pascal said...

Good evening Anette!

That is a very inspiring and great blog post :). Thank you for it and for always being such an inspiration!

You know, I also go to the gym, but I think not as long as you do, about eight months. And I also feel great efforts, I don´t do crossfit at the moment, but we get a training schedule with different exercises and I feel how I get better on them and how I achieve more, that´s really a great feeling :). And it´s truely not only good for the body but also for the soul. Since I started exercising at the gym I became more self - confident as I was before and it´s just a good feeling to exercise there because you feel that it is good for both the body and the soul. I don´t know, but sometimes when I have a not so good day and I go exercising, it often helps me to get a clear head and to feel better then :).

This handstand is great, you can really feel proud :). I already saw it on instagram and was impressed, especially because it was without help as you wrote there. But even with help something like that is a real achievement I think.

I just listened again to both your demo song treats from today and even if I already said it, I can only repeat that they are so amazing and wonderful :). Thank you again for both of them!

Have a nice evening now :). Lots of hugs!

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness Anette your light shines so strongly I find it blinding! :-)

I'm not a negative person by any means but I still hold the opinion that not everyone can do everything they'd like to. No matter how hard they try.

However, it is to your credit Anette that you encourage us to take risks, persevere with things, believe in ourselves, and even challenge us to try. For some of us that might prove beneficial :-)

I may not fully agree with everything you say though I still think you're a wonderful person Anette! :-)

Metal Nicks said...

Hi Anette,

Damn I really think you can bench press me ;-)

Love and hugs!
Ross :-)

Sara amr said...

Hi anette =)
I am really happy to see you smiling
Your album shine is very inspirational to me .
You are my inspiration in every thing <3
By the way you got such a strong body and a heart too :*