Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween music=)

Hi all,

So we´re in the Halloween/all Saints week and I´m preparing for this weeks Friday crossfit team wod where we´re gonna have a halloween wod and dress out=) I havent decided to what yet but soon=) Maybe evil Snowhite again?=)

To start this week of Halloween I listen to this playlist to get in to the mood=)



Hep-Hep Steff said...

hej anette, i hope you're ok :)
great choice with tnbc, danny elfman's music is simply wonderful! i couldn't count how many time i've been listening to this cd and watched the dvd....
i'm sorry, i don't have the heart to speak more, i feel quite low since a while....
kisses & love <3

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Anette, please do! :-) I absolutely love your evil Snow White costume from Storytime! :-) It's such a shame that you couldn't keep the original costume you wore in the video.

Anette, if you knocked on my door trick or treating dressed like that I'd certainly treat you! :-)

Carol Misokane said...

Hi dear Nettan and happy Monday, hope you have an amazing week.
I've been away from here too long but I always follow you on facebook and instagram =).
You know, while I'm writing here I'm listening to the amazing version you gave us of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, simply beautiful and amazing. I can't wait for the shows in Spain in November, think they will be a blast.
Now I wish you a beautiful day and enjoy this halloween feelings, I always loved this movie and its soundtrack, specially Sally's Song. By the way, you should sing this one acapella =).

Love, Carol

themetalsweetheart said...

Now I love your blog even more. I hope you have a happy Halloween, and your medical studies go well. By the way what study techniques work for you? Can you please comment back to me, I'd appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

@ Hep-Hep Steff:

I don't know what has caused you to feel quite low but I hope you recover :-) Please don't feel obliged to reply to this post should you not wish to do so :-) That's ok :-)

When I posted my comment regarding the costume this comments box was empty. I'm just a bit concerned about the way my comment might appear underneath Steff's comment. The contrast. To some it may look as though I've read Steff's comment and that I'm being insensitive by going on about treating Anette.

And Anette, I'm not suggesting for one second that you've done this deliberately to try and make me look bad. I know you're not that sort of person who would do something mean like that. I realise you can't control what we write or what time during the day we write and submit our posts. I do understand that our posts are uploaded in time order. So don't worry my favourite lady Viking! :-) I understand how it works :-)

So to anyone who might be thinking I was being insensitive/mindless I just wanted to point out that I wasn't :-)

Steff, I sincerely hope you recover from whatever is wrong :-) Take care :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Halloween is fun and a halloween wod sounds very interesting and funny :).

Today you touched me so with your instagram post about your grand parents and those people who got cancer messages this month. This is really sad and I feel sorry. I also went to church today and lit candles and prayed, for your grandparents and for those who got this cancer messages and sent my thoughts to them. I wish them all the best and lots of strength!

I hope you have a good evening and I send you lots of hugs. Take good care!

Pascal said...

@ Tom: Sorry if it looks like I want to barge in, that´s not my intention. It´s just that I read your concerns about misunderstanding your comment and I wanted to say I think you don´t have to worry :). At least I would not have understood the comment as insensitive. I also hope that Steff feels better soon, but I guess there is no worry your comment could harm someone. Only my two cents :). Have a great time!

Anonymous said...


Aww thanks Pascal! :-) Jolly nice of you to say that! :-)

I just felt I had to point it out in case anyone didn't understand that sometimes the comments box is empty when we write our posts. And also once we've submitted the post we don't know who's comment it's going to appear under. I was a bit concerned about the contrast of my comment and how it might appear while directly underneath Steff's comment, given the nature of Steff's comment.

While I've got your attention I was looking through a dictionary a while back, when I stumbled across your name :-) Apparently Pascal means 'the SI unit of pressure, equal to one newtron per square metre' :-) Also, Pascal is 'a high-level structured computer programming language' :-O

So there you have it! :-)

Cheers chum! :-) Have a good one! :-)

Hep-Hep Steff said...

@tom: tank you. being asperger and borderline, i could feel low quite easily, especially when something not nice happens, and that was the reason (well, part of it)... i had a good laugh yesterday evening with a dear friend, and it better, thnkas for your concern :)

Anonymous said...

@ Hep-Hep Steff:

Hi! :-) Good to hear from you! :-)

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! :-)

All that happened yesterday was that I was a bit concerned that it looked like I'd read your comment about feeling low and then proceeded to post something where I go on about treating Anette, possibly making me look mindless. Which wasn't the case at all due to the fact that the comments box was empty when I posted and I do have a tendency to be witty in my posts.

Hehe... it seems to be sorted out now though and I'm sure you've read about all this anyway! :-)

I wish you all the best for Halloween week! :-)

Take care & look after yourself! :-)

Anonymous said...

well..I liked the costume of snowhite maybe you can make your own version with the blonde hair hehe I mean it's halloween you can be whatever you want like an evil Alice,the girl of the redcape or skeleton because it's tight and you have a great body so you are going to look great on it. Tell me the secret for that abs because you look fabulous,now I'm motivated to do exercise hehe =),I love you nettie, take care. By the way ,I love the song strong I can't wait for the final version *.*. God bless you anette =).

Unknown said...

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