Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oh the stress of life...

…isn´t it just horrible?

Well, I am mostly stressed in a way that can be productive and not negative but the last weeks I´ve felt that my stress starts to be precisely that - negative.

And when I stress I am less productive than I should and some days just end up with me having missed several things I really HAD to do..

And with a BIG exam next friday I feel stressed when I haven't been reading as many hours a day as I have planned…and then I also have to practice my singing every day and if I miss that one day I feel stressed over that too… and then I feel guilt about that my kids are long days in pre-school… and the list goes on and on and on…puh!

It´s actually almost the same every single autumn in october-december. Don´t know why its always like this but maybe it´s because everyone´s been taking it so slow during the summer time and then when it gets darker outside and we are closing in on a new year (yeah it´s soon here) everyone realizes on how much they need to have done before this year is closing.

For me, the things that make me stress down is taking a walk in the forest, go to my church and sit in the silence, light a candle at home during the day when the kids are all gone and inhale and just BE in the NOW.

I try to do these things a lot now and I also take extra D-vitamin supplement since its so dark now, some multivitamins and eat a little bit more of good fat. And of course exercise a LOT=)

And well, we all have our things to cope with and stress is one I almost have to struggle with all the time in my life.

Love and hugs and peace to you all=)


Hep-Hep Steff said...

negative stress for you, negative feelings for me..... i wonder if there is something besides, seeing so many people stressed or down at this time of the year. maybe there is something with the changing of the weather, or something like this, it may help to feel stressed or low.... not warm anymore, not really cold yet, the body who needs to adjust.... maybe it doesn't help us.....
i hope you will feel better soon. and if youneed to talk to someone, you have my mail, feel free to write me. :) and for your big exam, break a leg! fingers crossed....
hugs & love <3

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Anette! :-)

Have you ever questioned that perhaps you might be taking on too much at the same time? :-)

One of the things about been a university student is that it's very time consuming. So for a few years students put other things in their life on hold for a while.

So going off that I would say that your top priorities in your life presently are your kids and you nurse training.

You say you practice your singing everyday. I know you've got a few gigs coming up but maybe after those you should put music on hold while you're a student.

Might make things a bit less stressful :-)

Magia Gelada said...

Stay strong Anette :)

Pascal said...

You really hit the nail on the head with that post, Anette. I know that feeling of stress, the feeling when there is so many to do and to not manage it all. This leeds to being totally restless and it´s a bad feeling.

The strategies to calm down from the stress that you mentioned are really good and it´s really great when they help you. Moreover, I think even if there´s so many to do, it´s also necessary to take breaks, to take some time where you let the work be work and where you can relax from it. Because then it will also be easier to return to the things that are to do :).

I wish you lots of strength and power for this stressful time and of course good luck for your exam next friday. I always belive in you and even if it often seems so hard, I´m sure you will manage it all :). And today, Happy Halloween to you and your family! Have a lot of fun at your halloween wod and enjoy the day :).

Lots of hugs, love and peace also to you, Anette :).

Unknown said...

I'm really humbled by your honesty. You always seem so stress-free and centered that by reading this I feel I can relate to you more, so thank you for that. I hope you're able to manage your time wisely in the coming weeks and good luck on your exam. ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,

I have been a fan of yours since your joining with Nightwish. And that hasn't changed since your parting with them. I love your album Shine and it's messages (Invincible; especially as a parent).

I must say briefly that having just watched the NW documentary for their recent DVD, reasons aside, having you not be seen or heard in it was very sad to me. You brought a unique vibe to the band and please ignore negative messages about that time.

I have to say that with your music, family of 3 boys and studies, I am amazed you manage to do all three. Each of them are tough jobs on their own. Well done!

Please allow me to encourage you: seeing you post about your time spent in church is an encouragement to me. Treasure that time spent in quiet with God. Guard it well. That time alone with Him will renew your strength and you will feel so much better for it.

I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

God bless.

The One Who Should Die said...

I'm always produktive which is quiet... Well, I don't know. I really hope that the inspiration comes back to you. Try to listen to songs and the inspiration comes back (works for me).

Gemi said...

Hi Nettie!!! I love ur voice and 4 me u r the best. I will be in ur concert here in Spain, im from the south of spain but ill go to the concert because 4 me u r very important, ur music makes me happy and sure of myself. Sure ur concert will be amazing, but i also want to know if u will sing a old song like sleeping sun, I REALLY LOVE that song.

I'll wait a message of u Nettie. I love you!! U R THE BEST!!!!!!!


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I wanted to say that I wish you a really great time and lots of success when you study for your exam on friday :). I´ll send you positive thoughts and I have no doubt you will succeed with it!

Today, I again watched your video of "Lies" and I still love it. This song, this video, you and your voice... that is really balm for the soul. Thanks for it all :).

Lots of hugs and enjoy your afternoon :).

BellaTwilight said...

Dear Anette I feel happy with your music and cd call Shine . Is just a good album like the other's but i feel sorry for my Un-like button like on your facebook page i hope ain't no problem "sometimes".Take care of you too and let's be proud cos your the best singer i even know some things about your style that i appreciate the most and the album Shine.Sorry for it and don't worry - enjoy your night!Good Night and Sweet Dreams.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I´m so sorry that you got ill and that you had such a stressful day yesterday... I think it´s really not good that you try to do it all. What I say, I hope it doesn´t sound like in a know-it-all-manner, I just mean it as an advice... maybe you should try to say to yourself more often that noone can do everything at the same time, that it is normal we have to divide our things to do in smaller tasks. At a point it gets too much for really everyone, we are all human and that´s a normal thing which is never your fault. It´s easier to focus on the tasks when you deal with them one by one and in time instead of all at the same moment. And as I said in some comment before, it´s also necessary to take breaks and then you can go back to your tasks with more power :).

I wish you all the best, Anette. And I know that it will be all good for you, you are strong and have the power to get through all the stressful time. You can do it, as you wrote in your instagram and that´s right. I wish you to get well soon again and all the best and all good luck for tomorrow with your exam :). I prayed for you before and also now I send you lots of positive thoughts. I hope you will read this comment before your exam, but if not and you will read it afterwards, you will know it that I thought about you and well, that it hopefully helped :). But I have no doubt on that. Good luck for tomorrow, you will succeed, Anette :).

I wish you a good night and lots of hugs and love to you :).

Unknown said...

We love your blog and always look forward to all your posts!

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