Tuesday, October 28, 2014

And why not another treat??

I mean it is Halloween week, isn´t it??

Here´s a fun and weird demo version of my single FALLING in a version we tried out to see which one we like the most in my album SHINE and I must say this version is FUN!!




Hep-Hep Steff said...

i already commented on fb (as well as for the strong demo), but i just LOVE this version! really funny, and a bit weird in a nice way. thank you for sharing it with us <3

Pascal said...

And another treat, very nice of you Anette :). And also a really great one! I think it sounds, especially in the melodies, quite different to the final version on the album, but also great and interesting because it presents the song differently. I guess you could easily release it as an "Alternative Version" or something like that, I´m sure many would like it - including me :).

Oh and yesterday I also wanted to say that I loved your new acapella song on facebook. It´s full of feelings and emotions again, very great and congrats so much to more than 5.000 Instagram followers! That´s truly amazing :).

I wish you now a very nice day! Lots of hugs to you :).

Anonymous said...

Oh golly gosh! :-) Another treat! :-) You're so kind Anette! :-) Well, if this is what Halloween week is like in here then I can't wait for Christmas! :-)

Cheers for uploading these demos my favourite lady Viking! :-)