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An interview I made with Nightwish Russia=)

An interview I made for Nightwish Russia in september below=) ENJOY!

Hello Anette!

Thank you for answering me. As you wrote me on Facebook I m sending you questions here. If you consider some of them too inconvenient or emberassing feel free not to answer them Smile

First I want to say that whole Russian fanclub supports you and we are really interested in your both artistic and personal life as you are really talented woman and we are sure that you will archive everything you want. Congratulations on your first album being released and also we hope that you will come to Russia one day to present and promote it.

1. You are going to give some concerts in Spain. Are there any plans to visit any other countries?
- Yes, 4 shows in Spain in November. There are some shows in the talks but I am studying now so the shows I do can't be to many cause I need to be able to fix school too. But there will be some more shows next year.

2. How did your life change after you went your separate way with Nightwish? Has it become calmer without annoying fans? I know that some die-hards even sent you death threats. That’s really awful and you must be a really brave woman to deal with it on a daily basis.
- Yes, its calm and nice nowadays=)

3. Does your solo album really differ from music you sang before? What were your musical inspirations while preparing songs for this album? How was it accepted by fans? By the way, have you ever read reviews on your works in musical press?
- This album was originally meant to be released while I was still the singer in Nightwish and therefore I didn't make a metal album cause I didn't want to compete with my own band. Then when I was gonna release this later the songs I did back then were too good to exchange with other more rockier songs and therefore the album is softer. I haven't seen any sales figures yet but of course it’s the first album and I am going a new direction, so I don't believe in super numbers. I´ve read a lot of super nice reviews in many countries and it is a good album, so I am happy people that make reviews have heard that.

4. Have you already started working on your new songs? How many demo song have you got at this moment? What can help you get in the mood for composing songs?
- Not so many new songs yet, since me and the label are discussing when and how the album will be released. I have some new songs that I´ve performed live like “Strong” and “Hiding From the Past” and then some songs that I´ve done but haven't recorded yet. As I said, I am studying, so the time for music is a bit smaller nowadays. I write songs in any mood but I do prefer to be a bit sad or angry when writing songs since they are a vent for me to my inner feelings.

5. Your first album has very personal lyrics. Aren’t you afraid to share so intimate tracks with public?
- No, not at all. I am a very open person when it comes to that I am like any other person with all those ups and downs life throws at you. I don't walk this Earth to pretend to be a musical person that only writes cryptic lyrics. I prefer to listen to music myself where I can understand and feel the lyrics without a thousand metaphors.

6. Your duets with Rasmus and Pain were quite successful. Are you planning any new collaboration for next year?
- Yes, there is a nice duet coming up but still a secret.

7. Last year in your blog you mentioned that you are writing a book. Is there any chance to see it in the bookshops in near future? What were the key themes of this unpublished but highly anticipated by fans book?
- I haven't written the book and we´ll see when or if I´ll do that but at this moment - no. Sometimes I want to do something, but other goals are more important at the moment and this is one thing I have postponed to the future.

8. I’ve noticed that you started following healthy lifestyle and visiting gym regularly. Did you want to get slim after your third pregnancy? Or did you just get your free time you decided to spend that way?
- I´ve always exercised a lot but when we toured it was hard to keep it up and also to keep slim. Then I got my kids and after I stopped nursing Mio it was easier to eat healthier and get back in shape. Nowadays I am almost in the same shape I was after my first son and I feel great!

9. You started doing a capella covers on your Facebook. Have you ever got the idea to do a cover concert? Or maybe you are planning to release cover album…
- That´s something I can see myself doing for sure but there are no plans at the moment.

10. This Autumn you started attending university. Why have you chosen this nurse specialization?
- I love working with people and I love to help others and here in Sweden we are in big need of nurses, so I know I will never be out of work the rest of my life and that´s what matters to me.

11. And lets speak a little about your private life. You have been married for one year, has something changed after marriage? How do you manage to balance your music, you job and your family?
- No, it’s the same. We are a good team me and Johan, who are similar as persons and also in what we want and need in life. We are relaxed and help each other with everything, so that’s why we can do all the things we do.

12. Does your elder son help you to look after his younger brothers? Does your husband help you with the work about the house?
- Yes, Seth is really good with the boys and helps me as much as he can. Johan is always helping me at home and since he is a head chef he can do all the cooking so a perfect husband=)

13. Do you like to sing to your boys? If you do, do they like it or go "mooom, you're embarassing me!"? XD
- They love when I sing and Nemo knows all my songs from “Shine” and especially “Falling” is his favorite.

14. Would you like your children to become musicians or to choose profession one way or another connected with the music industry?
- Music is such a wonderful thing that I have loved all my life, so if they want to do music they have my full support. However, I will tell them they really need a good education and a real job that can give them a salary and then if they get to be musicians and can live on it on top, that’s their choice.

15. Please describe your daily beauty rituals Smile
- I don’t do so much more than use a good facial oil in my face, some light make up, flatten my hair or put it in a ponytail and always try to have painted finger nails and nice clothes on=)

And the last one - we want to ask to send us a photo if you like toSmile Something that have never been seen in public before Smile
- Of course, see enclosed an older photo of me.

Thanks in advance for answering our questions Smile Looking forward to your answers
Thanks for asking the questions and your interest in me=)

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Anonymous said...

Cheers Anette for sharing those two interviews here in blog land :-) You've left me wondering if your secret duet is with Tarja Turunen! :-)

I remember you posted something a while back about your book here in your blog. I think you said your book is going to be autobiographical. In which case I'd like to say that I find you to be an interesting person Anette whom, from what I can make out, has also had an interesting life :-) And also that I enjoy following your life through your blog and Instagram ( even though I don't comment in Instagram ).

Night night my favourite lady Viking! :-)