Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A treat for you all- an old rough demo=)

This song me, Niclas Olsson and wonderful guitar guru Patrik Svärd recorded before I got in to Nightwish and the lyrics and melody are written by me and music by Niclas Olsson=)

Very rough demo, no mixing and so on but can be fun for you to listen=)




Anonymous said...

Hei dear !
Please say me she will be on your new album !! I am just falling in love !!!
Big kisses and hugs

BellaTwilight said...

Hey Anette i Like your poetry in a music . You are my inspiration in music . My kind regards: Here is what i write .

A child's innocence heart

a child of love , falling stars
burning love , fire in his soul
sweet as love , cry for joy's.
Love was bound to kill.
But this love was beautiful and clear.

I Weep tears from a sweet heart.

This innocence's heart of a child dream and sweet.Upon first opening its eyes.
So new and so fresh .And unable to believe.His so alone , into my heart.
feeling strong of being me.
I'm so tired of all the story reading at night.
Letting you go , let me free to feel his love.Like a child innocence's heart.

I am writing this is a poem , that i felt inspiring by from your song .Thanks so much my dear - hope you have a nice relaxing day.^^

Metal Nicks said...

Hi Anette,

Indeed very beautiful as always I love it also I am following you on Soundcloud.com as well now..

Hugs from Illinois US
Ross :-)

Anonymous said...

There is so much nuance in music. During a take, those moments that make something sound unique or exciting only happen once, then never again - rather an interesting thought, what?. This is because music is made to just go out into the air and it will be different each time a take is performed.

In other words quite often musicians don't realize that sometimes the demo captures it all. Every last little bit. That sometimes the demos can actually be the masters.

By the way, your demo was excellent my favourite lady Viking and I thoroughly enjoyed it! :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Oh wow, what a treat that is! Even if it´s "only" a demo, it´s an amazing song and you sound so great and your voice is amazingly beautiful. This song is a real treat, thank you so much for sharing :). I´m impressed and I really love it!

I´m so sorry to read that you are ill at the moment and I wish you to get well soon again!

Have a good evening and please take always good care Anette :).

TheDeadUnicorn said...

This was such an unexpected and great gift!Loved it.I adore hearing your old demos!They're raw and powerful.

Have a nice day and thank you,


Hep-Hep Steff said...

i just read about your health troubles on instagram (where i'm only a lurker, since i don't understand how it work)... i hope you're not allergic to penicillin. i am, and it's not funny: urticaria from head to toe, in a litteral way, that's how i learned i was allergic (all in a single night as well)...
i hope you'll be better soon. and i'm happy to know you have such pleasure with your studies.
oh, and i just loved you "old rough demo"! i hope it will be released in a fully mixed and mastered way...
kisses & love <3

Katrinsessa said...

Such a nice låt!! :)

Henk said...

amazing song. thanx for posting