Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Todays treat for you=)

Now I´ve put up my demo version of my song STRONG to my Soundcloud=)

No mix done and so on but still totally ok to listen to=)




Pascal said...

Wow Anette... I already liked it in the live video, but this version... wow is all I can say, even if it´s "only" a demo. I already love this song, I think it´s interesting how it starts out calmly and gets more rocky later on. The melodies and the lyrics are also fantastic, I can´t wait for the final version even though I already love that one :). Thanks a lot for this really nice gift!

Anonymous said...

That is a strong melody! :-) I love it! :-) Just hearing that alone is a treat! :-)

Realizing your nursing career is your priority I think you should definitely keep making a bit of music on the side my favourite lady Viking! :-)

I officially endorse it! :-)