Saturday, October 11, 2014

I LOVE to learn=)

Hi all,

Another week, new adventures, new things coming my way and next year will be FUN and I´ll share it all with you in the beginning of next year=)

School has been intense this week and will be the coming weeks and months my new course in basic medicine lasts. 15 weeks to be totally correct=) Along the way we´ll both study theoretically medicine and biology, microbiology and so on so an intense but interesting course.

This week we started our different practical trainings we also have and the first one was learning to do CPR and to help someone who have gotten something stuck in their throat and can't breathe. 
Really good to have learned this but I sure hope I´ll never have to use it. 

Since I am studying in an university that is really far away (it takes me 3 hours back and forth every day) and it clashes with my kids pre-school I will change university next semester and I am hoping for the closest one where I´ve studied before - Lund. So fingers crossed!! 
If the trains had been going more often and express without any stops I wouldn't feel I had to change university. To keep me going during the ride I drink coffee and study to get something done during the boring hours...

One thing I already have realized is that learning all the things to be a nurse will make me more afraid of many things happening to my close ones and also I will be more of a "mother Hen" than I already am to my children=) Poor children…haha!

About my music I am heading to Niclas studio today to record some vocals for a duet with a band from another country and as soon as it´s ok I´ll tell you about with whom. But as you already know, in this business keeping things secret is a common thing=)

With my cross fit training I am getting better and better and making improvements is just wonderful! This week I´ve done 3 progresses within different movements and it´s such a HAPPY feeling when it happens! 

Me doing a front squat. When I first started in november last year I couldn´t even get my ass halfway to the ground…progress!=)

Me and my team partner Linus after our team wow yesterday evening=) Getting to know so many nice people at my cross fit box is wonderful and so different to the gyms I´ve been to before. Here at Fnf4life we help each othere, we cheer on each other and we push each other forward!

Me doing a handstand push up "kipping" style. Some months ago I couldn't even get up on my arms and didn't dare to stand on my head… now - this! Progress…=)

To be 43 years, daring to do things that I almost didn't dare doing when I was a teenager - well, that just shows how much tougher I am nowadays and one thing I think about when going to my school where everyone is much younger than me, is that THANK GOD I am older=) When I was 20-30 I were so insecure and wanting everyone to love me which I now know is IMPOSSIBLE=) Its just a great feeling to love myself and to have learned during the last 10 years to be OK with that some people will like me and some will just hate me. And it´s just something we need to accept. Not everyone likes everyone=)

So that´s a bit of what´happening at the moment=) Now time to start my warm up and head to the studio soon…=) All the best for you this coming week and HUGS!


lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
it's so good to read that you are so excited about your studies. Learning can be so much fun. :-)
Your courses sound very interesting although medicine is not really my cup of tea... And I sure will keep my fingers crossed for you to change university for the next semester.

Haha, don't worry to become a "mother hen", Nettie, my mum is one too and I love her for being that way. I think your children will be just fine with their amazing mum.

Your improvements at cross fit and on the personal level sound very good. I think it's quite important to know that one can't loved by everyone - although I don't see any reason to not like you. You are a fantastic singer with the most wonderful character so I think it's pretty easy to like you.

I hope you are having sooooo much fun with all the projects you are working on. :-)

Kisses and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Yes, I couldn't agree more with your views on being older. I've held the view for quite some time now that I enjoy getting older. And I'm not making this up Anette but you're the only person I've heard ( or read ) who has actually said that. Anyone I've spoken to during the last few years seems to desire the opposite in that they don't like getting older and they wish to regress and go back in time so they can be in their childhood, teens, or 20's. For various reasons I've not actually had a good life ( you'll be gobsmacked if I told you some of the things that have happened to me or things I've endured. I'm scarred... ) so I'm sure you can understand why I don't want to go back in time. It's only during recent years that thing's have slowly started to improve for me. And I don't want that to stop. I'm all for the future and, as I said a few days ago, even though the years are going by quicker I don't want to stop going forward.

It's good to hear you describe how you love yourself Anette. I have known a few people during the years who say they don't like themselves ( their reasons for this are individual but wide and varied ) and if only they did like themselves then they would find they feel better about things and that in itself would be enough to push things forward in some area of their life ( personal or professional. Maybe both if they're lucky... ). I've always had my own personal problems to deal with but I do like myself. So having said that the only thing I consider missing from my life is a career ( other aspects of my life such as love, friendship, seem to take care of themselves if they go wrong ). A job is honourable and worthy but it's not interesting or as lucrative like a career.

So I've recently been entertaining the idea of going back to university to study and try to become a mental health nurse. A few people suggested this to me years ago but I didn't think I was strong enough to be able to cope with the nature of a psychiatric patient ( I've got a friend who is a mental health nurse and he says that all he hears all day are people saying they want to kill themselves ) The problem I had with the normal nursing course was my speed of reading & writing on the wards. Even though I was doing really well ( I nearly finished the course ) I felt that due to my type of dyslexia I wasn't fast enough for the real world of nursing. I've not properly looked into it yet but I think it's different from the normal nursing course I was on 5 years ago. When I looked at the course entry requirements I was surprised to see my qualifications almost allow me entry onto the course. I'm only about 4% away. It's very close. One of the other things about mental health nursing is that most of the patients are fully mobile which will help my double-sided chronic inguinal hernia pain. I have a friend who is a mental health nurse so I'm going to consult him about all this. If the paper-work aspect of things is a bit less intense then I might be in with a chance.

In some ways I wish I'd not wrote about entertaining the idea of going back to university if I do go back and it fails. So this is probably the only time I'm ever going to mention it. Especially if I do go back.

Being a student is intense Anette but it will all be worth it in a few years because you'll have a career. Plus I reckon you'll be a fabulous nurse! :-)

Have a nice day my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Hep-Hep Steff said...

hej anette, it's nice to read you :)
i hope you had my email with the pic of mme wearing the shine t shirt with your lovely necklace... btw, one of my dear friend gave me a good laugh, he said that the necklace was conceptual, it smiles for me. ;)
looks like you're quite busy, but it's nice to see you doing something you enjoy. 3 hours ride every days, wow! no wonder you want to change your university, it must be quite tiring.... and it clashes with the preschool as well.
i'll be waiting to know about the band you're recording a duet... i hope we will know soon!
and wow, you're so strong! congrats!
i wish you a good weekend and a nice week to come. hugs & love <3

Anonymous said...

Before, I didn't finish my previous post as I had to run off to carry out an errand :-)

I read you've been learning CPR Anette :-) Regarding CPR I want to talk about mouth guards.

I read somewhere ages ago that one of the things research has found is that people seem willing to administer chest compressions but an alarming number of people don't want to do mouth to mouth. And actually don't do it... The reasons are mainly to do with doubts over the victims oral hygine if the mouth/mouth area seems unclean. For example 11 years ago when I worked in the rest home one of the residents stopped breathing and had no pulse. The ambulance was called and we ( including myself ) administered chest compressions. But none of us, myself included, administered mouth to mouth due to the fact that the resident had all this dark matter coming out of their mouth, either coffee ground vomit, blood, who knows what it was but it was clearly very unhygienic so we couldn't give them any oxygen.

When someone administer chest compressions they are not only massaging the heart to get it working again but they are also manually themselves pumping the blood around the victims body. Without oxygen this is useless though because even though you are manually pumping the blood around the victims body if you're not giving any oxygen the bodies vital organs and tissues will die. I believe the success rate for CPR is about 40% but without the oxygen I think this makes the percentage success rate lower.

During resuscitation situations in the hospitals oral hygine is not an issue as they use mouth guards which are sealed around the patients mouth and then a tube is blown down to give the patient the essential oxygen required.

And now to my point. I think everyone, if they can access it, should carry a mouth guard with them in case they find themselves in a situation out in public where someone needs resuscitating. When I was a student nurse a few years ago I made enquiries at my local branch of Boots ( a chemist in England ) to try and obtain one for myself and I think I remember them saying they could get me one. For some reason though I never followed it up but I intend to rectify that now though. In fact I think all governments should give the citizens of their countries mouth guards.

Believe this or not, some research I read ages ago states the more physically unattractive you are to the rescuer then the less chance you have of being PROPERLY resuscitated. In other words the uglier your face is can have a significant impact on your chances of being resuscitated properly. I know it sounds unkind but this does seem to be an issue with reasons rescuers not wanting to administer mouth to mouth.

Here in England there has even been an advert on TV with the message that if you don't give mouth to mouth and you just give chest compressions then that's fine as it's better than nothing. Well it's not ok actually as the oxygen is essential which is why everyone should be given a mouth guard.

They are pocket size so they could quite easily be carried on a person :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

It´s so great that you like your courses and I keep my fingers crossed that you get into that university you wish for. I can believe that the other one is too far away... three hours, that´s really hard.

Your studying sounds very interesting and useful. It can always happen that someone looses breath because of something stucking in the throat, so it´s great to know how to help in those situations. And being a mother hen as you say only shows how much you care about your children, how you love them and how important they are to you. I think that´s something really positive and beautiful :).

I´m looking forward to hear which band it is you have a duet with and if I know them. But anyway I´m sure it will be really good. Your improvements in training are a real inspiration and it shows that hard work brings success. Especially that handstand is something you can really be proud of and it´s very impressing.

Well, you are so right. The most important thing is that you are happy with yourself and there will always be people who like you and people who don´t. But I see no reason to not like you, you always share so much positiveness and friendliness in your instagram, on facebook and here in the blog and are not only a talented singer but also a so friendly person. I´m so happy that I can follow someone like you :).

I also wish you the best for the new week, a good start into it tomorrow and lots of hugs also to you!

linnea-maria said...

Visst är det härligt att vara 40? :-)
Känner likadant, jag är inte lika ängslig och vill vara till lags längre.
Åh mikrobiologi är kul, jag hoppas att ni får göra lite odlingar (fast agarplattorna luktar vedervärdigt).
Ha en bra vecka!