Saturday, November 08, 2014

I´m back=)

Hi all,

So sorry for my absence but our internet broke down last weekend and as you know, getting it fixed always takes time=( But now we have 5G and so much faster speed! Horray for that!

So, I´ve been so stressed for my exam and that has led to me getting the cold from hell..haha! Like a letter from the post office, stress always make me ill. But I went and wrote my exam and it was big and I don't count on fixing it but I am trying to stop having such high demands on myself, always wanting to be "perfect" in everything so if I fail, I´ll just focus on fixing it the second time. They say most of the students fail this exam so it is a big one. But of course I keep my fingers crossed that I nailed it=)

Tomorrow me and my band are finally starting rehearsals and even if I can't sing so good due to the cold we need to start so the boys can get the songs for Spain=) I am really looking forward meeting the guys since I haven't met some of them but they seem really cool and talented all of them! 

Next year will be really fun for me when it comes to singing and early next year I can tell you more about my plans but still a secret. But good times ahead! And a new gig is booked so soon news about that!

So, since I didn't put out any photos of me and Johan´s halloween costumes, here you go a little bit late. I chose a naughty mean nurse (of course=) and Johan a mean doctor..haha! We rocked our cross fit wow in these clothes and boy, I was bloody afterwards but we WON the costume price so it was perfect!

AND I carried Johan on my back several laps running=) I am strong and Pippi from hell as u know!! haha!

I miss exercising but this cold need to be cured so I need to rest it out this time and not go exercise being ill as I sometimes do…=)

ENJOY this weekend loved ones!!
(and now when I have internet I´ll start posting new vintage clothes in my store asap for you to buy=)


Hep-Hep Steff said...

hej anette, it's lovely to read you :)
sorry for your cold, i know it's not funny at all to have stress turned into illness.... on my own, it's more asthma and eczema (right now i have to deal with both!). i hope your cold will be over soon.
fingers crossed for your exams!
i wish you and you family a lovely weekend, hugs & love <3

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

To me, it´s understandable that you were away from here for a time, not only because of the internet problems, also because you had so much stress this week. But it´s good that you have this exam behind you finally.

Yes, too much pressure is not good, so hopefully you can take it easier in time :). I also hope for you that you passed the exam, but if not then it´s great there is a second chance. I keep my fingers crossed anyway! And I´m really looking forward to those singing news next year.

Wow, you are really strong nurse indeed :). I saw that pictures already in your instagram and they rock! You and Johan really deserved to win the price of the best costumes, congrats on that :). It´s always great to see how you enjoy exercising, so I understand that you miss it and as I wrote already in a comment, I wish you to get well soon.

Now also enjoy the rest of the weekend and your rehearsals tomorrow and take good care :).

TheDeadUnicorn said...

Ohhh,this sounds exciting!And damn,you ARE strong!Plus you look gorgeous,aaaaaah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Yeah, stress does have a tendency to turn people into the equivalent of a broken down internet :-) In other words, ill. Though I think as long as any student is conscientious with their studies, then that in itself should be enough to cut down stress levels. Don't let the grass grow under your feet. What this means is that the longer someone keeps putting off assignments ( oh, I'll have the weekend off then I'll definitely get started ) then that deadline suddenly creeps up on them. And before they know it they find themselves in hell. Though I'm not suggesting for a single second that this is what you do my favourite lady Viking! :-)

I don't think there is anything necessarily wrong with a person who puts high demands on themselves. Though I think it might not be such a good thing to be while someone is a student on a high up, academically demanding university course. In your case Anette I can't help thinking that you might be taking on too much at the same time. Please be careful as this could be an accident waiting to happen, especially further down the line as the course gradually becomes tougher over time.

You might not like me saying this Anette but I think you should ditch the music for now in favour of your nursing studies :-) And I don't think I'm alone on this one as I think Pippi would agree with me :-) I understand that you love singing and performing but I have a feeling that course you're on is going to get tougher and I worry that if it doesn't have your full attention then something might go wrong and you'll be stressed. Though like everyone else in here I'm still supportive of you anyway Anette, regardless of what you do. So, having said that, good luck for the band rehearsals tomorrow :-)

That's a nice, kinky Halloween nurse outfit Anette! :-) Hehe... which backstreet xxx shop did you obtain that costume from?! :-O LOL! :-D I personally wish you'd gone in as evil Snow White but beggars can't be choosers I suppose. Seriously though, I can't wait to see you in your REAL nurse uniform after you've qualified and landed your first post as a nurse on a ward in a Swedish hospital! :-)

Awaiting exam results can be a nerve wracking time for students though don't worry as I think you'll be fine Anette :-) I failed my first ever exam at university but I passed it on the 2nd attempt. And as it happens it was the only time I ever failed an exam at university. So if the worse comes to the worse and you fail then don't worry as most students do pass on the second attempt :-)

You sound very wise by missing your exercise allowing your cold to be fully cured. I was ill a couple of years back and I went back to work prematurely while I wasn't properly firing on all cylinders. It was a mistake as I felt like shit and was visibly ill so I was sent home. Made myself worse as a result :-)

Get well soon my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Unknown said...

Anette ... good luck on your test, I hope you get great results. I am very curious about his new band. Q I hope you have a full recovery and fofuras of cuddles, kisses.

Henk said...

Hi! Amazing photos! For now I'm watching new DVD from Within Temptation - Let Us Burn! I think you will like it!