Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Back to reality=)

Hi my dear ones,

So for 1,5 week I´ve been away from school due to duties with my music but today I´m heading over to the university and back to reality=) Next week I have a new exam so time to shapen up and study hard!
But fun to have such different and varied life as I have now, suits me perfectly=)

I also went back to the gym yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks and its because of my sinus infection I´ve eaten antibiotics for. The whole autumn I´ve been ill back and forth and not rested but exercising heavily all the time and my body finally said NO so I listened and took some rest and its been really nice to relax and let my body heal. I believe our bodies are so good in telling us when enough is enough, even when our mind don't understand it. But its important to listen to our bodies and do right choices.

So when it comest to right choices I decided a month ago to stop eating sugar and now also no gluten. This is not to get slimmer but to get a better health and trying to avoid severe illnesses such as cancer. I have cancer in my family and I don't want it so every thing I can try to avoid it, I´ll do. And in school we studied the cells of the body and it says sugar and wheat feeds cancer cells so if that is true its an easy and small thing to do to try to live longer and better.

Every morning I start my day with a green smoothie and I call them pick me up-smoothies cause I always feel so much more energized afterwards. And if you want to see my smoothies and get inspired follow me in my INSTAGRAM where I post them. I also post gluten free, sugar free recipes so if you wanna try this check them out!

But now - time to study before heading to school! So see you soon and don't forget to go and buy some clothes in my vintage store. If you feel something is nice but to expensive send me an email and maybe we can come to an understanding=) I believe in buying second hand myself for our environment and today I´m bidding on two overalls for my boys so fingers crossed!

Love and hugs and enjoy the day!


Guilherme said...

Hey Anette! What's the recipe of that smothies? Looks delicious and if you feel energized must be awesome to have them. Good you're back with studies, hope you have a good time.
Also, those cookies look yummy, it's great you're having sugar/gluten free food. A doubt, what's the course you're taking at university?
Kisses from Brazil!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

it's always lovely to read you. :)
about the things that are not so healthy, it seems milk is one thing to avoid, it's not so good for us.
and thanks a lot for saving the cardigan and phone cell bag on your vintage store until i'll be able to order them in early december, you're really an angel! i also believe in buying second hand myself, i do this with books, cds, dvds, clothes.... i have little money so it's not only by choice, but even if i was richer i would do it! i use to go to emmaüs, and i found some great clothes for a very cheap price, like timberland jackets (i have two) for 5 euros, or a real hawaiian shirt for 3 euros!
i wish you a good week, good luck with your studies! hugs & love <3

Pascal said...

And that´s also a really beautiful and interesting blog post. It´s always great and inspirational how you look after your health which is important. I try not to eat too much sugar anyways since it´s not good for the body of course and well, maybe some time I also manage to avoid it completely. You are a great inspiration, as I said :).

I think that rest was necessary for your body and health, but it´s great that you can go back to the gym again now. And when it comes to studying I want to wish you all the best luck for this exam :). Today is an off-school day here in south of Germany and I really needed that, errands were to do and now I have to do a lot of school stuff for tomorrow, so it´s good to have this day off today, makes it a bit less stressful.

I keep my fingers crossed for your bidding on those overalls and send you also love and hugs! Enjoy this day too and take good care :).

Karin said...

So nice to read that you are interested in taking care of yourself. Health is the most important thing !

Hey, how did the big exam go? The one you had a while ago?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Yes, it is important to listen to our bodies ( and the doctor... hehe! ). For example, I experience some discomfort from time to time in my Liver area. And I genuinely believe that it's my Liver's way of speaking to me. I am looking after it these days though after last year when I found out by pure chance ( and I'm really grateful that happened ) through an abdominal ultrasound for something else that I've got a fatty Liver. Even though the doctor said he's not worried about it he sounded borderline through his tone of voice and facial expressions while reviewing the scan.

So naturally I'm very careful now with alcohol consumption ( I've never been a heavy drinker but I've got totally rat-arsed on several occasions during my existence ). And I continue to follow the doc's advice to lose a bit of weight. Unlike you Anette I've not completely cut out sugar in everything but for over a year now I've stopped taking sugar in my tea. Even though I don't eat lots of sugary products anyway the reason I cut down the sugar is to aid my weight loss for the sake of my Liver. And it does make a difference ( I'd like to add it also makes a visit to the dentist possibly less traumatic too as it dictates how much treatment might be required ).

Your smoothies look very nice Anette! :-) As did your gluten-free Pizza that I salivated over when I saw it in your Instagram. I've got this Italian gene in me that becomes roused when it comes across quality Italian cooking :-) Probably due to my Italian ansestory :-)

I bid you a good evening my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Malvyn said...

It is dairy and meat which produce cancer:

Antti Uski said...

Hi Anette!

I just wanted to ask something. A couple of years ago you did answer to some of our questions almost every day. Why's that tradition gone? :-(

Also, if you have time, can you check out my blog? :-) Thank you, and take care!

Unknown said...

Antti:Hi there! I answer a lot of questions in my facebook and instagram so if you have a question go there=)

Unknown said...


It sounds like we are trying a similar diet! I am wheat/gluten and (almost!) sugar free, although I am 99% vegan as well. (For animal loving reasons)

I am going to make quinoa pancakes with berries. Can't wait!

Take care! ;-) xx

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

Sorry for my Question now, but i have not a Instagram or Facebook Account. Has you a Gluten intolerance?

I´m sure you know that it give more then one Art of Sugar. So in Fruits and all Art of flour´s too. That is why you can not escape the sugar.

And I´m not convinced that smothies are healthier than normal Food. Or believe you really the Powder has the ingredients inside!?

You see I´m not a Fan of all new Healty stuff! First Moment Great and next moment it´s potion.:/ In the Last year it gave many News aboutt that.

All the Best Nalon