Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sneak peek from our photo session today=)

hi all,

Today me and my musicians had a nice long rehearsal and we also had my dear photographer Annica photography over to take some photos of us=)

Here´s some sneak peek photos and of course more will follow when she´s ready with them!



Hep-Hep Steff said...

nice pics! thank you for sharing them with us :)
and for the concerts.... break a leg!
hugs & love <3

Anonymous said...

Haha! Nice arse Anette! :-O

Should you be partial to a nice bottom then I think you'll love mine! :-) It's received many compliments during the years and has been fondled and caressed on numerous occasions! :-)

Oh you're such a naughty minx my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Unknown said...

Anette ... her hair was beautiful, you were powerful. The photos turned out great. How nice to see that is full d news and vivacity. all the best for you, your players and your family. kisses

TheDeadUnicorn said...

The pics are good!And you all seem to have a lot of fun.That's so nice!
Hope you have a nice day,

Justyna said...

Very very nice Anette ! Great photos ! :)

Kisses from Poland :)
- Justine

Unknown said...

The last one is so funny! I'm curious to see the other ones... nice job! You look very young and beautiful, I liked how de band looks like!

Yanna said...

You're gorgeous on the first pictures !!
The other are great too of course :)