Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thanks so much!!

I just have to say the BIGGEST THANKS to all of you for sending me such nice words about FALLING;=)

It´s been so amazing reading in here, in my Facebook and Instagram and I want you all to know that I feel so happy and thankful for you all being here for me!!

Lots and lots of love and hugs to you all;=)


Unknown said...

Hey Anette :)

I have to thank you for this wonderful music. I can feel that you really sing by your heart and this is just miraculous. You have a very very cool voice and I love to listen to you! Also the Nightwish songs with you as vocalist will be for ever my favorites!

And I am sooooo keen on your album! I can't wait for it:)
Please, dear Anette, keep doing your best and don't change! You are a awesome singer and for sure person!

Best wishes (^_^)

Marekos said...

Good luck :) You are AMAZING ;)

migi said...

hi anette.

how are you? all your Christmas presents ready? ;D

i was veeeery busy over the last few weeks. but i always read your blog. it was such a overwhelming feeling to hear your voice again. "falling" sounds so great and it`s very touching. And i`m very happy to see that you`re happy :). can`t wait for the Album... and hopefully to see you live on stage again. wish you a good night. big big warm hugs as always.

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Thx, Nettie, you are so kind! :-)
I love you for being so close to your fans. This is what makes you so unique. :-*

Kisses and hugs,
Steffi <3

eliete said...

Hello Anette!
I can't wait to hear the whole album. "Shine" will be a blast, for sure!
"Falling" is so beautiful and I love to hear your angel voice. I love your singing because you put so much emotion on it and makes me feel embraced by the song.
All the best!

Anonymous said...

You're more than welcome Anette!:-) It's a pleasure being here for you :-) And we'll always be here for you no matter what path you choose in your life, whether it be music, nursing, or something else :-) Also please don't stop being here for us! :-)

We love you Anette! :-) OUR favourite lady Viking! :-) x

Océane said...

You deserve all the best my dear <3
The song is sooo good that its on repeat mode since 2 days! Eheh!

Cant wait for the whole album and for news about any tour... If its announced early enough i'll come to sweden to see you performing there and have a coffee with you in Helsinborg :p

Lots of love & hugs

All the best <3

Karin said...

You are just so likeable, Anette. It is easy to love you :)
I am proud to be your fan, and I am so glad you once took the job in NW. That road, among many others , took you here, where you now are.

Enjoy the days before Christmas , and a big hug from

Nana said...

It's hard no to love you, Anette. You make us feel like we're close friends to you, and that's a very special thing.
Also, you make AMAZING music. Seriously. The Falling song was incredible. Been hearing it 24/7 since it got out!
I didn't knew you or your work prior to you entering Nightwish, but I just fell in love with your voice since Eva.
You're an amazing singer. I hope someday I can accomplish half of what you've accomplished so far. You're truly an inspiration. Both as a vocalist and as a person (Gosh, you're so sweet and caring...)
Well, I wish you ALL the best!

Unknown said...

THANKS to you ALL for your sweet words;=) Makes my day! Hugs!

Nika. said...

Hi! I just listened to your song and it's great! I like it very much. Because my mum is also a poet and songwriter I think I developed a a sort of sense to distinguish good music from bad and yours absolutely falls into the first category. :) I also like the song's good quality and it's expressiveness. Great work!
Have a nice day! :)

Unknown said...

Thank You Anette for the such nice posts you post it !!:)well what to say you do have talent just don't give up and keep on singing .:D:D i like you so much thanks hugs to you too. with love.Ralu.

Unknown said...

I will always support you, Anette. Thank you for your blog and allowing us to peek into your life not only as a musician but a mum as well.

All the best with your album X

Chris said...


Its just wonderful to be able to listen to your music.

Falling is an awesome piece of art with so many details, everytime i listen to Falling, it takes me away.
Such a wonderful atmosphere and feeling that comes with your voice.
Somehow it feels like freedom :)
For this, for all the amazing moments and for being so sweet to us all, I thank you with all my heart :)

Have a wonderful day
take care
Chris ;)