Thursday, December 05, 2013

From the eye of the storm

It´s a storm here again and this time worse than the one a while ago called Simone. I hate the sound of the wind taking everything in its hold as if everything will fall apart. At the same time I feel that nature is the boss and we are so small when nature takes action. Frightening but also kinda good to know that we can´t decide and take charge of everything.

To occupy me in the storm, I´ll post some photos from the last days and hope you´ll enjoy them;=)

First: Ear Music has this nice add in the new Classic rock Magazine out now where me and Ear´s other artists are wishing the readers and our fans a Merry x-mas;=)

Then some photos from my city and all the x-mas lights that are filling the city now:

Here - a nice garbage bin that also serves as a jukebox, playing x-mas songs if you push the buttons. Fun idea!

Our big x-mas tree in the big square (that I hope stands for the storm tonight) with all the nice lights lit:

And these nice lights in various shapes that are hanging around our church that are so nice:

And the big crystal lamps I´ve taken photos of before, this time from underneath:

Last but not least, a little Mio playing peek-a-boo with me this morning. Best way to start a morning;=)

So sleep well everyone and tomorrow it´s FRIDAY;=) I was going to FNF this evening to do a cross fit   session again but had to cancel due the storm so I´ll go tomorrow instead and longing already!

Nighty night!


Elmas said...

So happy you and Tarja share the same record label!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I wish you the best to deal with the storm now. It didn´t hit us here in bavaria but in north of Germany as I heard. Good luck to everyone who is concerned!

Sleep well dear Anette and please take always good care of yourself :). See you :).


Gocha960 said...

In Poland, unfortunately, also a hurricane: (Fortunately in the west where I live is smaller than in the north of the country, but I can not sleep.I am terribly tired, but I do not know whether I fall asleep this night., I hope that with you all right, and that the weather will get better soon.
PS Thank you for your autograph, you fulfill my dream :)
I am very glad that you release a solo album, because I'm waiting for him
impatience :)
(Sorry for my Angielski)
Greetings from Poland

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Anette that nature is one thing we can't control :-) I've been saying for a long time now that when the world ends it will probably be through an environmental disaster ( unless we are all wiped out by nuclear bombs or another world war ).

The storm is here too Anette and has been in full effect all day today over here in the UK. So windy and even the temperature has dropped. I'm presently rather cold so I may turn my fire up another bar as two just ain't keeping me warm.

Helsingborg looks very nice with it's decorations up around town :-) Those bells in the trees look fab! :-)

Night night Anette! :-)

Edith said...

TIMO <33

Edith said...
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Unknown said...

Anette ... beautiful xmas decorations, where I live, the Christmas decorations are placed in the homes freste by the residents. Mio's a "sweetie", fluffy, when you least expect, will become a little man! I do not know you feel the same effect that we here in Brazil, storms are becoming more frequent and severe and prevention has been an ally. Kisses, Hugs and may God keep them.

OneOfTheLostOnes said...

Hej Anette!

Jag kunde inte sova inatt på grund av stormen. Förhoppningsvis så lugnar det ner sig nu under dagen.
Det verkade slå hårdast mot oss längst ner i söder, vid Ystad och Österlen. Men jag håller med, Simone var ingenting jämfört med den här stormen.

Ha det bra!


Marti10 said...

This wind is terrible! I live in northern Poland so we have it too. I hope you are safe<3 I'm so excited about your CD, really can't wait for it! BTW is there any way to get an autograph from you? It's my dream, because you're one of my favourite singers:)
Hugs and kisses
Marta x

Unknown said...

You look even more beautiful with loose hair ;) greetings!

The One Who Should Die said...

Jag var inte hemma när Simone härjade så jag kan inte jämföra dom två men den här stormen var riktigt läskig:( Särskilt då vi har träd också. Usch!

TheDeadUnicorn said...

I'm sorry you're frightened *hugs* But yes,Nature's above all,and we've played kings for so long,we like to think we own it.We don't.She's the Mother,and we're little children.We can't fight it,we can't control it,we never will.It's ugly,terrifying,but it's the way it is,and it honestly makes me feel at peace.If we did have the power to rule trees and wind,we'd probably ruin even more things.We'd probably be more brutal than Nature already is (she's also very loving.It's fifty fifty).