Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas is coming

Hi all;=)

Oh, how fast time always flies in December;=) It´s the same thing every year. Everywhere in every job people have the most stress this month and then on top of that all the x-mas gifts and food and so on need to be fixed. 

For me, it´s hectic since there are so much to fix with my upcoming album SHINE so I do lots of interviews this week and at the same time all the things that need to be done for the albums cover and so on. Credits and thanks to write;=)

But I LOVE it! it´s a dream come true and I enjoy it and I feel so truly grateful and blessed!

Later today there will be some NEWS coming out so stay tuned here, in my Official Facebook and Instagram!

Lots of love to you all and do not stress to much about x-mas. Remember that christmas is about joy and love and not mostly about the materialistic things. Even if the stores do believe it is!


Anonymous said...

Good morning Anette! :-)

Yes, xmas is stressful and expensive. Me, you Anette, and everyone here should start a special campaign called FUCK CHRISTMAS! :- D Hehe...only kidding! :-)

I think the spiritual elements you speak of have been lost for years due to xmas being a very commercialized time of year with big high-street stores raking in vast amounts of money from people buying presents.

Like you said though there are other reasons too for xmas been stressful, for example people being ill. So in that sense it's the same as any other time of year except the difference been that when you have got a loved one who is ill during xmas I think it might be when the people affected then realize the importance of the often forgot spiritual aspect of xmas. Although that is only one example as I'm sure there are other thing's that make people realize too.

I think every aspect of xmas has a big domino style knock on effect.

Hehe... Bah humbug my favourite lady Viking! :-D

Anonymous said...

Hej Anette,
you're right. This year passed by very fast and I already had "lots of fun" with organising the xmas gifts last week. It was stressful because the city was overcrowded as usual but now it is done. And yep, I think it is more important to spend time with the family than receiving lots of presents (as a child I thought different about that though ;)). The only thing that stresses me at the moment is the next vocabulary test in Swedish. After that I'm mentally off for xmas break.
Moreover, I'm really looking forward to your upcoming album.

Hälsningar från Tyskland

TheDeadUnicorn said...

It sounds like you've got a lot to do!But I guess that's what you get when you are coming back to the music scene after a break.I'm waiting for the interviews!Can't wait to know what you've shared :3 Oh.Good luck!I hope you don't get too stressed out (:
Have a nice day,

Betty Blue said...

Oh yes, it´s stressful... At the hospital we barely have time to breathe, we´re just running and running and running to take care for all the patients. At this time, all the seniors seem to get sick, and that means not only a lot of washing, but also an awful lot of other things to do. I came home from my early shift today and was so tired...! But only three more shifts to go and then I have two weeks off to spend with my friends and family =)
I wish you a peaceful advent time!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

It´s me again and I´m warning you, this is a long comment :). But the following are some thoughts I now had and I feel I want to share them with you. I hope you like the comment :).

First of all, you are absolutely right about christmas. As I told some time in the blog, I´m not a christian, but I see christmas as a feast for the whole family and in this way I like it very much. But nowadays, the family thing, this "spirit" that makes christmas so special whether you see it in a religious way or not, is hardly found. For many people christmas is only about presents and good food and that´s a pity. Of course I like those aspects too, but it shouldn´t be the main thing. Most important about christmas for me is family and being together with them. I also don´t stress myself about buying the presents: Last year I bought them on christmas day, 24th of december and not earlier. But hey, it went well :).

And when I talk about last year:In 2012, christmas time was very special for me: It was the first christmas time where I followed you on your blog :). At that time I was already a big fan of you and I remember, it felt like experiencing this time together. It was so beautiful and now, a year later, the first year where I have completely followed you, this wonderful feeling is here again. And I so enjoy it. Thank you so much for that, Anette! It gives me so really, really much.

Have a very nice evening and please take always good care of yourself Anette :).


lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
I totally agree with you about christmas. For me it's all about giving love to my loved ones. :-)

Lots of love,
Steffi <3

Jazmine M said...

Hi Anette...All that you say is totally true ... Christmas is about love, family, and joy of live the life.
You're a person so cute, so warm and lovely...you always being adorable with all of us... thank Anette <3

-Love and hugs- <3

AlessandraWilderness said...

You're right, Christmas has not to be confused with a business time...just a little gift to your dear ones, for example, is enough to make your friends remember the moment they received it from you and vice versa, anyway, everyone must do what he/she can, without going one's possibilities, just to follow the trend etc...a smile, a little talk, warmth from one to one other, little precious things that we must grasp in life, they're the only things we need everyday and for Christmas, to remain in this precise context =) Nettie, I'm very happy and proud of you, "Falling" is a wonderful song (I did expected that!!) you're doing a great job, your efforts are getting the best results! Today I'm going with my boyfriend and my brother to see "The Hobbit - the Desolation of Smaug", I was looking forward to see it!! Have a nice day, my dear, byeee :) :)