Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A new poison

Good morning!

So, woke up and some slight soreness in my legs after yesterday but not to bad - YET;=) Cause I know exercising pain normally is at the worst 2 or 3 days after so we´ll see tomorrow..hehe!

As you know I had a great Personal trainer called Lise after I got Nemo and when touring the last tour she helped me to learn a lot about cross fit. Also Dorothy, a great girl I met in the metal cruise, has shown me a lot of cross fit and is in such a great shape that I know it works.

After Lise quit her job as a PT I haven´t found another good one and I´ve been just running and doing some kettle bells and tabata at home but I felt that I really needed to do something fun again to get going this winter and something like cross fit that I loved to do!

So yesterday I went to a brand new gym here in town - FNF - and tried to do a cross fit basic session in a group and it was SO fun! We were around 10 of us so a perfect group to get help if needed and also perfect since we worked in pairs for some stations.

I already yesterday found a great girl to exercise with and we´ll team up again we said=)

What I like about cross fit is that it´s really tiring, you have to challenge yourself but still, you can do it in your own level so anyone can do it.

You use your own body a lot but also some tools such as weights, medicine balls and so on.

I am HOOKED and will become a member and my next exercise will be friday or saturday and also Johan is heading up there this week to try some Krav Maga;=)

Here´s some inspirational videos about cross fit to show that this is a fun and great exercise!

It´s alway good to try something new if you are a bit "bored" with your exercising and challenge your body!


Unknown said...

Anette ... you are very brave in my view, because for me to exercise this way is to suffer and feel pain. Prefer playful exercises outdoors, always playing like a child. Kisses and hugs!

Unknown said...

you shold thy krav maga too and creat a don'tmesswithme image for yourself ;-)

PasiSor said...

Hi Anette,
I hope you will thank Nightwish for your album. You and Tarja would never been able to do an album without Nightwish. Good luck.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Sorry I just want to answer on PasiSors comment which just makes me "a bit" (very much) angry:

Why shouldn´t she have been able without them? That´s nonsense. Anette has a great voice and she was already in a band before Nightwish. I´m sure she could have made an solo album right there. Do you think that you can only make a solo when you were in a wellknown band before? Her album will be successfull because she can sing and has a great voice and the music will be good, but that has nothing to do with Nightwish. Maybe there will be more people buying it because they know Anette from Nightwish, ok. But this isn´t the only reason, remember that there were also Nightwish - listeners who didn´t like her in the band. If the album will be a success depends on Anette and her voice and music, and I, personally, believe in this.

I don´t know what your problem is, PasiSor... maybe you had a bad day, then I´m sorry for you and hope you will be better soon. But stop attacking Anette then, it´s not her fault. Everyone who attacks her should stop, she did nothing bad to anyone and has suffered from being attacked and disliked enough. Leaver her!!!

Anette, don´t listen to stuff like that. You don´t need to thank Nightwish for anyone, in the end they weren´t good for you. But now you are back on your way :). And you will do better than before, I believe in that :).

Take good care of yourself please and have a nice evening :).