Saturday, December 07, 2013

And when I thought I would die...

…I felt alive;=)

Well, maybe not as bad as this but yesterdays cross fit session at FNF was just sooo hard;=) Mainly since I haven´t done burpees and so on for 1,5 year and well, I could feel it! The instructor was a lady this time and she was tough! Almost like my dear Lise;=) 

Even if I felt like dying at the time I felt GREAT coming home afterwards and today I just sent up Johan to try a cross fit session so let´s see how he feel afterwards;=)

And hey - we have SNOW here now! After the horrible storm Sven snow came and even if it´s gonna go away again it kinda feel like winter now.

ENJOY this day and lots of love!

My new exercising pants in leopard are from Gina Tricot and I love them…mjauu…;=)


shay said...

Omg..Anette u look great... geez..I'm just starting to get into strength training again.... and eventually I'd like to do the Cross fit class...I admire that Ur Doin it... I hope I can push myself to do it also...thanks for the INSPIRATION.... that's why we love u.....Mwah..xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Your exercise regime sounds quite excruciating! :-) Being someone who doesn't exercise ( even though I had a physically active job until very recently ) I don't think I'd be able to stand up again if I attempted your exercise! :-D Lol! If fact Anette, you're so fit I actually reckon you could probably beat the crap out of me in a fight! :-D Lol!

I'm sure you know what you're doing but please be careful with these workouts Anette as they sound very strenuous :-) You don't want to injure yourself and end up in the Viking hospital Accident & Emergency Department! :-D Lol!

After I've had my investigations to see what damage my job has done to my inguinal hernia I'm going to start looking into some gentle exercises to try and strengthen my muscles in that area :-) Which might make it less painful and stop it from coming back again :-)

And how lucky are you today that you've got snow in Helsingborg! :-) As I'm presently temporarily not working I love the snow! :-) It's so pretty ( like you are Anette ) and makes xmas look and feel more enchanting! :-) Plus it covers up all the crap and unsightly parts of the streets and outdoors in general! :-D Lol!

Helsingborg in scandinavia southern Sweden is actually not that far from where I am in north-west England :-) On the map it looks about the same distance as France from where I am :-) So maybe I'll get some snow as well Anette! :-) And it'll be special Swedish snow if it drifts from Helsingborg! :-D

I wish you a nice day in the snow Anette, my favourite lady Viking! :-) x

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hi Anette
I have not been here for a few days and wanted to say how happy I am for your new album
so many good news and I'm looking forward to February
Hopefully Falling is one of the songs
and hey, 5300 likes on facebook in a few days. Congratulations !!
fans will hear some demos before February?
Hugs ♥

Anonymous said...

Hello Anette! We've got snow here too! Probably around 11 or 12 inches. A lot of people thought we weren't going to get a lot, but we did. I forgot how much I loved how snow looked on the ground.

Duskclaw said...

Lucky you; all our snow melted this week T_T Hopefully, we'll get more by the end of December. Have a nice day!

Metal Nicks said...

Like I said before Anette you are very beautiful anything you wear, Hope your new album have like a mini poster in the CD case to I may hang it on my wall! :-) You look really healthy as well but I know you have some mild medical problems but you know how to control it..

Hope you and your family take care!
Love and hugs from Illinois US! ♥ ♥ ♥ :-)

Unknown said...

Good day, Anette!

I also had a hard yesterday feeling myself dying=) But it wasn't a cross fit. I returned to my pole dance coacher after 6-months pause. I hope you've heard that what doesn't kill you makes you stonger=) As we are alive we are stronger!

Wish you a nice day,

Unknown said...

Annette goodnight,
I wanted to tell you that we miss you for your voice and the person you have, I can not wait to see you again, a fan who adores ( my page picture )