Monday, December 02, 2013

Lights in the dark;=)

Here´s some photos from yesterday when we had the annual advent market here in Helsingborg and from this morning walking Nemo to pre-school:=)

I´ve had a very stress day so now time to relax in the couch and then sleep…only got 4 hours last night, I hope for some more the coming one;=)

Sleep well everyone!


streame said...

Great! It's sad that we have NOTHING that reminds us of the New Year here in Moscow :(

May I ask you a little question?)
Do you still get in touch with Nitte Valo? How is she? There is almos no news about her, like she's disappeared :(

Vinga said...

Ohhh Nettie, you can't be soo beautiful ;)

Here at 6 o'clock is dark like in the night and cold... brrr and I can't wake up's in every morning, but I must and this is the worst...

I wait for your music so bad :) and I'm very happy that you do it !!

Have a graet time dear :*

Unknown said...

Streame: Hi! I follow her in instagram and we´ve exchanged in Facebook;=) I think she is a very happy mum but i agree, I so hope she´ll sing soon again! What a great singer she is! and person;=) Hugs!

streame said...

Thanks for your response!
Glad to hear that she's found her happiness. I was incredibly lucky that I had a chance to listen to her live)

Take care, good luck with your album!