Thursday, December 19, 2013

A BIG interview in MENAISET out today!

If you live in Finland go grab a copy of the new MENAISET where I have done a big interview;=)

ENJOY the reading and Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Something funny for Christmas! ;=)

Have a great day Anette!

Hugs from Austria

Unknown said...

What an honest interview it was. Sadly you have been terribly misquoted in Ilta-Sanomat and STT.. They write that you told in the interview that you got fired because you got pregnant with Mio. In the actual interview there's nothing about that. I don't know if you have said something like that but in the original interview there was nothing about that.

Can't wait to get your album Shine! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see you perform the songs live.

Love ya!

Unknown said...

Anette , like this ? I just read your interview in the magazine " MENAISET " site , and I confess that as a Brazilian I was extremely sad. There is nothing to say or how to say sorry for the bad times , I'm ashamed of how people can be so bad in the world . What I can tell you is that it be not moved , do not be sad , we are not bad people . And I know it was a minority of idiots who did you go through these Oh hard times. The Brazil loves you yeah , yeah , and we want you to have much success . Oh hard things are for us as learning , always ! The important thing is we know we have good people who cheer for us, and we Brazilian fans cheered a lot for you ! And we really want her solo career is incredible , as well as Tarja has been . Your family is beautiful , and you have an amazing gift, never let shaken by anything or by anyone ! No one owns the world, nor of truth , and we all have a glass roof (all the same ... if you get my drift). I sincerely hope to see you again in Brazil because we have a deep affection and admiration for you, for what he did on Dark Passion Play, and the incredible work Imaginaerum . But once on behalf of Brazil and the Brazilian fans, I apologize to you. Say you excuse us for everything bad? Write success and shine, for you deserve !
God bless you! With great affection! A kiss!


Piu said...

You're so brave woman <3 Be proud of yourself dear. I think it's important to tell fans what is the real truth behind all of this.

Have an amazing Christmas with your loved ones <3

Karin said...

Hey, it was a good interview. Both negative things , as you have experienced them , but also positive things :)
Ok !
But the boys have of course reacted... Ok, let the storm blow now. You are strong and you are great and lovely and everything :) Love you !

Adrienne Maeve said...

Is there an english translation available? Google doesn't do a very good job. :P

Ever Dream said...

Dear Anette,

I am glad that you have people who support you, but with sadness I have to say that I could not be more disappointed in you. I never thought you would go down this road. I lost all my respect for you now. This must be a publicity stunt to promote your upcoming album but this is so not respectful. I know this is your side of the story, but it's not the absolut truth. Maybe you have already read the statement of the boys. It says totally something else. And in the documentary they speak very nicely of you and admit the mistakes that were made during the first tour. And this is your way? How sad. I feel sorry for you. I am sorry but I do.

I do wish the best for you in the future and I hope that your upcoming album will be a success. Maybe you will get to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest? The first song sounded very Swedish and Eurovision Song Contest-ish :).
The sad thing is that you just lost one fan.

Bye, dear.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!
I know it's a big interview, but is there any chance of a translation for all of us who don't speak the language?

Unknown said...

Ever Dream,

After reading your comment I have just to say that I lost my respect to the band after they fired Tarja. The way they did it was very low and unclassy.

I´m sad that Anette was treated the same way. I wouldn´t have high hopes of how they will treat Floor. I hope that they have learned something.

My taste on NW has gone. I will not buy their albums anymore or go to their shows. I´ll get Anettes new album for sure.

Nana said...

Oh, Anette... I'm so sorry for the bad times you had here in Brazil.
I'm sorry, I'm deeply sorry for the way people treated you when you were here. But please, don't give up on us. We love you SO MUCH. And we absolutely adored your new song Falling. We will support you the way we can. And if you find in your heart to forgive Brazilian people, and come over to do a gig, I can assure you that you will be treated as a princess, and you will be really happy here and have a great time.
And again, I'm sorry for the way you got treated here.
But if that makes up for something.... You're my favorite nightwish singer. And a great inspiration. I'm sorry that you had to go through so much bad stuff.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of drama about it , because NW answered and people started to talk about it and said bad things, but I still supporting you I mean we don't know what happened and maybe your words were misinterpreted. I know you are a good person anette. Have a nice day princess.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette

I feel excacly same way with "Ever Dream"

Unknown said...

You said it all "Ever Dream". So i feel too.

Unknown said...

You said it all "Ever Dream". So i feel too.

Ever Dream said...
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Vinga said...

Hmm Where you all have reaction band for Anette interview? On FB is only buy, release and so one nothing about this what Anette said...