Monday, December 30, 2013

SHINE international release dates

I´ve gotten so many questions in Facebook and here about if my album SHINE will be released in Australia and so on, so I´ll post all the release dates below. More info about the first offcial single and video will come soon so stay tuned!;=)

International release dates:

Germany 28.02.2014
France 03.03.2014
Italy 04.03.2014
Benelux 03.03.2014
Poland 03.03.2014
Czech 03.03.2014
Sweden 26.02.2014
Finland 28.02.2014
Norway 03.03.2014
Denmark 03.03.2014
Russia 28.02.2014
Spain 28.02.2014
UK 31.03.2014
USA 18.03.2014


Hep-Hep Steff said...

one of the 3 albums i'm waiting for in 2014!!! and march 3 for france, great, it'll be my own gift for my (arg!) 38 bday (a bit early, it'll be 12 days later)... i already know i will love it! the first single is wonderful, and the invincible demo is simply amazing... you really have the voice of an angel!
thanks so much for the gift of your songs. music is my passion since i was 6 (thanks to klaus nomi!), i wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for it... and i have to say your voice have a soothing effect on me... (well, not in scaretall, you really scared me on this one, lol) thank you from the bottom of my heart.
i wish you and your family a nice week (and new year), kisses & love :) <3

AlessandraWilderness said...

I'm going to order it in the shop for March the 4th!! ;)I want it in my hands as soon as possible!!

eskoplja said...

I can't wait to have it in my hands ^^
Wishing you a lovely day and all the best in the upcoming New Year :)


Ena :*

IsaWolfheart said...

hi dear !

Yes 03 march in France :D I can't wait to hear your album Nettie ;)

so I Like Falling <3


Kelsey Hale said...

when does preordering for the album start?

Lilys-Garden said...

I will buy it, too:-D
I have another question!! I have a baby boy named Tom, and i loved the shirt, Mio wear at the photo on instagram. Where did you buy it? I only found that shirt in black but i love the white one!!:)
Thank you and happy good and new year 2014!!

Unknown said...

Lilys-Garden: Hi! If you mean the Rolling stones one from today it´s a t-shirt I bought for Nemo actually and back then from H&M;=)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Yes, Germany is one of the earlier release dates, that rules :). Well, at least for me :). Looking forward to that album... "Falling" is a really great song and if there are only a few more like that on the album then it will be super duper mega really great :).

Have a nice evening Anette and please tell us tomorrow how you spend your day :).

Take good care now of yourself please Anette.


eliete said...

Hi Anette! Great news!
Hope it be released in Brasil soon.
Have a wonderful 2014.

Carol Misokane said...

No releasing date in Brazil or Japan? =/..but that's okay, that's why I love the web stores, I can buy your album even if it won't be released here and be sure I will. This will be the best album of the year!!

Love, Carol

Edith said...

and Hungary?

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Anette, I hope you can come to Peru for a concert.
I send my greetings and best wishes for a Happy New Year 2014 and
much success in this new musical stage. :)
A big hug!

litaford said...

me and my husband would love to see you in mexico :D

Lilys-Garden said...

Yes, i mean that shirt! Thank you for the answer!:)) I wish you and your whole family a good new year 2014! Enjoy the evening!

Hep-Hep Steff said...

the more i listen to this song, the more i love it! i think i've played my burned cd with the song a dozen time this morning, and i'm already singing with you (and huming it while washing my dishes as well)... it's stuck in my head, but far from being boring. i'm in love... <3
btw, i wonder why so many people asked you about the release dates, since it's all writen on the video description.... ;)
enjoy the last day of the year, i wish you and your family a happy new year :) kisses & love <3

Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette, this song is great! I have goosebumps :-) I can´t wait to your album!!!!

Henk said...

Waiting! Happy New Year!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I wish you a very nice last day of 2013 today :).

It was the first year where I completely followed you :). You gave me so much and I just want to thank you for that all, Anette :).

I will post my new years greetings tomorrow or maybe after midnight, let´s see when I have best time :). But have a very nice day with your Family today :).

Take good care of yourself please, as always Anette, and enjoy this day :).


The One Who Should Die said...

Can't wait!
Happy new year!:)

Anix said...

Hi Anette!
I wish you a brilliant and happy 2014 to you and your family.
With love,

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I wish you a very, very good new year :). Happiness and healthiness for you and your family and all the best for everything that you will face :). I´m sure it will be a great year for you and I wish you just the very best :).

Have a nice evening and please take always good care of yourself Anette :).


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Anette, Johan, Seph, Nemo, & Mio! :-)

And Happy New Year also to everyone else in this blog! :-)

I wish all of you the best for 2014! :-)

Katharina said...

Dear Anette, wanna wish you and your family a really good new year! Hope it is going to be a blast for all of us:-). Just wanted to tell you, that you´ve been a really big impact to my fitness habits back in 2013! Just started to change my eating habits to a very healthy way and started to do sports in a regular way. It was not the first time i tried it but this time it was the very first time i did not stop after a few weeks. I am doing it since may last year and i am very proud. lost a lot of useless kilos, too:-). And honestly, the big motivation was your blog. The stuff you always wrote about your jogging and the gym and of course the food stuff. I of course hope that you will be buisy in a very positive way with your album and hopefully a tour, that will also lead you to germany;-), buuuut, i also hope, that you will have some time to keep us updated about your

Katharina said...

about your fitness stuff etc:-)! So, sorry for the long mail, but i really wanted to tell you that. You´ve been a big help! I wish you all the best for 2014 and i am always looking forward to new posts.:-) Big hug from Germany, Katharina

Chris said...

AAAh i cant wait for shine to be released :)

Before i forget it: I know its kinda late.

A happy happy new year to you and your entire family :)
All the best the world has to offer :)
Tons of Health Love Luck and Happieness:)
And the most incredible and wonderful time in the world shall be yours!

Thank you for making 2013 so much better :) 2014 will be your Year :)

Hugs and best wishes

Katie said...

Anette! I'm very much looking forward to this album being released! Congrats on your solo album and I'm so so excited to listen to it! :D

Any plans to tour solo? I saw you when you were with NW at a couple small USA shows, at the Cleveland, OH show in 2007 and more recently in Philadelphia in 2012! I'd be so excited to see you again!! :)

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

"Czech 03.03.2014"
This made my day. I'll write it in my calendar. Also - love the song.


Unknown said...

come to Mexico in April please

Wall said...

Where's Brazil? We're waiting :)