Sunday, December 22, 2013

My x-mas spotify list for you all;=)

Hi my dear ones and do you feel the x-mas joy coming? I do!

I went and bought lots of toys for the little ones before my crossfit exercise today and tomorrow its time to get the x-mas tree and make some candy! So what else but have a nice Spotify playlist to accompany these days?

I made one for you all;=)

 And remember what X-mas is about too. Not the gifts but family, joy and peacefulness!

Lots of love!


Unknown said...

Hey Anette, any chance you could do a quick youtube video singing a Christmas carol for us for Christmas this year? :D

Unknown said...

Hei Anette !!
Thank you for this list :)
Some people forget the REAL "reason" of Christmas and remembers only the presents ! For me essentiel for Christmas is familly and happiness, the ambiance with the all lights, foods and memories of the all past Christmas ! The impatience to see the reaction of the others how he open his gift ! And also don't forget the religion and remember this sooo long time before us !!

streame said...

Great songs! Love 'em.

My favourite one is "Winter Song" by Halford. If you listen to it, I think you're gonna like in as well.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! you're right. christmas gifts are not the most important, but the family. I love it to sit always with my family christmas together, laughing and talking. but this year it will be different. We did some dispute in the family. my younger sister and my mother have quarrel, so christmas will not be the same as it once was. and my fiance likes christmas unfortunately not, so I have to celebrate christmas unfortunately without him. I find it very sad. but a person I will always miss at christmas and this is my granny, but she will always remain in my heart. I hope you are well. I wish you and your family beautiful christmas.

Unknown said...

dear Anette,
i wonder, have you heard about Euromaidan in Ukraine? what do you think about it?
as a ukrainian fan, i'm interested in your opinion about it. please, don't ignore my questions and let me know.
hugs <3

The One Who Should Die said...

Min favorit jullåt är "Släck Ett Ljus" med Skitarg. En väldigt annorlunda men väldigt bra jullåt:)

Antti Uski said...

Hey Anette! Have you seen my Instagram, it would be lovely if you would follow me, it is Rodomer! Thanks already, and oh, congrats of your new single, I love having eargasms when I listen to it. :P

Unknown said...

i dont like X-Mas at all, xD
i'm like the Grinch hahaha,
but i like listening to Sarah Brightman's My Winter Symphony!

it's just relaxing listening to it :)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Yes, I can feel it coming and I´m really looking forward to it. You are right with saying what it is about, that´s exactly what I meant when I talked about it some days ago in a comment :).

Anette, I hope you take time to read the following and that it won´t bore you :). But I want to share it with you, it´s really important to me. I want to tell you a dream I had this morning after waking up and sleeping in again. And I promise, it´s not invented, I really dreamt it :). I try to write it in the stile of little Story so that it won´t be too boring.

You were still in Nightwish, but the problems were already obvious and also that you will split with the band. But you had a few more gigs with them and one of them was in munich. I decided to go there,only to see you.
In the hall there were sitting places and I was in a row quite in the background, but with good sight at the stage.A man came on the stage, a black guy, and he held a short talk that I couldn´t understand.
Yes, and then I saw you. The whole band came on stage, but I didn´t really recognize the Nightwish boys, only you. And how beautiful you were. You had a white dress on, that was black from down the waist and longed to the ground. Your hair was also black and long and looked awesome with the white part of the dress. Well, when everyone cheered, it got dark in the hall. Hardly seeing anything, I heard fast steps. Your white dress was shining in the darkness. You ran from the stage between the seats to the other side of the hall and even made a salto in the end! Then I heard again fast steps, this time coming from the left up to me. I recognised too late that you ran through the row where I sat, I saw you in your White Dress crossing me with flowing black hair. Oh how I would have liked to shake your hand and say a simple "Hi Anette" to you. Would have meant the world for me. But I also was proud that I have seen you before me, even for only such a small moment.
The light went on again, I saw you back on stage and the crowd cheered when the band began to Play "Storytime". But suddenly, everything turned and the most beautiful, most significant thing on that evening happened...

At the same time when you were on the stage, I saw you elsewhere. Guess where? You were sitting in the chair that was on the right side in front of me! You sang on stage and at the same time you sat before me! But I didn´´t doubt it, I knew it was true. I knew it was happening. I knew it was beautiful.
A curtain appeared from left and right from the stage and started to cover it until you and the boys were vanished behind it. The song went on ut I didn´t care anymore. I didn´t care for Nightwish with Anette, I only cared for Anette who sat before me.
I bowed to you, trembling, and said only "Hi, Anette!" You turned your head to me, smiled warmly and answered. "Hi!" It was so warm and friendly and made me totally happy. That one word. It meant everything to me, everything. "Maybe you know me", I said, "I´m Pascal from your blog".
"Of course I know you" was your response, given with another friendly smile. We both looked forward then and didn´t talk anymore. But I felt so blessed and full of joy... yes, it felt like being save, like being right with exactly that person I admire so much. I enjoyed that feeling and wished it would never end.

I dreamt on, but the scene changed to something else,something with car, so completely different. While still dreaming, I knew that it had been only a dream. But a very wonderful and beautiful one for that I was very thankful. And I still am :).

Yes, that´s my Little story for you, Anette. I know that this dream wouldn´t have appeared without you being like you are. So warm and kind, just as you were there :). Thank you so much. I can´t say that often enough.

I wish you a nice evening now and hey, today is the day before the day before the day :).

Take good care of yourself please, as always, and see you Anette.


Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hi anette! Hope you are fine!
i Just read the WHOLE Menaiset interview, and all that I can say is that I think that the magazine was tendencious on online version of this interview, speaking just the parts that you speak about bad things in Nightwish, to create a little of caos and an unnecessary situation, but call a lot of attention.
But in fact, the whole interview is really nice one, know about the bad and good things in NW, about your live, your solo,etc, its really nice!

Well, hope you are and your family have a REALLY nice Xmass and new year, and 2014 its your year! I can't wait to listen to your solo!
With love
lucas, Brazil

Anonymous said...

Add Tarja! ;)

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie.
I came from a country where Christmas is just about making money so I'm not used to celebrate the date, but of course I feel so touched by the joy and I make some great food and buy something to mom and for sure listen to some songs, specially the X-mas album Tarja recorded in 2006 =), but I think the spirit of this date must walk on side by side with us everyday of the year. There is no sense in lying and being rude all the year and on December 25th pretend to love everyone and everything, I think people should think more about it.

So, have a beautiful week and soon I'll be back to wish you here what I send you everyday in my prayings.

Love, Carol