Sunday, December 01, 2013

Exciting day;=)

Hi all and HAPPY 1st of ADVENT!!

My sunday is so exciting since all my songs are being mixed this weekend and are gonna be ready TODAY!!!

Ever since I started writing these songs in 2009 I´ve been longing to finalize the album and now when it´s almost done it´s just the most overwhelming feeling inside!

To work with this brilliant TEAM of talented people is like a dream coming true!!

Damn, I feel blessed;=)

ENJOY this wonderful sunday and wonderful times are here!!



Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettan. Happy Sunday morning!
Wow, is hard to believe that 4 years have passed since you started writing your own songs and now it's almost done and we are so, so anxious for the final time. I can't believe how time flies and I can't wait to listen to your songs. Shine will be THE album of 2014.

Have a beautiful day.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Hello Anette, Happy 1st Advent to you!! :)
We just started to bake cookies for Christmas :D I´m sooo looking forward to your new solo album ! :))

Robermifernes said...

it's great to hear that we are getting closer to hear your album!
really looking forward! :)
will there be some single for Christmas? :)

and one question: are you going to watch 'Showtime, Storytime' or maybe you already had?

Unknown said...

Happy Sunday!

Nevertheless we don't celebrate Advent (there is no holiday like this in Russian Orthodox Church)and I can't imagine how it looks like (I have read a lot about it but, you know, a picture is worth a thousand words) I wish a nice evening for you and your family.

Forever yours,

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette and Happy 1st Advent! :-)

I'm very happy for you! :-) I know the feeling myself :-D To feel artistically fulfilled is a great feeling :-D It's actually a very privileged position to be in :-)

I wish you a exciting evening to round off your exciting Sunday! :-D

And even though Instagram might be a bit easier for you please don't stop blogging my favourite lady Viking! :-) We love you! :-)

Unknown said...

Looking forward to hear this album Nettie! Hope I can find it somewhere in México :)

eskoplja said...

Those are super news :)
I am really looking forward to hear your album. I can't wait to have it in my hands ^^

Ena :*

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I thought it IS ready, the album :). But ok then, great that it will be ready soon. I´m very looking forward to it :). I´m so happy to see that you have a great time. It gives me joy to see you happy :). Because you are so very important to me, dear Anette and always will be, I know that :).

I wish you a nice evening :).

Please take always good care of yourself, Anette :).


Unknown said...

dear Nettie,
it won't be cheap and easy to order your solo album to Ukraine, but i will, because i adore you. you deserve all the best!

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
Be proud on this Album!

A Dream come true for you and i will enjoy it, too.
And happy x-mas Time for you and your Boy´s

The Christmas markets in Germany on for the past two weeks. But not really X-mas feeling on it:(.

So enjoy your sweden x-mas Time.

All the best Nalon

Anonymous said...

nice, really good news I can't wait to hear your solo album *.*.
Have a wonderful week =), take care

Estelindis said...

Happy beginning of Advent, Anette. Congratulations on your album. I can't wait to hear it! :)

Estelindis said...

Happy beginning of Advent, Anette. Congratulations on your album. I can't wait to hear it! :)

Chris said...

Hi Anette

I feel i need to say thank you! But first, im so happy to hear that your album is just around the corner. I really can't wait for February:-) you made my day with those news! So, life is not always ballet or beautiful, I've been through a tough time the last months, I couldn't smile that much, It was this horrible time where everything falls apart. In that period of time you did so much for me, just by listening to your music or to your voice so to speak and by reading in your blog you gave me strength. You helped me to get back up and see that life can be beautiful! Your all around wonderful positive personality,the warmth and happiness that comes with your words played a big part in my recovering. And now I wanna thank you with all my heart for everything! You are a miracle, a shining light that never fades and keeps the shadows away. You make the world a better place, so. Now I don't know what else to say but thank you! You are an angel!

Take good care and sorry for stealing your time. A wonderful week for you and your family :)

Hugs and lots of love
Chrismy heart

Chris said...

Aaah bad auto correct. The last lines are supposed to be like this.

Hugs and lots of love