Saturday, January 09, 2016

Our weekend so far

Hi all!

So, finally I am feeling ok again and head ache is gone=) Thanks to that! So now I can exercise again and yesterday I did the cross trainer for 45 minutes and today one hour of over head squats, cross trainer, ski-erg, pull-ups, triceps presses and more. I love it and the whole body was shaking afterwards=)

Other than the gym we´ve been out in the snow, drink in yummie coffee in nice coffee places, been to Väla the big shopping mail getting me black hair color (finally) and shampoo and I ate sushi! Been missing sushi for a LONG time so I really enjoyed it=)

Here´s some misc photos from this weekend so far=)

Mio playing in the snow=) New lovely and warm cap from his grandparents

At the playground in the middle of the shopping street here in our city. We call this Spiderman playground=)

And Nemo in his new cap too=)

My love=)

Not so much snow but enough to make snow balls and have some fun=)


Pants from ADIDAS, top from NIKE

Best thing there is - sushi!!!

Mio was my helper today when I bought shampoo and hair color. He loved to walk around carrying the bag=)

jacket from LINDEX

1 comment:

Karin said...

Oh my, that little Batman :) So sweet, and so cool !

- We are getting a looooot of snow now here in southern Finland... The winter did came with a big bang; we had -26 degrees here during the weekend... Pain!!!!

- I' ve started in a new gym, and really feeling inspired! And, I've also started my "sugarless life" :) No food with that "extra sugar" . And it is going really well :)
Thanks again :) Anette, for your huge inspiration! What would life be without you :)

Ha det bra, Anette. Kram!