Saturday, April 16, 2016

Work work work work work...

Hi all!

I´m home after a day working at the hospital that I do appr. every second weekend. Love it and I really like my coworkers=)

The only hard thing is the early wake ups! I go up at 05 and start working 06.45 so very early and last night Mio kept me awake so only slept 3 hours. And early work tomorrow too so I am sure I´ll pass out here on the couch early tonight.

And I also have a big school paper that needs to be finished tomorrow evening so I am a bit stressed but thats also a challenge=)

Many ask me: how can you manage all the things? School, work, exercise and so on. And I like to have stuff to do and I actually hate sitting around doing nothing for to long. I like to relax for sure but I also need to do things to feel good. I get quite depressed if I am without anything to do for a long time.

That was one of the hardest things for me when touring. I couldn't stand the boring just doing nothing. We just sat in the bus or lied sleeping in the bus all day waiting for 1.5 hour of playing. I am not made to be lazy so it didn't suit me.

But we are all different and we all have different lives and wishes so my way of life is not the one maybe for you but we need to do what WE like=)

Here´s some of my outfits the last days and a lovely sky I photographed yesterday!

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ralu.poem said...

Hi, Anette ,I've work as-well. I write lyrics for my piano , in my own language and I like it because I want to improve it . I've always spoke in English but I speak two languages and it's good enough . Music is really kind of business . I will not go home for Easter that's sure. Yes I'd love studying music . My parents bought me the piano when I was 16 or 17 years old . I first play Nemo - from Nightwish then at the moment I write lyrics for it .I'll wish you had have a nice day .I'm feeling angry sometimes and I don't know what to do to feel calm ...... yes it's fair enough sometimes.and I think work should be done . You know while painting and drawing one of my teacher said that paintings it's never done with the work( Means :you'll never finish). and I did it so many times ago .and I was improving and continued with the paintings ..... but I really like my work at the moment . With music and the lyrics sounds fun . I want to learn how to sing and tips with music , that means as-well a lot of studies . through music with notes : do re mi .... he he . Have a nice day Anette . :=). and thank you for the posts , here in blogspot's . I use it once but I'll gave- up for and I've write in my diary I only have Facebook profile . to speak with my dear friends .