Friday, April 01, 2016


Hi all,

I am at home with my boys since Nemo threw up last night and then we need to be at home and rest so we´re taking it easy, resting, watching movies and I´ve cleaned the place since I am working all weekend=)

And I also check out some new lovely stuff I´d like to give you as my Friday tip if u want some cool pieces for your spring wardrobe. Today I focus on party clothes with silver, bling and gold

1. Silver jeans from MANGO

2. gold skirt from Ganni

3. Golden kimono jacket from GESTUZ

4. Party bag in pink from & OTHER STORIES


joseph white said...

Hey annette....listening to Byby beatiful. Great vocal

joseph white said...

You really moving for bussiness in the music video too...😁

joseph white said...

I know this probably has nothing to do with you blog...Amaranth just blows me away..

Lichtgestalt said...

The pink bag is so lovely. <3 By the way, I need to buy one bag and it's so damn hard when you don't have a clue about what you want (I don't know why but I always had problems to pick bags). Now I get some idea, thank you, Anette. <3
Love and light to you and your family, dear. :*
Oh, and happy b-day to little Mio. I couldn't post sooner, I'm sorry. :(