Monday, April 18, 2016

Dear Luana and every other Nightwish the band fan

Dear Luana - no BAND ever is all about ONE person, you´re right!

 So therefore Tuomas isn't the most important person for NW either. Its a band - not a one man show.

 I did a lot in the band for those albums to sell so much being the singer and I have every right to be PROUD and write a post like this. But of course fans like you who love another singer or Tuomas have to come to their rescue and write me down. 

I am sure MY fans wouldn't act that childish the other way around. 

Next time - think a bit before you write here and if you believe Tuomas is ALL that matters - maybe he´d be better of solo? No musicians, no singer ALL him=) Sure would be fun to watch on stage!

Here´s Luanas post, enjoy it!

Blogger Luana Levi said...
Usually I don't write any comments, but this post makes me a litlle angry. "It speaks for itself", I mean, seriously?! What else does it show than the three most viewed Nightwishvideos on youtube? First of all, the music is Tuomases and Marcos. One reason, that they are viewed so often is definetly the singer change in that time, especially for Amaranth and Bye Bye Beautiful. And I dont really understand what Anette wants to show with that. Sure, you can be proud of your singing in Nightwish, but with a title like "speaks for itself" you bring a pretty passively aggressiv mood with it. I dont know what happend back then and I honestly dont care. As a huge nightwish fan I definetly know, that Tuomas is the genius behind all of that and as long as he writes the music, the singer is pretty irrelevant. Maybe I understood you wrong here, but if its how I read it, than honestly, get yourself together. Nightwish never was, never is and never will be the voice, but the music.


Derek's Lyrics said...

Hi Anette,

I can't stand when Nightwish fans say that it's Tuomas' music. The band was a very big part of your past, and something I know you're proud of. Your "era" was also a huge part of my past and if Tuomas were singing the lyrics, I don't think I would have listened. :) Telling someone to "get yourself together" is so rude.

I like that you still post Nightwish stuff your blogs or Facebook at times. You have every right to.



Arianna said...

Maybe it was better that she doesn't write any comment as she said.

About Nightwish... they are not only Tuomas but all the composer of the band.

Tuomas without the other he would't be anyone.

Anette i agree with you!

Unknown said...

Arianna and Derek: thanks and I believe we all know this is how it is but if you hate someone you can't see clearly. Hugs and take care both=)

Arianna said...

Anette, are so many years that i'm Nightwish fans and you know. What interests to me it's they to do a good music.

Hugs to you and take care too!

Anonymous said...

You have every right to be proud of your achievements with Nightwish. It's true that because you were the new singer - and in the aftermath of a lot of media hype - that could easily have driven up the views on the videos because people were rightfully very curious to see you. Some came to leave praise and others viewed the videos just to leave nasty comments (which is silly, but sadly the way the world works), so not every view would have come from a nice fan. BUT regardless of why anyone chose to view the videos, that doesn't change the numbers. I know that you were not suggesting that you yourself were the best of the three; because all three singers have been special and different in their own ways and I think comparisons are actually insulting and very misogynistic (because you're not "just females singers". You're SINGERS, individually). And absolutely, the band as a whole is responsible for the final product. I do think that some of these views were generated from curiosity and media hype surrounding the change in the band's line-up, but at least it does show what a big deal it was to people at the time, that it really meant something for them to have a new singer and that people had a genuine curiosity to see you :)

Anonymous said...

I loved your era in Nightwish~ NW would never mean the same to me without you! That time my daughter was a baby and danced around our apartment in the rythm of Amaranth <3 I also loved Tarja ( voice of my teen age years) and Floor also, who is the only vocalist of NW I have seen live. So every one of you are important to me :) For my personal taste NW did it´s most mainstream music on " Dark Passion Play", and I love that album to the core. It is pleasant album to listen, and there for no wonder it is so much loved~

Unknown said...

XD I hate someone? I went on three shows with you and I bought your solo record aswell, so I definetly dont hate you. Its not what you said, its how you did it. Be proud of the views and your part in the band, bzt honestly, what makes nightwish so damn great is the quality and diversity of their music. Its the fact that a person who wrote beauty of the beast came up with something equally brilliant and still so diffrent as ghost love score, scaretale or greatest show on earth, and as far as I understand the booklets its tuomas who wrote the biggest part of that, so itd for the greatest part his music and therefore his achievement. You can learn to sing, like you can learn to play every instrument, but to compose such great music is the real deal here. And if you can read the booklets, than you will see pretty quickly who is the mastermind.
And honestly the comment "if you hate someone you cant see clearly" in that relation was just stupid. And if this whole discussion would so annoy you, because all the mean fans dont agree with you and if yoz really dont want to deal with stuff likw that, then chose your words a little bit better. Something like, hey, the band I was in made xx views, thank you all. And not "speaks for itselves" and say that everyone who doesnt agree hates you. I didnt. I still do not. But maybe someone who cant forgive doesnt see clearly either.

Anonymous said...

Anette it's YOUR blog. You can write whatever you want on it and if people don't like what you write they should skip it.

You're totally right! I should be proud too.
I read on some fan pages that Tuomas doesn't like that Tarja or you play Nightwish songs live.
Well then he should stop playing Over The Hills and Far Away with Nightwish because it's a song of late Gary Moore. That's actually the same thing but of course I know you sang it too live ;-)

Internet is a medium that sometimes is used wrong. If you have an opinion you should check with everyone if it's OK to post it? I think that's bullshit because it's YOUR opinion and you have every right to write it.

We love you for who you are and what you write. You are an amazing woman and you did a great job with Nightwish!


Karin said...

I wanted to write, but I think Derek already said it :)

-But I'll add something : the post was quite childish, and what she wrote is "sooooo yesterday" ..
That same old stuff " Tuomas is a genius" Tuomas is the band" , bla bla bla.
Yes, Tuomas makes the music, but the band makes it come alive.
Without your coming to the band Anette, I would never have started listening to Nightwish. You gave it something; new blood, a soul, some magic...
You are so bloody allowed to be proud of what you did there! Made millions of people listening to your voice, the band, and the music. The whole package!

And as a closure here : you Anette wrote nothing evil here, compared to, for example, what those guys in the band did once.... And some fans...

So, we continue loving you Anette, you know that! You should be proud of yourself, and so are we !:)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

There must be some Fantasy Convention nearby... So many trolls at the moment who come out of their caves :D. Well, it's just ridiculous and our Luana here invested quite a lot of time for someone she claims not to be interested in, didn't she? Just as I said briefly before, people will always find a way to twist your words. What I wonder about is why they even COME HERE to your blog when they don't like you. Too many free time and too less hobbies?

Anyway, don't worry and just don't listen to them. You made a great job at those albums and contributed a huge part to make them good and special. 'Nuff said.

Have a good night and a great day tomorrow :). Lots of hugs and light!

Nalon said...

Helo Anette,
Thank for this funny Story.
Well You can be proud of Your Time by NW. It was a hard time for You as Tarja's successor.
But we german people like to say: "Only the tough get in the gardens!";)

You are one of the strongest woman and mother I know.:)

And nobody can speaking in the name Nightwish, except the band themselves. A Fan spreak only for this option.

Nightwish is on tour far away with a bussy Ewo to get care of a lot of musicans:D. And i would say, all are to bussy to read anything in the World Wide Web.

Anette get care of Your Family and a great week.:)

I want to see tomorrow Love never dies in Hamburg;)
All the Best, Nalon

Anonymous said...

I f*cking love you for this post. I am surprised I wasn't banned from every NW show with how passive aggressive I am towards them.

And yes, Tuomas isn't everything, but trying to get that through a fantard's thick head is mission impossible. Trust me, I've been trying for years.

Mon said...

I'm a Nightwish fan, so I sincerely love ALL the albums, every single song, of course I have my favorite ones, no matter who's the singer, I enjoy every piece of music. I'm saying this to make clear that my opinion is not because I don't like your voice or your songs with Nightwish, is the other way around. But I will say that is completely unnecessary to "show off" a fan's comment cause you feel angry or you just don't agree with her. I believe is a childish attitude, and a very unprofessional way to act. Everyone has their own point of view, opinion, they like or dislike things, but if you don't agree with them, it doesn't give you any right to make a whole post of that to put your finger on that person. If you really have a career as professional singer, I guess you have more important things to worry about that a fan's opinion that doesn't match with yours.

Take care Anette.

Unknown said...

Luana:I write WHATEVER I want, how I want it and about WHOM I want. If I would write I hate the band, the singers and so on I can=) you cant tell me what to do so sorry, but your comments still are out of line. Take care!

Unknown said...

Unknown: thanks, I so know what you mean=) Hugs!

Unknown said...

You have every right to be proud of your achievements. You worked extremely hard during your time in Nightwish. The only people who are offended by what you're saying are the blind followers of Tuomas and the rest of the band. No matter how hard others try to erase it, the Anette Era happened, and it'll forever be my favourite. That can't be changed.

I completely agree with you on everything you're saying.

You aren't just my favourite NW singer because of how extremely talented you are. It's because you're a lovely person who actually cares about her fans and connects with them. Seeing all of your posts on my Instagram feed and everywhere else brightens up my day, even if only slightly depending on the state I'm in.

I remember you turning your blog into a safe zone for us to talk about our experiences with bullying not long after everything with NW went down and replying as much as possible. How many musicians would do that? Very, very few. You are one exceptional woman, and I can't stand the hate you get just because you speak up.

People who supposedly aren't interested invest far too much time in being hateful. It's saddening to see, really. They could be using their time doing something positive instead of trying to bring others down. Them not agreeing with you is one thing. Trying to tear you down for it is another matter, and completely unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Well, after reading all this comments I have to say that ist basically you, Anette and your fans, who behave a little strangely.
All Luana said was that the way you wrote the whole message seems to be quite arrogant and that she thinks you could have chosen your words better. Why isnt she allowed to say that? You seem to be perfectly ok with others judging her by this comment, so whats the deal if she does the same with your message? I really dont think that she wanted to command what you can and can not say. She only made you aware of the fact that messages like this can be quite hard to take for Nightwish Fans, because it really comes with an arrogant touch.
And I think someone who was in a certain band for a time and has most of the attention because of this time, should maybe think about those people aswell, because they were there to buy the CDs and to come to Nightwish Shows. They were the ones who paid your salary for quite a long time. With Nightwish you bacame a public person, wich has to be harder than it may look from the outside, but it gives you also a lot of benefits and you cant undue that. Whatever you write you have to be aware of the fact that there are people there who are intrested in you because your part in Nightwish and they follow(ed) you for that reason only.
I can imagine, that it is a sensitive topic to you, but didnt she make perfectly clear that she is not one of your, how you call them, haters? For me it seems like she represents the Nightwish Fans from all time, not from a certain era (regardless of your era, Tarjas or now Floors)and to react in the way you did is pretty questionable. For someone who doesnt want to be judged all too quick you have absolutely no problem to expose someone as a so called hater...and like she said, she doenst even belong in that section.

So maybe dear Anette dont be so quick and harsh in your judgements, especially when you expect others to do you the same favor

I hope my english is more or less understandable. And no, Im not an Anette hater. Like Luana I care for Nightwish (past and present) and thats the reason, why I read Anettes Blog, to maybe see a tiny little bit behind the curtains.

Unknown said...

bit about the comments Annette about the clip with her participation, to be honest for me the best album is the last to Flor, but not because of it, and favorite singer is Annette, for me as two albums with her and a movie shot better than Flor and Tarja together. In Tarki I like the songs but not all, items 6 maximum, others do not listen because the music used was not the same that right now, the old Nightwish I did not like, loved him as Annette came. The videos and movie Annette looks undeniably great, the game is above all praise, but the clips themselves honestly so-so =) Nightwish has not released more than one normal video, all as something cheap, from the script to the final release, but Annette really raised the tending above, and only because of it would be desirable to review them. this is purely my opinion, if you're reading Annette and any comments you want, write in a personal

Unknown said...

Love your voice. You are great. Your fan.

Unknown said...

Well, this logic makes it also perfectly ok for me to say what I want about whom I want. So, does that make your reaction "out of line" too? Free speech works on two sides and includes the reactions aswell. Like I said, Im not a hater and I never was one, its just the way you wrote that and isnt that the same kind of critic you have against my comments?
As far as I know from several interviews DPP was written before they even knew, who was going to replace Tarja. So, one can assume, that there was quite a lot more work for the ones who were in this process from the beginning. And if one looks at the booklets and who was responsible for what song its simply Tuomas who made the biggest part. So, to post something like that, which very easily looks like a quite arrogant thing to say, can also create such reactions. And if you claim free speech for yourself without consequences than you have to give the same kind of free speech to everyone else

nightowl said...

Ya know, now would be the perfect time for a bikini butt shot. To take the attention off of all the drama stirred up by what was a harmless comment about video views. Who's with me? :P Haha, just kidding Anette! Well.. not really - I still want a bikini butt shot. Take care and don't let the trolls get to you! :D

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, forget those bastards! You are free to speak about Your time in the band, about those songs You've recorded together and share the memories from that time. To be honest, the very first song I've heard was Nemo (still with Tarja on lead vocals), but I became a fan completely AFTER YOU'VE JOINED THEM! So I will always cherish Your Era and those albums with Your voice, because You've deserved my endless respect and love for what You did back then. Take care and God Bless You, Anette! <3

Unknown said...

I always like your voice. Your fan.

Unknown said...

Hey Anette! It is you blog and you can write what you think. When someone like it not than he or she must not read it 😉 You are a great person and of course you can be proud of you. Hugs too you. Take care 💗💜

Unknown said...

I was a Nightwish fan for many years. I still listen to the CDs I own. However, I have chosen not to support the band on account of firing Targa and Annette. Integrity is important and I feel that there is a lack of it by the decisions and the elusive and sketchy reasoning for the decisions to fire both of these very talented vocalist.
Annette, your voice and talent are undeniable and I am grateful for the music you have created. You have every right to be proud and defiant in the face of such an obvious attempt to belittle you. Please continue to be yourself and allow us the privilege of enjoying and sharing your amazing music.

rainy said...

OH MY GOD THIS IS SO FUNNY AND CHILDLISH. but I know that kind of people. I'm a big fan of totally different band and it's even worse....

I don't get why people feel so offended by the fact you're happy about something? WHY? It's great that you could experience all of that, you had your chance and yeah, those songs are really popular, because, YEAH,PEOPLE LIKE IT. Stupid comment, why so much hate.
I personally don't like Floor in NW but I have NEVER said anything wrong, I just stopped following, don't listen and be quiet.
And I totally don't get why people say anything bad about anyone like.... I don't like someone, I can say it but I don't make anyone feel hurt because of that.

Anyway, I hope you had good day Nettie :)

Katy Marie said...

I haven't listened to Tuomas' solo work, but from what I gather it is quite popular.

Hep-Hep Steff said...

i'm quite glad i'm reading this some time after it went out. i really saw nothing wrong with the "speak for itself" thing, and you have the right to write what you want on your blog. yes, people do have a right to tell they disagree with what you said, but it could be done with respect, and i still wonder where it is in luana's replies... if nightwish were a band with music being the more important thing, they why it's not an instrumental band, or a band with session singers? you made two albums with them and they are both great. more than this, these 3 videos you whared are the most viewed, and you have every right to be proud about it! do you have the right to express yourself only if people agree with you, now? between this and the ones who keep on saying that you shouldn't do this but feel pissed when someone is doing the same thing to you, it's flabbergasting......

Unknown said...

I love your voice. I always will. You can do magic with it. It's like a fairy tale coming to live. Please don't give up on singing.

Eliza Gerret said...

First of all, just to make my intentions very clear, I am a huge Nightwish Fan and I loved the time, when Anette sang, as much as I love every single piece of music they made. Maybe that’s a difference between me and most of the people here. I don’t separate Nightwish in different “eras” according to their singers. What makes me adoring this music so much is the variety, the different instruments, the brilliant melody changes, the choir. For me it’s the music version of all emotions there are and I can’t listen to any Nightwish song without getting moved by it. So, enough of the fan stuff.
I just have a few questions, mainly directed to Anette. So if she wants to answer them, I would be very happy to read her answers, if she doesn’t want (wich is logically her right) please don’t answer it for her in this quite aggressive way many of you answered to the few ones who didn’t agree with Anette and yourselves.
First question. Don’t you think it is wrong to say Tuomas isn’t the most important person for Nightwish? I mean, I totally understand your point, that it’s a shit load of work for everyone involved, but in the end, doesn’t he work the most for it? I don’t know anyone of the band, but according to what a fan can know (from the booklets as well as from interviews) it is mainly his music. Doesn’t that make him the mastermind behind all this and therefore also the most important part of this enterprise? I mean there were a few changes in the band (and I do not refer to the singer changes only here!) and they always survived it. But wasn’t that mainly because he stayed? I can imagine a Nightwish without Floor, or even Emppu, but I am quite convinced that Nightwish only can survive, as long as Tuomas is there to write their unique music, wich made them popular in the first place. So, one could maybe interpret this sentence as a little rude. I just wonder, why you said it the way you did, as someone who was in the band.
Secondly. Isn’t it maybe a little childish to argument with Tuomas being alone on stage without the musicians to proof Miss Levi wrong? I mean, he is a composer. And don’t they always compose their music to be played by musicians? I mean, no one would say that Beethoven’s music is complete rubbish, still, it wouldn’t be interesting to see him on stage alone. For me this argument just doesn’t make any sense, because it is in conflict with the very definition of a composer. Or maybe we have a complete different view of Mister Holopainen.
Thirdly, could it be, that you maybe are a little overly sensitive about that topic. Don’t get me wrong, you have every right to be annoyed, I have seen some comments and I do not agree with those people, who only want to write someone down. But I just have the feeling, that Miss Levi wasn’t doing that, at least not in that very very mean sense. And your reaction was just a little harsh from my perspective, because you basically threw her in form of a piece of meat in a lion’s cage, since you exposed her so much. Maybe it was written in the heat of this moment, but your answer, at least some parts of it, kind of work for her, because they seem to be slightly arrogant and self-centred. I mean, your fans (how they proofed her once again) can react in a very childish way too (of course not all of them).
And last but not least, why do you separate fans of Nightwish and people “who love Tuomas” from fans of yours. I guess the biggest part of the Nightwish fans are quite neutral to the singers (at least the ones I know in person) and in the end, those were the people who supported you and made you as popular as you are. I just don’t get it, why everyone has to separate the fan base all the time, and since you always seemed annoyed by the hardliners, I am confused that you push the “Anette-Lovers” against the other fans now, by addressing them as “every other Nightwish the band fan”.

Unknown said...

To quote a popular Musical , "Sit down John! You fat M-F!"

Ahe was being quirky and having a laugh. If you remember the days she was in NW, youll clearly remember her getting so much hate the forums were flooded. Memes about her weight and pregnancy in negative lights. She was bullied off the band.

She has her right to be a tad smug and bitter. From what I understand, Anette can clarity it up for me. But Tuomas (whom I will say that he penned a lot of my fave songs and has contributed to my musical tastes...) and the rest of the gang would belittle her and mock her. When she was ill, during those final days from what I can tell, the gang was more concerned woth profit from the concert than the frontwoman's health.

Which is several shades of wrong.


Unknown said...

Eliza: Hi and well do u know Tuomas? do u know the other band members? Do u know if they and me would had wanted to do more of what he does? Well, no=) So maybe in some bands a person "decides" to be the one who write the music and lyrics and get more money that the others and say its HIS band? Even if anyone else in the band also would had wanted to do some songs and so on? So, to say he IS the most important is rubbish since maybe he doesn't let anyone else in? Just my two cents after having been in the band and know more than any of you=)I do not believe A BAND is about ONE person! Nope" then its a solo project like his instrumental thing. For me, a band is not working properly if ONE person decides to be the most important and therefore NW for me, was hard to work in.
And bitter and childish - me? I believe the childish and bitter ones are the fans that STILL hate on ME for shit I never did! So if I am acting bitter and childish so be it=) I really don't see any reason for not doing so.
Take care=)

Unknown said...

Yes, I remember her time. It was hard for her. But it wasnt just hate. I went to several concerts with her and I also remeber banners with "Anette we love you" written on it. I remeber people screaming her name and being all excited to see her. Sorry, but minimize the whole Nightwish time to something bad is just pretty unfair to all of rhe fans who were there to cheer for her aswell. I dont know what exactly happened on those final days and no one who wasnt there should be bold enough to make a statement. There are many many emotions from diffrent charakcters involved and I am pretty sure that they dont share the same view of this events. For me nightwish remains the greatest band with the nost magical music and anette remains the voice of someof them. But not more. Its not her achievement alone, that those songs have so many views. She was part of it, but thats it. I do not have a problem with anette in general, wich I said on several comments now, but I have a problem if someone presents herself as tghe main reason for a succes that is based on somebody elses music. And if shestill cant let go and has to be that bitchy about this time, than sorry, but who is the poor part then. She is a grown women and insteat of just being happy about the positive sides she still seems to be chained in this big opinion of her as a poor victim and that is not true. There were and still are people who liked her bery much, but see nightwish as it is. Tuomases music with musicians playing their instruments in it. And no instrument there is the main reason ffor the success. Its his music and I have problems with someone writting that disrespectful stuff about the very thing that made them famous.

Eliza Gerret said...

First of all, thanks for answering me so quickly, Anette, thats really kind. After all I’m only a stranger with questions that you’ve probably heard a thousand times. So thanks!
No, I do not know anyone in person. That’s also why I asked, since that is so hard to understand sometimes as an outsider. Well, I always could imagine, that Tuomas seems to be quite protective about his Nightwish. I didn’t know that he actively hold everyone else away. So, I’m sorry to hear that this time was so hard for you. I just remember seeing you live once, and you seemed to be so immensely happy. That was something that fascinated me, and still does, that you could hold on to your happiness, although there were a few very mean people around on the internet and so on. Maybe it does you a tiny little good to hear that, but for me you were an amazing singer live (better than on the records I thought) and you had the gift to make the people in the crowd as happy as you seemed to be.
Well, I can understand your point of view much better now, so once again, thank you for answering! I hope, that you could safe your happiness and that this moments, were you seem to be a little bitter form the outside don’t drag you down too much. Keep in mind dear Anette, there also were thousands who adored your voice and your big heart on stage and we still do adore you. Take care and thank you once again!

Unknown said...

luana: so when you are an adult you can't be angry with people that treated you badly and kicked you out when being pregnant in the middle of a world tour, being in another country all alone, not saying anything and then taking a new singer in the back door to the hotel while I was still there? Gosh, well of course I should be happy and thankful towards them for the rest of my life=) And thank them for being famous and gracious enough to just never talk about them again and not even saying I did something for them too? No, of course not. An adult should always just be quite and happily move on=) Would you do that? I am sure since you seem to be all perfect=) Take care!

Unknown said...

You dont understand me at all. I try to tell you, that it is impossible for someone like me, so basically a normal fan, to ever understand this whole situation. I do not care, because I simply can not know what were the circumstances and reasons back then. You can only tell me your side. There are five more sites if we count the band and several more if we take a look at the whole tour crew, I have no chance at all to get all of them to talk about it. But I would have to do that, if I want to build myself a valid opinion. Thats why I dont care.

What I try to say you with my critice on your post is, that you seem to let it look like you would be the main reason for this success, and that is simply not true. No matter what all happend between of you on a personal level, it remains Tuomas' music. His construction and composition with your voice. You can be proud of your singing and your work with them, but it remains the main work of someone else. Maybe he casted everyone else out, again something I cant judge only by your comment, but that doesnt change the fact that it is HIS music you were singing to.
The thing I am interestet in a musician is their musical work and the credit for that. I also dont wanna know what fights my hairdresser has with her collegue. But if hairdresser A dyes my hair and cuts it, I have a problrm if hairdresser B want to have the credit for tje whole thing, when she in fact blow dried it.

So, maybe you will understand me know and stop to drag me on a personal level, since the two of us never will be qualified to do that. And about me being perfect, I do not see perfection in any human being, our species is simply not able to be perfect in my point of view and I myself am far away from that. Just for making that clear.

Unknown said...

Luana:; Then you have misunderstood my original post since I didn't say in that post that it was ALL me to take credit for those songs. I only said that I was proud of that the songs I have been singing on was viewed most of all=) And of course Tuomas made the songs to what they are and I have always loved to sing them so I have never said he isn't good at what he does but he is still not the whole BAND and what make that so special! Marco can write songs, Emppu can write songs, I have written songs, Jukka can write songs. So we all could had contributed if he had let everyone in. Some songs, yes, Marco and Emppu had some riffs in but only a few. Sure he has made great songs like those in DPP and so on but sometimes its good to get more input. But that doesn't matter for me anymore but I want you and everyone else that nitpick on what I write about NW or my time there to understand that I will always say and write whatever I want and if u don't like it, feel free to follow Floor and the gang from now on=) Thanks for this discussion and I hope u have a great evening!