Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Blue and white

I just love blue and white in stripes are a favorite so this combination from this weekend is perfect leisure wear for me. 

Jeans LEVIS 501, shirt H&M, polo knit BIK BOK, bomber jacket GINA TRICOT, sneakers ADIDAS and sunglasses ZARA

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Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Very nice outfit choice, it suits you fine :).

And I'm sorry to read about you having a bad day with stupid people. That`s not nice of course. I wonder if it is possible to ged rid off ALL negative energy... maybe that doesn`t work, maybe some rest will always stay. But then, there is surely some sense in it, maybe that we have to learn something from that. Perhaps that we have beaten already so many negativity that we can handle the bit that stays? I´m sure that you can :).

Sending you lots of energy and I wish you a comfortable rest of your day. Lots of hugs and light!