Friday, February 13, 2015

New interview with me here=)

Here´s a new interview I did for

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Anonymous said...

Stupid is knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies ( made by the ) is no self-esteem.

Your comment: 'Haha, yes that's really stupid and many act this way-don't ask me why? Nighty night dear ones'

I'm upset. Maybe I'm being paranoid here but I can't help wondering if you've indirectly aimed the quote and your comment at me Anette. What makes me wonder this is the way you finish your comment off with the exact same words of my post on 07/02/2015 where I finish with Nighty night.

I'm not thick!

Or perhaps you do think I'm an idiot. Maybe that's why you couldn't be bothered to indulge me a bit when I asked if you'd wish me a happy birthday. I don't expect replies all the time ( it's been 2 years since I had any reply from you ) and I rarely ask you anything but I've noticed when others ask you questions you do answer others in here from time to time ( about 2 or 3 times during the past month and a half ) or on Facebook. Considering I'm a regular in here and I've always been so supportive of you I think you could of wished me a happy birthday. I never ask for a lot.

Though this is not about whether you wish me a happy birthday. This is about the quote and your accompanying comment in Instagram that I think you've indirectly aimed at me.

Yes, I do suffer from a learning disorder that slows me down a bit. Extermly frustrating for me because unfortunately I do possess the capability and intelligence. I just can't get things done fast enough on a higher level, especially reading and writing. But I'm not stupid!

I'm a nice guy Anette. Some say I'm too nice. If I'm not being paranoid then perhaps that's the reason you don't respect me anymore.

I love coming to your blog but I'm very upset. I fear you've turned against me Anette and all I've ever done is be supportive of you. What have I done wrong?!

Maybe you genuinely think I'm a joke excuse of a person and only put my posts up for the sake of conforming to social convention and secretly you wish I'd just go away.

I was really looking forward to cheering you on in Finnish music show and maybe meeting you one day.

Well, I don't know if I'm going to be back as I think you might be thinking negatively of me these days and have turned against me.

Unknown said...

Hi Tom and where did you even think I was meaning for that instagram thing to be about YOU? I don't even know you that way and it was meant towards other people that I do not want to mention but surely not against you.

So please stop seeing things that aren't there, ok?

And I do answer as many as I can but I can't keep up with every comment in both my FB, instagram and in here. But I do read your comments and am so happy you are here and support me=)

So relax, do not see ghosts that aren't´t there, ok?

Hep-Hep Steff said...

well, i'm glad i'm not the only grown up with an old smurfs lp in my music collection.... and the never ending story? not a bad one... but is it the one with giorgio moroder music, or with music by klaus doldinger only? (yes, there's two different albums, but i think the klaus doldinger one is less common...) and i will say nothing about limahl, since i enjoy to listen to kajagoogoo sometimes.... and the 12" version on the never ending story is just great! but i must admit you made me laugh with these things, lol :D
hugs & love <3

Pascal said...

And that´s a really nice interview Anette, thanks for sharing :).

@ Tom:
Sorry that I step in, I just have to say that your comment kinda „shocked“ me a bit. That is because some time ago, I think it´s already more than a year, I´ve been in a similar situation. I had a day where I felt terrible and depressed and sad. I´m not often like that since I´m quite a positive person, but on that day I was really down and when I feel like that, it helps me to write to Anette in the blog about it. I wrote above the comment something like „It´s a private one, please don´t post it“, I also didn´t expect an answer at all, I just wanted to tell her. And as I wished it, the comment wasn´t published the next day.

But what was published instead was a saying on her instagram. I´m not sure about the exact words, but it was something like „Life is too short to deal with crazy people“. I read through the comment section and that made it even worse, because someone had asked her why she is against being crazy and she had answered that what she means are people who are too crazy or fanatic. And Tom, it made me very upset, because I, just like you now, thought like „does she mean me? Do I write too much and it annoys her? I also wrote many compliments, maybe she experiences me as intrusive and bothersome?“

I don´t know why I had this thoughts, but they were just there and that it might be like that made me really anxious. I wrote another comment. In this I also said that if it was meant to me, I´m sorry and never wanted to bother her, I just wanted to write nice things and am sorry if it was too much and that I hope she will go on reading my comments. I posted the comment and I didn´t even expect an answer to it, but a short time after I had posted it, it was published – and I, just like you, also got an answer. She wrote that the saying was not about me and that I shall continue with writing comments.

I was so happy and thankful about it, because I, like you, love to comment here and back then, I had already followed since about two years or something. In the end, even when the whole incidence went along with fear and negative feelings, I was almost glad that it happened, because with her answer I felt so happy as I didn´t for a really long time.

I tell you this because, even though Anette has already answered you, I just want to encourage you. We just can´t expect from her to answer to all comments and questions, but the fact that she even answers to her followers and that we have the opportunity to write comments to her that she reads is for me something really wonderful that I appreciate a lot.

I hope you are alright and that you will enjoy returning here, knowing that everything is ok :).


Pascal said...

Sorry, it´s me again. Tom, I just read your comment again and have to add something. Nothing of it is meant to attack you, but more as an advice... correct me if I´m wrong, but it seems like you didn´t solely fear that what Anette said was meant to you, but like you were sure of it and blamed her for that. This might have been due to you feeling hurt, but nevertheless I think it wasn´t nice. When I had that situation I wrote about before, I also feared that it might be so, but I didn´t suppose it so fast and I considered that the mistake could also be in my way of thinking, which was the fact. Sorry, but to me, your comment seemed a bit like as you felt as a victim and Anette was the bad guy. Maybe it wasn´t your attention, but I think you really sounded as if you wanted to accuse her. You also follow her since a long time, so you should know that she is a really nice person and trust her more. What I want to say with all that is that I hope you understand that she didn´t do something mean to you and that maybe in such situations you also think of your way how you say things and that you shouldn´t judge too fast. As I said, this is only an advice that might be useful some time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette :-)

I'm sorry I thought you were trying to harm me.

What did it was when you borrowed my phrase Nighty night that I signed off with on my post on 07/02/2014. You used it to sign off with on that Instagram post a few days later. So I thought that by you using my phrase in the context of that Instagram post I thought you were indirectly referring to me as an idiot which I'm not.

Because of my dyslexia type I've had a lot of people who make indirect references to me being thick as I can't read or write fast enough. And they do this in my presence and I'm always right in my judgement that they're indirectly insulting me. So I'm very brutalized in this area.

However, I was wrong in this instance about you doing that.

Basically, I've also been through quite a lot this past year. My double sided chronic inguinal hernia pains with my work situation, my best friend for the last 20 years betraying my trust. I've not had a good time and I need things to pick-up again.

I do feel as though people are out to harm me presently. So that's why I was so affected when I though you were doing that. I was hurt by it because I genuinely really like you as a person so the thought of you deliberately trying to harm me really knocked me.

And I know it's impractical for you to answer every post in here or on FB or Instagram. I don't expect you to. I've said that to you before a while back.

I wish you a nice Sunday. Hugs

Anonymous said...


Hi, and thank you for your concern about my wellbeing. And yes, I can see there are parallels with your similar situation you had about a year ago. And I know we can't expect Anette to answer all our comments and questions. I never expect her to and neither do I go looking for it.

I actually think you give some good advice here Pascal. Though when you say 'correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like you didn't solely fear that what Anette said was meant to you, but like you were sure of it and blamed her for that. This might of being due to you feeling hurt but nevertheless I didn't think it was very nice.' Pascal, I'm not attacking you here, it's only my advice, and that is don't attempt to condescend me Pascal. I'm going to take you back a couple of years to 31st Dec 2012 to a blog post entitled 'I am ready' ( I've got an amazing long-term memory ). In this post you're upset about Anette replying to some posts but not to all and you describe her actions as a bit unjust. I didn't think this was very nice of you but I didn't try to condescend you for it. In my opinion you were speaking through insecurity when you said this. The point is though that we sometimes do say things in a certain way when we're upset or maybe don't think things through properly. Just like you I really like Anette and like you I was upset when I though she'd turned against me.

Good day to you :-)

Pascal said...

@ Tom

I of course remember this situation from the end of 2012, I´m still thinking sometimes on that and I feel sorry then, because meanwhile I know how foolish it was and that I was the one being unjust there and also that I didn´t think about it enough. Back then I don´t know exactly which way I was thinking, but what I do know is that it was wrong and really not fair from me to say this. So, you are right to point that out, because also I have made a mistake there, and I know it. But it´s important to learn from our mistakes and at least I did that from this situation.

Also a good day to you!