Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sometimes I need to stop for a minute...

…. and re-think how I think of things happening. 

It´s easy to sometimes fall into a negative way of thinking without realizing it and then when thinking negative start to question yourself, your life and what you can or can't do..

I am a positive person but sometimes I do dwell over things and now I´ve been in a state where I´ve been negative for some weeks and yesterday after a hard wod I, by an accident, found myself in a yoga class for the first time in years. I normally am to "stressed" to do yoga and such calmer things and prefer to do more hard active sports, but I decided I wanted to try it.

the class was great and then when we started to lie down for the relaxation and letting go of the tension and the coach played a song that chanted: Life is magnificent - hallelujah and so on with such lovely voices I felt how my muscles around my eyes and in my face started to get "tics" and jump around and I felt how STRESSED I am!

In that moment, a feeling of sadness came over me and I felt that: "now I´m gonna start to cry and can't stop!"

But I said to my inner self that it was ok to let the feelings come and that I needed them so I only had some tears falling during the relaxation and then afterwards I went home and put on the music from Buddha bar, jumped in to the bath tub surrounded with lit candles and in the water I talked to myself. I said to myself:

"- Dear Anette, its time to stop chasing around and try to do EVERYTHING at the same time. Its time to do one thing at a time and focus on that. Not do many things half-hearted but one thing and go in for it. And let go of the high demands to yourself. Let go of the feelings of being a loser at some things in life. YOU are not a loser, we all make mistakes but we learn from them. Move on, one step at a time and let the past go. AND start to do yoga every week, read good books about a positive life and embrace LOVE from the ones that love you. And don't give a fuck of the ones not loving you, let them go!"

So here I am:

Starting a new way of living and thinking again. 2015 will be the year when I think of who I am, what I want more carefully and not jump on every single thing that comes to me.

As I said to my mum some days ago:

I guess I will learn - eventually=)

Like a tree I grow and learn through life…

Love and hugs!


Hep-Hep Steff said...

your words are really touching and moving.... tah you for sharing this with us.
hugs & love <3

Unknown said...

Dear Nettie,

We all think you are amazing because you manage to do so much, especially considering you are the mother of three boys! You study, work, exercise, cook, clean, sing, run your clothing store, spend a generous amount of time on your fans, etc...

It is good for you to know that you are already a success and have so many people that love and are proud of you right now and always.

You rock! :-) xx

Ali. Xx

Karin said...

Thanks again for a post full of thoughts and important issues, and I started to think... 😊
You are right. One get stressed of doing a lot of things at the same time; to be in a hurry all the time. We need to grab that moment in life and enjoy just being here. Not to move forward all the time.
My best friend told me a while ago : " Karin , I envy you. You have the talent to enjoy that moment, to capture it , to enjoy the small beautiful things in life. I want to learn that ! "
I was surprised when I heard it, but at the same time glad.
Nowadays, I enjoy life so much. I got tired of being negative, of seeing bad sides in everything, creating problems....
I don't care about those people who doesn't like me. They are ok in their own life, without me. And I am ok without them.
A good moment in life can be that smallest feeling of just happiness, and realizing you are alive. Can be laughter, can also be crying...
My life is not perfect, no... But ,it is my life. It is only me who can do it and make it as I want it . This life is a wondeful gift. We inhale it. We exhale it .

Lots of hugs to you Anette. I am so glad you share your life with us, and that we can write to you 😊 Thanks for letting me share my feelings here 😊

Unknown said...

Thats so true. Thank you for the words. I have the same. I can not relax and get rest,becouse I am so stressed. And yesterday I got in the bath tube and make a wellnes day with selfmade care products and I have feel so good after that. Always I thing I get it not or I can not do that and that this or those people not like me and that is so hard and stressed me so much. I need time to rest and relax. That is so important. And also I have think about to start yoga,but I have never try it. A big hug to you dear

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hey :)
wow, sounds pretty much like myself... Maybe I should do the same and start yoga again. Thx for the inspiration and always posting such positive thoughts, Nettie, you're one of my idols. :)

Love, kisses and hugs,
Steffi <3

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Wow... this is a post that is sad, beautiful, encouraging at the same time. You manage to touch me with your words over and over again, in a positive way :). I´m so sorry for all this negativity you had to face in last times, you don´t deserve this. But it´s true, even if we are positive people (me too, I´m usually very positive) there are negative and depressive times. And it was right to let your feelings out, holding them back into ourselves is not healthy at all.

What you said to yourself is absolutely right Anette. You are NO loser! Not at all. Just think about what you managed in your live, for example all those people, we, who look up to you, or your fantastic music. And I have no doubt that more good things will come up your way :). I believe that we get back what we give into this world. And you give so much joy and positiveness, you truly make this world shine brighter. And you give so many positiveness and love here to us and we will always give it back to you :). It´s important, as you said, to embrace that and not to think too much about those who don´t give love to you or who throw even hate towards you. They aren´t worth to be part of your feelings and thoughts, but there are so many others, as we your blog readers for example, who are on your side and who appreciate you for what and how you are :). And, no matter what others might say, the way you are is great and you have my deepest respect for it, for being such a great person.

I send all my thoughts to you that 2015 will be a great year for you and I´m sure you will succeed in what you plan, for example in not having so high demands on yourself. I think that great things often have to develop slowly, but then it will be great and that´s what it will be. Like the tree on that picture... it grew slowly but in the end became something really great and beautiful. And that is what your way will be and we who love what you are will be on your side with it. „Just like a tree, you reach to the sky“ :).

With that, I want to wish you a beautiful rest of sunday and by the way, I enjoyed your Lucia singing a lot :). Now take good care and I send you lots of good thoughts!

Lots of hugs and love back to you and have a great afternoon :).

Dreamer1985 said...

Hello Anette,

I follow you since you where in Nightwish. And now I still follow your blog. I love to read it. The last months I think a lot of my life. It's like I'm in a midlife crisis or something. Thinking how things have been going for the last years. I know one thing. I want to follow more what my heart wants. I'm searching a lot now what I really love to do. Not thinking to much what other people think of me, I'm many times worried what people will think of me and because of that I react sometimes weird to people. I don't want this anymore. This post made me think more of it. And I've been sad a long time sometimes I think Ï'm gonna give up, but then I think I still have power to fight for it and when I read you're post I feel like a positive energy coming up and wants to fight more for it. For me 2015 is a year I want to change things and do what I really love to do.

(if you're putting this on the site would you please put it under this name instead of the name I earlier emailed you?)

Anonymous said...

One suspects that we're partly re-visiting our can vs can't debate :-)

I understand and appreciate what you're saying Anette. Plus, you're correct :-) That it's easy to sometimes fall into a negative way of thinking without realizing it. And while thinking negative to then start questioning yourself, your life, or what you can or can't do.

Even though I consider myself a spiritual person I don't believe that in all cases mind over matter prevails.

We're all affected by barriers such as environment, physical, psychological, or social. And how much we're individually hindered by these barriers varies greatly from one person to the next.

I'm not being negative :-)

As I stated before Anette, you're correct :-) And if through this post you can get someone out of a negative frame of mind then that's superb! :-) If this post proves beneficial to someone in that way then I take my hat off to you! :-)

I'm a big believer in positive thinking :-) Have been for a very long time :-) How we see the world and how we reason with life greatly influences how we feel :-)

We are all trees Anette, and just like trees some of us grow quicker than others :-)

Anonymous said...

Just to finish up I'd like to say that the world itself needs to stop for a minute to have a re-think of how thing's are happening.

This is due to the fact it has a direct impact on our individual collective consciousness. This is not a definite cause but it can have an effect on how we think :-)

We presently live in a society where opportunism, greed, and bragging rights are rife.

In the midst of this sort of social climate it's becoming harder to live by Virtue and human values such as Integrity and Honesty are destroyed as we feel we have to take advantage of, screw people over, etc, just to compete and stay in the game so to speak.

In this sort of environment where we insult those less fortunate than ourselves, laugh at those who are dis-advantaged in some way, or are made to feel inferior by not having lived up to some sort of standard, all this causes friction and inequality.

This causes casualties and has a bigger effect than you might realize on our thought processes.

pm6057 said...

Dear Anette: I must say with honesty that you have been a huge inspiration to me. I have had a dark year mentally. I often feel like a loser and worse. I know that if you can focus and stay motivated then I can follow. You have really pulled it together since the NW mess and as far as I can see you are kicking ass!

matotu said...

In my opinion it's totally true that you shouldn't try to do everything and do it at the highest level because nobody can and it only brings stress and shit. Good luck in your new way of living.
Love :-),

Unknown said...

Hi all and thanks for your comments=) I believe life is so that we now and then get into a spiral of negative stuff but learning how to see that and stop and get back on the positive way of living is important. And I am working on that now=) Got myself a great sound book from the author Sonia Ricotti thats called The law of attraction. And I recommend it to you all=) Love and hugs!

Pascal said...

Hi Anette and thank YOU for answering us in here :). I always find it so great how you communicate with us and I appreciate it a lot! I think you are right with your words and it´s great to work on that. About the book, I don´t know it so far, but maybe I´ll read it :).

Have a great evening and lots of hugs to you!