Saturday, June 06, 2015

Sirens and lillies

I just love sirens and now they are in full bloom here in Sweden. Took some photos last night of them and well, aren't they amazing?

And here´s this weeks flowers at home, pink and lilies, love the color!


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Oh yes, they are really amazing and those pictures are awesome :). Thanks for sharing, nature is just something so wonderful! The last outfit post was also nice and in this beautiful nature and the tips you gave about fitness and nutrition are very useful, great that you know so much about those things.

I also want to wish you a happy Swedish national day today :). It´s really beautiful what you wrote in your instagram about Sweden and its people, it´s surely a country to be very proud of. I was there for the first time last summer and I wrote in here back then how much I enjoyed it :). I was in Stockholm and before this I already had wished to go to Sweden for so long, because I somehow felt it´s something special. And when I finally was there I felt really happy and great. Everyone I talked to was so nice, friendly and helpful and each time I remember this way too short visit, which was only for one day, it makes me feel happy. I definitely have to go to Sweden soon again, I must say as it is, I´m addicted to your country :). And to be honest, sometimes I get a bit melancholic, because I often wish that I also would be a Swede and live in Sweden :(. But ok, maybe I can visit it soon again, that would make me totally happy!

For now I wish you a very nice and beautiful afternoon with hopefully lots of sunshihe :).

Lots of hugs and love to you!

Karin said...

I just came home after an evening out in Helsinki with my friends. And here where I live we have dozens of these, they are in bloom: it started yesterday :) and the fragrance now in the evening is just so wonderful! Summer as its best!
But Anette ; I think the English word for these are Lilac, or Syringa , ( like in Latin )