Sunday, June 14, 2015

At the playground

Sundays are for us family days and also a bit of taking it easy days so today I went to the gym first and then in the afternoon we went to a great playground and hanged around an hour or so and then we went home and made pizza and raspberry pie=) 

Super sunday that is!


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I´m so happy for you you had such a wonderful family sunday :). Those pictures are beautiful and it´s great that you also have such a good weather.

You have all my respect for those bracelets you make, they look really great and you prove lots of talent there :). I would maybe also buy some of them, but I´m just not sure if they are supposed to be worn by a man or look better on a girls´wrist. But let´s see :). I also was really impressed by your last scenery pictures you took - so stunning, such beautiful nature, wow! Great photos, thanks for sharing those!

Have a good night and a hopefully bright and happy day tomorrow :). Hugs and light!

Unknown said...

Kids are kids in everywhere. Just one playground and are happy. My son will be born in August, I'm anxious.