Friday, June 05, 2015

Bikini mood

Ok, its finally here - summer! Many panic cause now they have to go to the beach and show themselves in a bikini and oops, my stomach doesn't look flat, my thighs are frumpy and the ass is just so low close to the ground… AND they start to run to the gym or go on some trendy diet who says you can loose 5 kilos in 1 day and such crap!

In my life I´ve been on every single diet there is! Low carb, high fat, no carbs at all, weight watchers and whatever. Yeah, I believe most women have done a diet in their lives.

I have also had 3 kids and two in a short period of time and well, that make the body change. I am also soon to be 44 years old and my female body changes since over 40 the hormone called estrogen is lower and that make women have a harder time to loose weight. 

I have quit dieting and eat good nowadays and the only thing I have done to change my food is to exclude gluten and sugar. Why I´ve quit these things is not due to loose fat, but since sugar and gluten is loved by cancer cells and feed on them. Since I have higher risk of many cancer genes in my family I took this decision cause I want to get old and see my children grow old too=)

I have also done cross fit for 1.5 year now and it sure have made wonders for my body! Even if I don't have time to go there every day 2-3 times a week keep my body fit and make me build muscles and even - listen up - get stomach muscles that shows!! After 3 kids!! And in my age=)

So if you feel stressed over your bikini body, go to the gym! Preferably cross fit or do as I did this morning - work out at home with some kettle bells, a jump rope, a bar with weights. 
ANY exercise at a HIGH intensity, which means you have to go to at least 80 % of your max in everything you do and lift weights will give results!

IF you want help to get in shape I can give exercising advices and food advices for a small fee. Send me an email if you are interested:


Dead lifts are great for the back and thighs

Bikini from H&M

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