Thursday, June 04, 2015

Feel the rhythm of the ocean

Oh how I love to hear the ocean roar, its something I will always get new energy and power from so today when me and the boys decided to go with our car to the next city called ÄNGELHOLM where I always spent my summers bathing being a kid, made me feel so revived after some stressful days.

Had my last day and exam in school today and now one less stress thing to focus on for a while=)

Todays outfit jeans from STELLA MCCARTNEY, top from HUNKY DORY, 
shoes from REPLAY and jacket from ZARA. sunglasses RAY-BAN and necklace


Hep-Hep Steff said...

this is something we do not have in common... i couldn't stand the sea/ocean. too much water, too noisy... even seeing your photos is scaring for me. i don't know if it's asperger's oddness or simply a phobia, but it's here since ages. still, it's lovely to see the pics with the kids, thank you for sharing them with us. :) and you have a gorgeous jacket! and i'm not even talking about the ray-bans.... i already loved them when i was a teen (late 80's)!
hugs & love <3

Karin said...

That place looks wonderful! And great photos!
I envy you ; I think I would now need to go somewhere, book a room somewhere near the ocean, be all alone, have something to read, and fall asleep with the sound of the oceanwaves in my ears.

I have googled some places. I thought of Skagen... Have you been there? Are there too many tourists?
Or hey, do you know some good places you can recommend ? Some nice bed&breakfast type, hotels or something? Denmark? Gotland?

That jacket, by the way, is awesome! So lovely colours!

- Ha en skön sommarsemester Anette. Samla krafter, samla ljuset och sommarluften i din själ, så orkar man igen :)
Jag har ett långt sommarlov : nåja... Egentligen arbetslös , jobbar ju i en skola, så måste vara ledig... Lite invecklat system, men får någorlunda pengar från fackförbundet denhär tiden, så klarar mej....
Men, skönt att vara lika länge ledig som barnen :)