Thursday, May 29, 2014

New items in my Vintage store NOW=)

Go buy some tops, skirts, shorts, bags, belts and so on!

Happy Shopping everyone!


Pascal said...

Nice things, good luck for the selling! :).

Today my last exam finally was and I´m happy that the stress is over now and I can relax more. I wish you a very nice start into the weekend and get well soon to both Mio and Nemo! I hope they feel better soon again.

Lots of hugs!

BellaTwilight said...

Hello , Anette I'm so sorry I can't Understand , But why do you want to become a Nurse?Ain't no Easy with a Music skills?? , I will rather prefer the music skills , I'm going to keep practicing my classic guitar skills and of course my voice too.And yes I think you do still have talent's....You got a wonderful voice Anette , Just don't give up for Shine!:)I really like your album. But hei good luck as-well with your new Job at Nurse.

Unknown said...

Hi Bella,
I will always do music and continue with that too but music business is a hard business today and its hard to live on it and I feel its good to have another steady profession and becoming a nurse have been another dream of mine so now it´s time to go after that goal=) I´ll do gigs too so I won't quit music but studying will have a big priority now too. Take good care and good luck with your own music but know that it´s good to have a good education and not only trusting on music (my advice=) Hugs!

Océane said...

Gigs are planned ?! Yyyeaaaaahhhhhh best news ever :D
Couldnt be happier right now ! Cant wait for you to announce where and when so I can book it!

Much love my dearest
Love & Hugs

BellaTwilight said...

Thank You sweet heart for your answering me back to the e-mail. I feel happy for that *-*good to see you are playing in Bands and Yes I did have your album Shine in my hands now . I use to listen at it . My favourable songs are :Watching Me from Afar with Dark Passion Play gallery and album. Loads of love .Many Thanks.Wish you good luck with your gig's.Take care.